Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recruiting the Leaders of the Future Science

Thomas Khun writes in his book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", the old paradigm doesn't just disappear over night, it simply fades away as the new paradigm emerges to prevail the new science.

What I have been deliberately avoiding in the past was actually forming a school of thought to extensively explore and develop the new paradigm of dipole gravity for the science of the future human civilization. It involves forming extensive human relations and potentially a rigid circle of a scientific community that will eventually work against the emergence of a new paradigm for the better understanding of the universe, like the ones you see today, which I fear the most.

But somehow I came to the conclusion that you can not avoid it and you should not be afraid of forming it either. If Jesus had foreseen the Roman Catholic Church of today before hand, would he have stopped preaching his message? I don't think he would. He might have thought it is probably a necessary evil due to the nature of working with humans. You know in your deep soul how humans will eventually corrupt the idealism to the bottom of it for their own greed and for the false prestige, yet you can not stop, that is the nature of the life.

In your heart, you know you have the truth and you have got to spread it for the benefit of the humankind. What comes next is in my cup to worry. I only have to hope that this agenda was openly put out on the table at the beginning of my intention to form a school of thought for the new paradigm so that the future generation will heed every possibility that this will not happen again in the future. They have to be completely open minded and only resort to the reason and not to the belief system they have mindlessly inherited without critical and/or rational thinking.

They should not be surprised by the emergence of a new paradigm that fits better for the explanation of the unknown universe. We are ever evolving intelligent beings created to understand and explore the core intention of the creator himself.

Imagine a society that your possession doesn't mean anything, instead what you joyfully do and create matters the most.

Our(my and yours) school of thought will not only include the scientific exploration, but also it will include exploring the social, political, economic structure of the future civilization. The core reason for this is because this paradigm of dipole gravity is not compatible with the existing social, economic and political structure of the modern world. And of course that is also the core cause of the cycle of the poverty we are having in regard to the economic as well as the spiritual maturity we deserve to have.

It demands the total overhaul of the way humans will have to live in the future generation.

Please contact me with detailed descriptions of your backgrounds, thoughts and ideas. Our activity will involve publication of the papers in the journal and many other discussions for the future civilization.

The basis of the new paradigm sprang out of the following observations,

1. General relativity has physically meaningful anti gravity solution manifested by the anomalous shift of the center of mass, elaborated in the first published paper " Anomalous Center of Mass Shift: Gravitational Dipole Moment"
2. The weak field limit solution of the linearized general relativity known as the Lense-Thirring force is a result of the partially cancelled dipole gravity solution, due to the oppositely positioned two hemispheres inside a rotating spherical mass.
2. The Jets from the black hole accretion disc and the dark matter problem are the two manifestations of the same physical principle originated from dipole gravity.
3. The known gravitomagnetism is not general relativity. Consequently, all the theoretical publications related to the jet phenomenon based on the conventional gravitomagnetism are on the wrong theoretical footing. And so is the MOND theories of the dark matter problem.
4. Special relativity is inherently incompatible with Newtonian dynamics due to the reactionless shift of the center of mass from the rotating axially asymmetric objects. And this phenomenon breaks the Newton's fundamental laws of momentum and energy conservation principle.
5. The nature and the scientific laws prefer simplicity.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wisest Thing to Do for The Academics in Gravitational Physics

Some people in the field of gravitational physics may think that if they keep quiet and ignore this theory called dipole gravity, it will eventually go away and never bother them again. If they really think this way, it will be the most vile and despicable attitude as scientists who are paid to do the job of finding the ultimate truth and the secret of the nature and educate the younger generation of the students for the brightest future of the world of new technology. The truth of the nature is not manufactured. They are discovered. As such, it stays as a public property and record.

This is one of the good examples that shows power/money corrupts everything. However scientifically faulty idea their experiment may be based on, as far as the tax payers money can be poured in, they will keep on doing the same things even if they know very well that it will not work and there are better ways to do to get the same results. The mechanism of sound and adequate moderation is not there. The fundamental basis of the whole scientific community at the moment is stinking corrupt from the bottom to the top.

For someone who has ten to twenty years before his/her retirement, the wisest thing they should do now will be to have a PhD graduate student to investigate and work out the details of the theory of dipole gravity and let them be the pioneers of this field in the near future. You don't want them to waste their time on things that will not last. However, if you have a couple of years before retirement, why bother?

The experts in this field will never come out to admit that they missed this particular solution of general relativity. They would rather jump off the cliff than come forward to announce it in front of the public. I would be really surprised if they do and that way they might earn at least my two cents of respect. But I bet they would rather want to quietly disappear in the oblivion with a comfortable peace in their minds.

