Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Classification of Dipole Gravity

What is dipole gravity and where does it belong? How to categorize the theory within the known classification of the physical theories? These are the questions that have pretty obvious answers once you learn the details of the theory of dipole gravity. Yet for many people this is not enough. It is a theory that they simply can not categorize it. In a lot of the cases in physics, understanding a certain aspect of the nature just needs a simple and clear classification.

In a nut shell, it is general relativity but this particular aspect of the theory has been unknown in the field for the last 90 years. May be I should say 80 years because it was published since 1999. It is a solution of general relativity Einstein didn't think it had. So, naturally the cronies of the old school have tried their best to prove dipole gravity is not general relativity. But if is not, how the Lense-Thirring force can be derived from it. So, they failed to prove it is not a part of general relativity.

This is the pure mathematical and scientific part of this fiasco which is easy in some sense.

Now the difficult part is the problematic human side which has nothing to do with the science.

The major problematic part is how the world has to admit that the whole school of the science of gravity has missed it including Einstein himself, for so long, therefore, it can not be correct ....kind of reasoning.

This is the same kind of logic the opponents of Galileo used against him. "Aristotle can't be wrong, therefore, Mr. Galileo, you must be wrong" upon the idea that the objects of different mass fall to the ground with the same speed. It was not so much of the historical trial by the Roman Catholic church but rather his contemporary world of science that was not ready to take his observational scientific method that was the problem.

Another problem was that most of the time they(the opponents of Galileo) didn't even bother to take a look at the evidence. "I don't have to look through your silly gadget Mr. Galileo, I know there is nothing on the moon"

The difference in this case is that this is a theoretical solution not the observational one. And the opponents are well aware of the disastrous situation that they can not win. In fact, they are well aware of the fact that they have lost in totality. The mess that they have created over the years on the subject of magnetic gravity can not be undone, hidden or erased. It will remain as scientific souvenirs for the future generations to see and learn from it.

On the other hand, I think the opponents of Galileo really believed that they were right however wrong they really were. But this was the time when the science hasn't yet completely evolved into a domain of wissenschaft leher that needs experimental verification.

Did I recreate the whole new theory of general relativity that has the solution of anti gravity? I don't think it is the case. Then how could the whole school of the gravitational science division of Princeton miss it for the last 80 years since the birth of general relativity?

But that's purely a human side question that I do not have an answer to it. I do not have any idea why certain people think this and not the other. Because it is totally in the realm of people's free will.

I also do not think the people who studied gravitational physics and graduated Princeton and/or Caltech for the last 80 years were of less intelligence than myself. But people will still have to wonder what is the meaning of this event. It is such a profound yet strangely mysterious scientific mischief that it will stun the people for many coming generations.

Because this is the scientific truth that will dictate all of the students of science of the future generation have to follow. It is an astounding power of authority that has been bestowed upon to me by the God of science.

So, you have to resort to the answer using the concept of destiny or divinity simply because you can not answer it.

To see if this event was ever foretold to happen in the past, read the following Quatrain of Nostradamus.

"Long awaited he will never return
In Europe, he will appear in Asia;
One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
And he will grow over all the Kings of the East."

This Quatrain has a certain aspect of a Messianic tone especially in the last line. It means the one who will save the world will appear in Asia. But you will have to wait and see for this.

No presently known thoughts or school of science can claim that this theory of dipole (anti)gravity belongs to one of the lines of theirs. It simply has no precedents. So, I will be called one of the leagues of science from the great Hermes (God of science) because I do not belong to any of the conventional physical school of thoughts. But this line of thought is issued directly from the great Hermes(God of science) not from that of the people's. That's what he meant.

Long awaited... for the last 90 years, but in fact for millennia, because no one ever thought gravity could be defied by scientific means. Every possible chances and long enough time were given to the people in Europe. Yet, he will appear in Asia. But he will be at home in Europe, see from the following slightly different interpretation.

"He will appear in Asia, at home in Europe.
One who is issued from the great Hermes."

Nostradamus lived in France and he was a full blown European. So, I don't think he could be biased by any racial preference. And such a notion didn't even exist in ancient Europe. The people at the time in Europe could have been still struggling with the psychological remnants of Mongol's dominance. I believe he was simply projecting his own vision.