Thursday, October 28, 2021

God Particle

The secret of the truth in science can be found only by making it simple and transparent. Adding more unprovable hypothesis can not make the understanding of the universe simpler. In this sense, I can not keep silent about the nature of the neutrinos. According to the recently performed experiment by me and my coauthor Dr. Dennis Edmondson, we found that neutrinos do have small magnetic monopole charge of north pole kind. The strength of the magnetic monopole charge turned out to be extremely small to affect the planetary gravitational physics. Since many physcists have already speculated that neutrinos may be tachyons, we can estimate the speed of neutrinos as a magnetic monopole in relation to the quantum effect. There is still no clear understanding on what exactly prevents the atomic electrons from collapsing into the nucleus. The known quantum mechanics does not explain why electrons keep orbiting nucleus or in case of s orbit electrons what keeps kicking the electrons afloat against the strong positive electrostatic charge of the nucleus. 

Surprisingly, the tachyonic magnetic monopole neutrinos traveling randomly in the space explains why this quantum phenomena happens. It only takes the Maxwell's equation to be symmetric in magnetic and electric charge. What we are seeing here is that cause of the asymmetric nature of Maxwell's equation is explained at the same time the cause of Quantum Mechanical uncertainty. The other main economy in theoretical physical perspective is the fundamental and serious question on where are all the neutrinos in the universe. Another mystery that is solved naturally is on the question of how the light wave travels the empty space. It is a well established physical fact that any physical waves need a medium for its travel. There was no exception other than the light wave that didn't have a medium for its travel. It is well known according to maxwell's theory of electricity and magnetism, traveling electric charge creates magnetic field around it. And because of the symmetry of Maxwell's equaiton, so does the traveling magnetic monopole neutrinos create spiraling form of magnetic field around it. The radomly traveling magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos create undetectable and perfectly directionally canceled electric field in space. There is no unprovable assumption in this scenario. Magnetic monopole charge must be conserved just like the electric charge and this is dictated by charge conservaiton principle. 

It also explains the detection of neutirnos in South Pole neutrino detection experiment.

It turned out that the interaction of the spiraling electric fields created by the traveling magentic monopole neutrinos creates enormous amount of energy which is large enough to account the known dark energy. It is interesting to note that this energy does not contribute to the expansion of the universe because the force lines between the participating particles are not connected directly to the particle in action. This coincides with the bosonic energy accumulaiton which does not obey Pauli's exclusion principle. While there is energy associated with the repulsive potential energy among the magnetic monopole neutirnos, this energy is far smaller than the bosonic energy which means that the expansion rate of the unvierse is much smaller than when the magnetic repulsive potential energy is the dominant part. This explains nicely why the universe does not expand like in the case of explosion of gases. 

The hidden mysterous particle neutrinos are the real God particles in the sense that they allow the universe to sustain in its form. 

I went as far as to speculate in my book "Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm", that neutrinos must be the essence of the spirit (soul). The rare but must exist antineutrinos must have opposite polarity of magnetic charge and these two types of magnetic monopoles can form bound states which can and will be able to store information in it like in many different forms of snow flakes which may indicate different personalities of many different people. The most important fact is that neutirnos are not known to decay into any other particles. They exist forever. And as one might have guessed, spirits and souls exist forever as well. Their absence of mass is particularly suitable as a substance for soul.

What is not forever is the information stored in the soul (spirit). It will keep increasing unless something drastic happens. I will not go into details but if these souls go through a strong electric field, it can erase substantial part of the memory stored in the spirit (soul) made of magentic monopole neutrinos. The violent motion of the magneti cmonopoles in soul will help erasing the memory because of the electromagentic principle. However, calm and motionless magnetic monopoles will endure the high voltages applied to it and keep the memory without damage. 

In this sense, the neutrinos are truly God particles. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dark Energy, What Could be the Cause of It?

