Sunday, May 6, 2007

Black Hole Jet Engine (Relativistic Jets)

The intricate structure of the jet engine can be studied from the three dimensional picture in association with the Z directional dipole gravity potential at the center of the star. The compressive and also attractive quadrupole gravity force has the effect of collecting the dark matters scattered around the rotating star toward the equatorial plane.

This same force squeezes the matters and feeds them into the central location of the black hole engine because that's where all the quadrupole gravity force lines are merging into. Please note that if Lense-Thrring's force (that is the out going force from the center) had been correct, this compressing force would not have been possible. Now the Z directional potential indicates that the matters accumulated at the center of the engine are pushed away from the dead center toward the direction of the both sides of the poles as the central Z directional potential below indicates the down hill slope toward the center of the each of the hemispheres.

As the more and more matters are accumulated on these shallow potential dips with the extremely hot temperature because of the enormous pressure due to the continuous feeding mechanism of the dipole gravity force, some of those hot matters will be pushed over toward the edge of the hills of the repulsive potential on both side of the poles.
Once the matters cross over the repulsive potential hill, they will be pushed out of the poles like rolling down the steepest downhill that has ever existed in nature. The rapid expansion of the volume will make them cool down very quickly while still under the enormous repulsive force from the poles of the star until the monopole gravity takes over and starts to bring them back especially the ones went straight line following the axis. In this process, some of those coming back will collide with the ones came out of the poles at later times to generate the enormous visible radiation.
The ones went off the lines of the axis will be pulled back by both the monopole and the dipole gravity force toward the center and also toward the equatorial plane to recycle the whole process again.

These matters on transit for the recycling constitutes the dark matter halo around the surrounding space of the active galactic nuclei. The reason they are not visible is because they are in constant motion following the dipole gravity force lines. The lobes at the end of the jets can be explained as due to the stationary state of those particles because it gives them enough time for the condensation and gravitation as well as the nucleosynthesis. At the end of each of the jets, the ejected particles are in a complete balance between the repulsive gravity force of the dipole and the attractive monopole gravity force and they virtually stop their motion. It must be noted that the two mechanisms that make the cosmic matter visible from the hundreds of millions of light years away are either by the massive collisions among themselves or by the mutual gravitation and the subsequent nucleosynthesis. If those matters are constantly traveling and spreading out in space, there is no way they can be visible.
It must also be noted that this intricate black hole jet engine mechanism does not require any other assumptions than the quadrupole gravito magnetic effect from the rotating star itself. The jet mechanism starts from the first principle of the dipole gravity force. The extremely hot temperature and the corresponding high pressure of the hot matters inside the galactic center are not the enough conditions to allow them to be ejected from the black hole. Without the strong repulsive gravitational force from the quadrupole gravito magnetism, light itself will be trapped and there is no chance for the high pressured hot matter to escape the event horizon.
So, it is puzzling how anyone can explain the jet phenomenon without invoking the repulsive gravity effect without contradicting him/herself. Because once the event horizon is defined as the line that can not be crossed even by the light, there is no escaping for any matter with any pressure or temperature regardless of whether they are in plasma state or under intense magnetic field to have any chance to escape from it.

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