Monday, May 19, 2008

Thermodynamics and Dipole Gravity

The spontaneous acceleration of the gravitational dipole moment in the matter filled universe is inconsistent with the well known laws of thermodynamics. That is, you can not create energy from nothing. Although this is a fundamental problem with dipole gravity, it must be noted that thermodynamics is valid in a closed system where the particles (molecules) that carry the energy is strictly confined within the well insulated container. The fact that dipole gravity can explain the cosmological problems of the jets and the dark matter problem prompts us to reexamine the laws of thermodynamics in light of the new long range force of gravity.

As stated previously, the hypothesis of the existence of the tachyonic particles as a medium for the gravity solves this conceptual problem. Gravity is caused by the void in space where the tachyonic particles are restricted, for example, due to the massive dense stellar material. This is not even a new idea because there has already been a speculation that gravity may be caused by pushing effect, which pushing gravity originally proposed by Le Sage. In any case, the tachyonic nature of these particles makes them easy to pass through the baryonic matter. The cross section between the neutrinos and the ordinary matter is extremely small, which means that there is no effective means of shielding gravity. The gravity, whether it's dipole or Newtonian gravity, can not be contained nor shielded. It is inherently an open system. Therefore, the conventional thermodynamics can not apply. In fact, in this picture, the energy is not created from nothing. It is merely siphoned out of the vast reservoir of the cosmic background energy due to the inherently open nature of the local gravitational system.

This is a drastic departure from the well cherished belief of the local energy conservation from the known thermodynamics. One can see the long reaching consistency here, from the mysterious nature of the negative mass squared value of the neutrinos to the observational absence of the stationary neutrinos, and its hidden effect on gravity and the elegant explanation of the dipole gravity phenomenon using the concept of the tachyonic neutrinos.

As stated in the previous posts, one can see that the major shift of the scientific paradigm is imminent.

In an interesting twist of the event, the Vatican's chief astronomer has said recently that there may be space beings who are also created by God. People may laugh at this idea. There is no mention of the aliens being created in other heavens and earths by God in the Bible. The fact that Vatican had to come up with this idea means a lot. There simply are too many evidences that something or some beings are visiting the Earth. The ultimate collapse of the Catholic Church’s doctrine of the earth being the only heaven and earth created by God must have become a serious issue to the church establishments.

Instead of letting people losing the whole faith on God, Vatican had to prepare for the upcoming revelation of the visitation of the earth by the alien beings. God created many intelligent beings following his own image in other heavens and earths. So there is nothing to panic and we can keep our faith in God as we are used to.

In fact, the freedom of information act has made it impossible to contain the incriminating evidences of the uninvited visitation of the space beings that have been accumulated over a period of decades.

Now the serious question from scientists is how could they manage to visit us if they are from millions of light years away from us?

If the conventional thermodynamics is not the full account of the laws of the nature, anything is possible. The concept that some advanced space beings may be visiting the Earth is not surprising at all.