I have been thinking about the dark energy problem of the expanding universe recently to see if the conjecture of the "magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos" can solve the problem. 

If there is an unaccounted energy in the universe, it could be the repulsive potential energy from the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos. While they travel faster than the speed of light, that doesn't mean that they are immune from the repulsive magnetic force among themselves. It will be like compressed gas in the atmospheric environment. The original reason for the introduction of magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos was because it solves the problem of the charge asymmetry in the Maxwell's equation. That is the missing isolated magnetic charge in otherwise very symmetric equation. The nature always tries to preserve symmetry while it is broken in very mysterious ways.

As soon as we introduce the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos, we have the problem of why it has only one majority type of magnetic charges either it may be north or south pole magnets. The wishful symmetry is broken again by it's none equal magnetic charges present unlike the case of electric charges. But even in the case of electric charges, the positive charge always appears in the form of positive ions by the number of proton, not by positrons.

The unexpected result of the inductive conjecture of the magnetic monopole tahcyonic neutrinos was that suddenly the space becomes electrically neutralized bubble soup where even a tiny bit of disturbance in local space will be propagated with enormous speed in the form of electromagnetic waves. So the space is not empty at all as the Einstein's original conjecture of relativity predicted.

The interesting possibility is that these tachyonic neutrinos may also be the cause of the quantum mechanical phenomenon as I already explained in detail in my book "Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm".

In most of the cases, nature likes to have as fewer assumptions as possible which is called Occam's razor. The more assumptions you need to explain the same phenomenon, the more likely the theory could be wrong.

In terms of catching birds with one stone, the idea of magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos can not be beaten. The enigma of the light traveling the empty space was horrendously unphysical. Quantum mechanical stochastic uncertainty was another serious dilemma for quantum physicists.

Now it seems like it is going to offer an easy and dandy solution for the dark energy problem as well. The repulsive magnetic potential energy among the magnetic monopole neutrinos can be the perfect solution. The universe is bound to expand in this picture.
But the unexpected problem is that the density of the neutrinos will decrease as the universe keeps expanding and it will fundamentally affect the speed of light travel and also the quantum mechanical effect as well. As the effect of the magnetic monopole weakens due to the diminished density, it will shrink the average size of the atoms in the universe and will also make the speed of light travel slower as there will be less rigidity of the electric field in the space. But then there is always the new creation of neutrinos from the beta decay of the neutrons in the universe. 

The combined effects may cause many unexpected consequences that may be very hard to predict since everything is related to each other one way or another. .

But for now, at least, it looks like the missing dark energy problem is solved, which may only be the beginning of the unraveling the mysteries of the universe.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Email Letter Sent to the Higgs Boson Discoverer, the Distinguished Chinese Physicist Dr. Sau Lan Wu

Dear Professor Sau Lan Wu,

I would have never heard of your name unless I searched Google for “the most conscientious physicist in the world”. And I got your name, your information and also watched your video explaining how the discovery of Higgs particle has been made. I’m very honored to learn that you are the one behind the secret of the discovery of the Higgs boson that they never publicized your name in the mass media.
My name is Eue Jin Jeong a Korean born physicist. I studied theoretical high energy physics at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor from 1980 –1984 while Professor Martinus Veltman was there and earned Master’s degree in science and then moved to the University of Texas Austin where Professor Weinberg is teaching high energy physics. But I changed my mind there and decided to obtain PhD degree in the area of experimental physics of solid state.
I felt that I’ll be coming back to the subject of theoretical physics later but it was not the right time. The most interesting subject in physics that I was curious about while I was at the University of Michigan was on the cause of the mass of the elementary particles and the cause of the jets from the black hole accretion disks.

