Thursday, November 8, 2007

Possible Cause of Gamma Ray Bursts

The static quadrupole (two superposed dipole) gravity force field from the fast rotating compact stellar object can produce dipolar gravity orbits of the stellar particles totally unlike that of Newtonian gravity. The complexity and the diversity of their orbits can be quite interesting.

Due to the integrated effect of the orbit from the force line, one can expect the equatorial plane of the fast rotating black hole like dense stellar object will be a massive battle ground of the violent collisions of the particles coming from both poles of the rotation axis of the rotating star in the opposite direction.

Those particles will not smoothly join together to fall into the equatorial center of the black hole. The momentum accumulated while traveling toward the equatorial plane will make them to pass over the plane and cause them to make violent collisions. The static quadrupole gravity potential predicts that there will be oscillatory trajectories across the equatorial plane increasing the chance of impact until they lose all the kinetic energy in the longitudinal axial direction, which is basically the cause of the alignment of the debris in the equatorial plane of the rotating black hole.

The chance of the collision will depend on the volume density of the debris ejected from the poles. While most of them will be either small scale collisions producing insignificant level of gamma rays or miss entirely, it is quite probable that some of them will hit each other head on with huge impact.

Some of those collisions can be so strong and violent due to the sheer size of the debris and the speed of travel that it will register in the earth telescope as giant gamma ray bursts. Studying the location and the frequency of these collisions will help solve the mystery of the galactic centers.

Also another strong possibility is that the collision of the large size debris into the center of the black hole itself can be the cause of the gigantic gamma ray bursts because that is the final destination of the matters composing the dark matter halo. While they are still invisible due to the lack of a stable orbit and the enough time for the nucleosynthesis, the sheer size of them colliding into the center of the galaxy will generate huge amount of gamma ray bursts.

Another interesting related possibility is that there can also be parasitic orbits circling around the dipole gravity force lines near the poles like that of an angel ring on top of a saint's head where the dipole gravity force is the strongest. And some of them may have already been observed.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why MONDian Cosmology is Wrong?

It is not in what the theory explains. It is in the fundamental assumption the theory is based on. MOND demands the Newtonian dynamics to be modified in the large scale universe. However, Newtonian mechanics has been proven to be correct from the microscopic atomic scale to the macroscopic scale of the solar system. There is no compelling reason it should not work and need to be modified in the large scale universe since it has never been proven to be incorrect in any other branches of physics. And the assumption doesn’t seem to shed any new lights on any other major cosmological problems.

Furthermore, the problem is not only in their assumption, but also in the missed understanding of the additional long range gravity force that has been eluding the physics community for a long time. Typically known as the tidal gravity force is a conceptually misunderstood force that has never been mathematically formalized but thought to exist if the equivalence principle is assumed to be correct on which general relativity is fundamentally based.

The fact that Lens-Thirring force could be derived from dipole gravity force indicates that Lens-Thirring, tidal gravity, the gravito-magnetic forces are fundamentally the many different manifestations of the same dipole gravity force resulting from the rotation of a longitudinal axially asymmetric object like a cone or a hemisphere due to the component wise accumulation of the acceleration induced gravity force.

A theory starting with a totally unjustified assumption and with the missed long range gravity force can not be correct even if it may explain anomalous galactic rotation curves.

The more serious problem with the theory may be on what it doesn’t explain. The jets from the black hole accretion discs and the planet Saturn mystery seem to have nothing to do with MOND.

Of course, one can always argue that MOND was not meant to explain the jets nor the planet Saturn mystery but obviously that's a self defeating argument because dipole gravity was not even meant to explain anything other than finding its own place in general relativity.