The short sightedness of this behavior is that they do not realize the long term consequence of their action that the history will not be very kind to them. These two authority figures of the modern day(as of 2009) science in the field of gravitation, Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking, will be forgotten pretty much the same way no one remembers what were the names of the opponents who ridiculed Galileo in the middle ages of Europe.

Looking back, in classical mechanics, the rotating mass hinged on a central pivot has a constant inward acceleration not outward one. This inward acceleration should cause general relativistic gravity force toward the center if the equivalence principle is correct. The rigidity of the hinge prevents it from being subjected to the centrifugal outward acceleration.

So the centrifugal force interpretation of the second order gravity force from the rotating sphere was wrong from the beginning. And this obvious mechanical aspect has never been debated. In a rotating sphere, the intuitive picture of the second order gravity in radial direction is stronger in the equator and gets weaker at the poles just as described in dipole gravity. The axial component of this force which is the source of the repulsive gravity at the poles along the rotation axis had to wait until the development of general relativity.

I'm saying this to remind people that the sign error of the Lense-Thirring force should have been detected long time ago.

A while ago, I criticized pretty harshly one of the authors of the well known theory of gravitomagnetism who wrote a theory of jets from the back holes using the Blandford-Znajek mechanism and posted the article in my blog. She the author, later out of blue, sent me email threatening to sue me for defamation. I told her I would rather defend my freedom of speech to the supreme court and this case will be pretty widely publicized. After a while, she said she wouldn't do it because she would rather not want to see this rabbit come out of the cage. I deleted the article from my blog anyway because it was the least of my intention to make any soul to suffer out of his/her own selfish form of dignity.

But I want to tell you, there is no God given dignity without siding with the truth. As long as you are knowingly avoiding the truth especially the undeniable mathematical one, you are not very far from being crooks.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Classification of Dipole Gravity

What is dipole gravity and where does it belong? How to categorize the theory within the known classification of the physical theories? These are the questions that have pretty obvious answers once you learn the details of the theory of dipole gravity. Yet for many people this is not enough. It is a theory that they simply can not categorize it. In a lot of the cases in physics, understanding a certain aspect of the nature just needs a simple and clear classification.

In a nut shell, it is general relativity but this particular aspect of the theory has been unknown in the field for the last 90 years. May be I should say 80 years because it was published since 1999. It is a solution of general relativity Einstein didn't think it had. So, naturally the cronies of the old school have tried their best to prove dipole gravity is not general relativity. But if is not, how the Lense-Thirring force can be derived from it. So, they failed to prove it is not a part of general relativity.

This is the pure mathematical and scientific part of this fiasco which is easy in some sense.

Now the difficult part is the problematic human side which has nothing to do with the science.

The major problematic part is how the world has to admit that the whole school of the science of gravity has missed it including Einstein himself, for so long, therefore, it can not be correct ....kind of reasoning.

This is the same kind of logic the opponents of Galileo used against him. "Aristotle can't be wrong, therefore, Mr. Galileo, you must be wrong" upon the idea that the objects of different mass fall to the ground with the same speed. It was not so much of the historical trial by the Roman Catholic church but rather his contemporary world of science that was not ready to take his observational scientific method that was the problem.

Another problem was that most of the time they(the opponents of Galileo) didn't even bother to take a look at the evidence. "I don't have to look through your silly gadget Mr. Galileo, I know there is nothing on the moon"

The difference in this case is that this is a theoretical solution not the observational one. And the opponents are well aware of the disastrous situation that they can not win. In fact, they are well aware of the fact that they have lost in totality. The mess that they have created over the years on the subject of magnetic gravity can not be undone, hidden or erased. It will remain as scientific souvenirs for the future generations to see and learn from it.

On the other hand, I think the opponents of Galileo really believed that they were right however wrong they really were. But this was the time when the science hasn't yet completely evolved into a domain of wissenschaft leher that needs experimental verification.

Did I recreate the whole new theory of general relativity that has the solution of anti gravity? I don't think it is the case. Then how could the whole school of the gravitational science division of Princeton miss it for the last 80 years since the birth of general relativity?

But that's purely a human side question that I do not have an answer to it. I do not have any idea why certain people think this and not the other. Because it is totally in the realm of people's free will.

I also do not think the people who studied gravitational physics and graduated Princeton and/or Caltech for the last 80 years were of less intelligence than myself. But people will still have to wonder what is the meaning of this event. It is such a profound yet strangely mysterious scientific mischief that it will stun the people for many coming generations.

Because this is the scientific truth that will dictate all of the students of science of the future generation have to follow. It is an astounding power of authority that has been bestowed upon to me by the God of science.