Contrary to your path, I was delving into the dynamical mass generation mechanism for the elementary particles. And I wrote several papers regarding the subject while I was in Michigan but I never published them. The idea gave a surprising insight into the quark confinement mystery that may be interesting to you as well.
In the mean time, after finishing my PhD degree, I went back to South Korea in 1990 and had to serve for the government research institute for the period of time they supported me while studying in the US since I was one of the two recipients of the National Scholarship Study Abroad Program in Physics provided by the Education Ministry.  
To make the story short, I discovered in 1996 after I came back to the States to study further on particle physics that the second term next to Newtonian gravity in the linearized theory of general relativity was in fact meaningful when the rotating hemisphere is used as a source and the special relativistic mass increase effect is incorporated.
It turns out that a rotating hemisphere is a dipole gravity magnet that will perpetually be accelerated in the matter filled universe. I could derive the Lense-Thirring force using this concept. Basically the Lense-Thirring force turned out to be the sum of the two oppositely superposed dipole gravitational moment very close from the center of the sphere(two oppositely superposed hemisphere). Essentially this was the main cause that the jets from the black hole accretion disc and the dark matters are formed.
I think you would be more interested in real theories that really explain some physical phenomena than something like a string theory. 
I was able to put together everything that I have discovered in a book that I recently published, “Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm”.
I’m enclosing a pdf copy of the book in this email for your review. I made sure to put a chapter for the elementary particle physics theories that I wrote when I was at the University of Michigan in the book.
I’m sure this book won’t bore you at all. The final conclusion I learned from all this theoretical adventure was that if the neutrinos are magnetic monopole tachyons, it will solve many many problems in physics. To name a few, the physical origin of quantum mechanics, origin of gravity, light traveling vacuum mystery etc. And finally the ultimate secret of controlling gravity by the method of electromagnetic means.
I’m sure you will also be able to point out misconceptions in my book as well if you can find some. Overall, I’m looking for the expert in the field like yourself who can express his/her opinion without reservation. Most of the physicists in the US of western origin are too self conscious to express their true opinions about the content of the book when I showed it to them. You are a Chinese and I’m a Korean in the same field of expertise in elementary particle physics.
I would appreciate your comments and I hope we can have chances to communicate much more in the future. 

Best Regards,
Eue Jin Jeong

                                        Web Page of Dr. Sau Lan Wu

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Direct Proof of Dipole Gravity by NASA's Gravity Probe B Experiment

The following is the Lissajous Curve of number 8 recorded by NASA's GPB Experiment. 

It shows there is a node in the middle horizontal indicating that the earth's gravitomagnetic field is actually an oppositely superposed double gravity magnet.

This is in stark contradiction to the predictions of the conventional gravitoelectromagnetism first proposed by Leonard Schiff and extended by Penrose et al. and then refined by Reva K. Williams.

Surprisingly all these three moving gyro curves show the numerical number 8 only differing in scale.

This eliminates any possibility of the so called electrostatic patch effect they claimed for the reason that the experiment contradicted their theory of gravitomagnetism which is not even any part of general relativity.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Filament Structure of the Large Scale Universe

I have been wondering about the filament structure of the large scale universe for a while.

It seems that the nods of the filaments stay there and they are not going to merge together. 

I got struck by the idea that the gravitational force must become repulsive at the scale beyond ~163 to 261 million light-years apart. That means the Newtonian gravity potential V(r)~-1/r  will have to have the slope downward beyond the critical distance Rc instead of going flat toward infinity.

The seemingly uniform neuron like distribution of the nods of the filament can not be possible without the balancing act of repulsive gravity among themselves.

This conjecture immediately negates the Big Bang theory of the universe.

The filaments connect the nods because the gravity between the neighboring filaments is still attractive as they are closer than the “critical” distance that changes the gravity into repulsive domain. I explained that Newtonian and dipole gravity are caused by the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos in the universe in my book.
So there must be some fundamental reasons for the universe to have the filament like structure. 
I tend to think that this may have something to do with the speed limit of the Tachyonic Neutrinos in the universe. If the speed of the neutrinos can actually become infinite, as the simple special relativistic theory indicates, the universe would not have filament structures. It seems like there must be a certain limit of speed of travel for those magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos and this can create the filament like structure in the large scale universe.