So, you have to resort to the answer using the concept of destiny or divinity simply because you can not answer it.

To see if this event was ever foretold to happen in the past, read the following Quatrain of Nostradamus.

"Long awaited he will never return
In Europe, he will appear in Asia;
One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
And he will grow over all the Kings of the East."

This Quatrain has a certain aspect of a Messianic tone especially in the last line. It means the one who will save the world will appear in Asia. But you will have to wait and see for this.

No presently known thoughts or school of science can claim that this theory of dipole (anti)gravity belongs to one of the lines of theirs. It simply has no precedents. So, I will be called one of the leagues of science from the great Hermes (God of science) because I do not belong to any of the conventional physical school of thoughts. But this line of thought is issued directly from the great Hermes(God of science) not from that of the people's. That's what he meant.

Long awaited... for the last 90 years, but in fact for millennia, because no one ever thought gravity could be defied by scientific means. Every possible chances and long enough time were given to the people in Europe. Yet, he will appear in Asia. But he will be at home in Europe, see from the following slightly different interpretation.

"He will appear in Asia, at home in Europe.
One who is issued from the great Hermes."

Nostradamus lived in France and he was a full blown European. So, I don't think he could be biased by any racial preference. And such a notion didn't even exist in ancient Europe. The people at the time in Europe could have been still struggling with the psychological remnants of Mongol's dominance. I believe he was simply projecting his own vision.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

NASA's "In Search of Gravitomagnetism"

The following is a quote from the NASA's web site on "In Search of Gravitomagnetism".
"Gravitomagnetism is produced by stars and planets when they spin. "It's similar in form to the magnetic field produced by a spinning ball of charge," explains physicist Clifford Will of Washington University (St. Louis). Replace charge with mass, and magnetism becomes gravitomagnetism.

We don't feel gravitomagnetism as we go about our everyday lives on Earth, but according to Einstein's theory of General Relativity it's real. When a planet (or a star or a black hole ... or anything massive) spins it pulls space and time around with it, an action known as "frame dragging." The fabric of spacetime twists like a vortex. Einstein tells us that all gravitational forces correspond to a bending of spacetime; the "twist" is gravitomagnetism."

It is not very hard to see that the above statements are all faulty scientific conjectures in review of the theory of dipole gravity. This NASA web site is still active even after I talked to Clifford Will by sending the copy of the paper published in the journal Physica Scripta, proving that dipole gravity is the cause of the Lense-Thirring force.

What is going on in our scientific world?

The obvious problem with the spinning charged ball analogy with gravity is in the fact that it doesn't answer the question on what determines the north and south pole of the magnetic gravity? Does that mean the north of the earth will have more attractive gravity while the south will have a little bit more of repulsive gravity?

If so, has it been proven by experiment or has any of such effect manifested in nature in some other part of the universe?

The answer of course is NO. The gravitomagnetism (Modified Maxwell's equation) is not general relativity. In fact, it has nothing to do with general relativity.

I was listening to Francis Everitt of Stanford University lecturing on Gravity Probe B and amazed to see how fuzzy idea he has on the theoretical model that his experiment is based on. One time, he mentioned "spin two of gravity" in the calculation of the effect of gravitomagnetism. Gravity does have spin two in the model of the theoretical high energy physics. But what does that have anything to do with the effect of gravitomagnetism which is a modified Maxwell's equation? He was obviously hiding his ignorance behind this fancy physicist's jargon of the "spin two".

I tried to inform him that the theory he is trying to prove is not general relativity but dipole gravity is. His data will never prove the gravitomagnetism but dipole gravity will.

He never wondered in his entire life if the theory he was trying to test is the genuine theory of general relativity or far from it. Well, he probably didn't have to wonder because the theorists who developed "gravitomagnetism" by the "unanimous" consensus "guaranteed" that it is the real genuine general relativity.

Obviously, the field of gravitational physics at the moment is in total disarray.

I wonder LIGO and LISA will ever detect gravity wave in any time soon, while dipole gravity is being wasted in the neverland.

I tried very hard to convince him that he doesn't have to try to prove he failed in his experiment using the wrong theory. Because if he use the correct theory of the second order gravity derived directly from general relativity, his experiment would be a monumental success. I believe his experiment has already proved dipole gravity and he didn't have to give the excuses of the electrostatic patch effect for the anomaly he detected.