I propose the large scale filament structure universe's extended Newtonian gravity potential as

V(r) ~ -1/r    for r  smaller or equal to Rc
V(r) ~ -(r-Rc)^a for r larger than Rc

where Rc is the "critical" distance of the large scale universe in the range of ~163 to 261 million light years and "a" a positive number. The validity of this potential can easily be tested by numerical computer simulation. The universe is truly the source of unlimited wonder and curiosity. 

PS: This article and along with other articles in this blog, present original ideas in astrophysics and cosmology and as such it should not be copied or plagiarized without the author's written permission.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book "Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm" Published

It is long overdue to publish this book partially because I'm a slow mover on main issues. On the other hand, I may have tried to be very judicious not to miss anything that I have to include in the book. I included the detailed process of the conceptual development of the theory of dipole gravity. It could be a boring story to some but if you think of it, the way some revolutionary idea springs up in the mind of a person can be very interesting as well. Who would not be interested in knowing how Einstein has conceived the idea of general relativity or special relativity for that matter. There has to be some vital sequential thought process and development inside his mind. And also how one idea kicks off the next one to spur the birth of the bigger ideas.
Because of the Non Newtonian property of dipole gravity, I found out that gravitational free energy can be extracted from space using the concept of the gravitational dipole moment. I published the paper in the LLNL in 1997 and advertised the new findings. And, next, some readers of my gravitational free energy papers sent me information regarding the electromagnetic free energy devices. It was in 1997. I was hooked into the Thomas Henry Moray device as soon as I read the detailed story of it. The whole story of Thomas Henry Moray could not be dismissed due to the number and the quality of the witnesses who have seen Moray device operating in front of their eyes.

The next thing that happened was the discovery of the capacitor anomaly. I remember vaguely at the physics class at the university that the stored energy calculation in the capacitor presented in the physics text book was looked like made up in a hurried and heuristic manner not knowing exactly why. I didn't know at the time that the capacitor energy calculation in the conventional text book was missing the huge chunk of repulsive electrostatic potential energy. The original developers of the theory of electricity and magnetism have totally missed the repulsive electrostatic potential energy in their calculations.
It was a huge fallacy that has been being shoved down the throat of the hundreds of thousands of physics college students at least for the last one hundred and fifty years. No one has challenged on this fallacy over what they have been taught including the ones who have become famous teachers and lecturers. I couldn't believe what I have found in my spare time in 1998 at Dayton Ohio while I was working at the Air Force Institute of Technology at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

One year before this event took place, I happened to work at the laboratory where they measured the neutrinos mass from the tritium decay experiment. There I ended up publishing the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" as I was deeply mystified by the fact that no one can tell where all those neutrinos that have been generated from the beta decay are. The number of the neutrinos can be literally equal to the number of the electrons in the universe yet no one seemed to be bothered by such a lack of knowledge on where they are.
The conclusion of the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" means that all the galaxies, stars, matters and the material objects in the universe are basically floating in the sea of the tachyonic background neutrinos. I'm sure this is what Thomas Henry Moray has envisioned in his mind when he published the book "Sea of Energy".

If the space is filled up with the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos, that same particles must be responsible for the phenomenon of gravity as well. Since the magnetic monopoles can be manipulated by electromagnets, we can certainly manipulate gravity using the electromagnetic means.
And so I ended up finding the solution for the Coral Castle mystery that is the electromagnetic antigravity as well. The details of these phenomenon are all included and described in detail in the book.
Effectively, we are at the beginning of the new age of civilization. We will be able to travel to Mars and Moon in a matter of hours with this new technology. Humans will no longer suffer from environmental pollution due to fossil fuel.
The universe is made economically and simply if you think of it deeply.

To buy a printed version of the 530 page book visit:

To download the same eBook visit: the site has an option to download one for free

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