What it needs in this field of science is that the authority of general relativity has to come forward and admit there was a serious mistake in the field by discarding dipole gravity and tell the world we should study dipole gravity in all of its applications for many of the known cosmological problems. Kip Thorne of CalTech has already been informed of this theory of dipole gravity long time ago because he was the first to be contacted when I found the anomaly of the rotating hemispherical object in 1995 and also from many inquiries he received from the readers of my blog, and obviously he has nothing to recommend to Francis Everitt of his experiment knowing that he is struggling with the data he got from close to a billion dollar project supported by the US tax payers. I think this is an outrageous travesty.

Some people are too embarrassed to admit this scientific fact and/or, too scared of the repercussions they may face by admitting it.

But we are not living in the world of Galileo, we are living in a far more advanced society than that. For the average people, we get benefited by knowing the truth and knowing that the scientific world is doing the right thing and this will eventually save people's resources from being wasted on some unnecessary physics adventures for all of their misguided curiosities.

Someone has to blow the whistle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dark Matter Problem is Solved

"The dark matter problem exists only in the context that there is only one type of gravity force (which is Newtonian gravity) in the universe" writes Greg Bothun of the University of Oregon. In my opinion, this is the most profound insight by someone who perceives clearly where the crucial problem lies with the full spectrum of the knowledge on the observational astronomy. What people have forgotten in the pursuit of the answers for the dark matter problem is where this problem has originally started. It was from the observation that the spiral galaxy's rotational velocity curve does not follow the ones that Newtonian gravity has predicted. More specifically, the velocity curve becomes flat as if there is a lot more mass than what has been observed. The distribution of the unseen mass was in such a way that the flux of the matter is constant as if the origin of the source of the matter flux was at the center.

Strictly speaking, it was not the problem of the cosmos itself. Instead, it was the problem in our lack of the understanding of the universe. When we do not understand some of the workings of the universe, we name it as a problem as if it is somebody else's.

However, I do not understand why people believe all of the matter in the universe should be visible in the first place. For a simple example, meteorites, comets, satellites are invisible. If someone decided to calculate the density of the comets and meteorites by observing the frequency of their appearance, and their general distribution, considering the vast size of the space, since those space debris seems never exhaust their presence, in the long history of time. One may be able to calculate some approximate density of those asteroids in our own galaxy. Because in essence, we tend to ignore the presence of those space debris as accidental or ephemeral that is not worthy of consideration.

However, it is possible that this space debris exists in the space as never ending transients of the space residents themselves that we can not fundamentally remove them out of the consideration. Because our calculation basically ignores the presence of any or all of this unseen debris and their possible contribution to the mass of the universe.

The frequency of their appearance and the magnitude of their mass can be averaged over the long period of time and the corresponding size of the space they occupy for given period of time. Even if they may be seen as insignificant, the vast size of the volume of the universe can make their presence significant.

In fact, this may turn out to be not too small. The bright part of the galaxy is certainly where a lot of mass is populated. But the presence of light only means that those mass are in constant motion and colliding with each other. On the other hand, when the flow of those massive particles are in orderly manner, there will be no light visible from their presence.

As some of you may have perceived already from the previous posts, the jets are the source of this dark matter flux within the context of the interpretation of dipole gravity.

Whoever has gone through reading this blog articles with the theoretical flow of the dipole gravity with general relativity in mind will have no problem understanding that dipole gravity is the fundamental solution to the dark matter problems.

Obviously, this astounding fact is not very well conveyed to the general public. The public is still in the darkness on what is going on in the field of the dark matter problems. This is why there are science writers who writes fundamental physical principles to the general public with easily understandable terms. Since no science writer has picked it up at the moment, I will try to explain it to the public as simply as possible.

On the way to make such an attempt, we need to keep in mind that the true power of a physical theory is not in its ability to fit a group of data within its own scope. The real power of a successful physical theory is in its ability to explain the physical phenomenon that it was not even expected to explain.

In fact, if general relativity was clearly interpreted with the non trivial dipole gravitational moment earlier, we may not even be struggling with the dark matter problem in the first place. Greg Bothun's insight was right. We missed the additional gravity force that was visible right in front of our nose.

It is apparent that the real beauty of general relativity is in dipole gravity than anything else. For the record, deriving Newtonian gravity from general relativity can not be a big accomplishment, because, otherwise, there is no need to consider general relativity as a viable theory in the first place. The quadrupole radiation is too weak to detect even with the most sophisticated LIGO instrument due to the dominating local and global noise problem. Even in the order of the scientific progress, it is obvious that dipole gravity must proceed before quadrupole radiation as a proper research step. The unexpected success of dipole gravity in the explanation of many of the contemporary cosmological problems will be the proof of the monumental success of general relativity itself. Of course this is the most fundamental stumbling block whoever wants to discredit dipole gravity.

The simplicity of the solution is so mind boggling with dipole gravity that most of the astronomers who have learned the solution of dipole gravity have lost their tongues. I have hard time trying to make them to talk to me. If I keep trying to make them to respond to me, I would be charged for badgering. So, I made a joke to one of the authors of the most influential book who I respect most that I may have to water boarding them to make them to talk, with a good laugh. In any case, I don't want to bother the poor souls who must be pounding their heads onto their own desk for missing such an easy solution. But listen, even if you know you would lose the battle, don't you think you have to come out and fight when a serious challenge is thrown up in front of you? I'm talking about the open, free and candid scientific discussions over and over again until we reach some kind of a consensus and make some realistic progress in science.

But I want them to realize that it was not easy. Since I first look up the book Gravitation on the part of the dipole gravitational moment in the weak field limit in 1982, this curious problem never left my subconscious mind until I found the answer in 1995. The argument of removing the shift of the center of mass by moving the center of the coordinate system sounded too frivolous, too fast tongue in cheek. It can't be that simple, I thought, not knowing exactly why. The prevailing impression of my inner thought at the time was that "if general relativity, as a leading theory of gravity, is to explain any of the additional gravitational mysteries of the universe, this dipole term should be the answer, because of its strength next to Newtonian gravity", "if this term really doesn't have any physical meaning, it could possibly mean the failure of general relativity itself", I thought. Anyone who learned the series expansion of a mathematical function knows that the magnitude of the value of the function decreases as the order increases. So, this general relativistic second order term can have a tremendous importance. On the other hand, how mindlessly this term has been thrown away? These thought processes were behind the fundamental basis of the deep puzzle.

My friend, a physics professor of Yon Sei University, asked me one day, how I made the connection between the anomalous center of mass shift from the rotating hemisphere and the general relativistic gravitational dipole moment. I had this puzzle in my memory for the last 13 years, I told him. I believe in the mechanism of the human subconscious mind. It works day and night until you find the solution. But you have to have a deep sense of a puzzle and curiosity and the desire to solve it with your entire being and soul.

It only looks easy when somebody serves you with the finally finished product on the silver plate. The process of fierce fighting against the unseen forces of the anonymous referees that try to block this solution from the public view was not fun at all. And if it were so easy as some of you would probably scorn inside of your mind, why this solution had to wait for the last 90 years since the birth of general relativity?

What those pronounced experts in the field had done? Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne, what did you do? You both missed the most important solution for the ultimate puzzle of the universe while discussing the time travel and black hole idea that we may never be able to experimentally prove. We as a collective human society probably have wasted a good chunk of 50 years on this frivolous nonsense. The physical time travel idea is not in fruition. It will take another 500 years for us to achieve such a feat, if ever, and I would be glad to be wrong. The books, Gravitation and that of others are basically a good number of eggs without the york. Now imagine how many literatures related to this subject would have to be permanently trashed and/or rewritten? And on what excuse? We simply have missed this one big long range force in the universe which is the dipole antigravity force.

Let's see what is involved with dipole gravity in all of the known cosmic mysteries.

1. Cosmic Jets(especially from the neutron stars)
2. Flat Rotational Velocity Curves(Dark Matter Problem)
3. Saturn Mystery(small scale effect)
4. GPB data anomaly(abnormal data is not from electrostatic patch effect)
5. Gravitomagnetism(in its folly)
6. Source of the asteroids(where they are from)
7. Rocketless Space Travel(if we can rotate the object ultra relativistically fast)
8. Mechanical nature of the ether(empty space is not completely empty)
9. Exotic matter hypothesis(only if there is a matter that creates antigravity)
10. Anomalous Red Shift

And, how fundamentally the course of our industrial civilization would have to be changed?

Now, don't tell me it was such a easy solution.

Now I feel like I'm the most righteous King fighting against all the evils of the world in the history of the mankind.

"Do not believe in what you have heard; do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations; do not believe anything because it is rumored and spoken of by many; do not believe merely because the written statements of some old sage are produced; do not believe in conjectures; do not believe in that as a truth to which you have become attached by habit; do not believe merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."

by Gautama Buddha some 2600 years ago

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mond theory, Dark Matter Problem and the Neutron Star Jets

How many researchers in the field of general relativity realize that there is something fundamentally missing in the currently known general relativity? It must be realized that there is no known general relativistic solution for rotating gravitating mass. There is not much difference in the scope of handling the gravitational phenomenon between the Newtonian gravity and the known general relativity. There are numerous patch works to explain the partial cosmological phenomenon. One of these patch theories is the currently known explanation of the plasma induced jets phenomenon. Strangely though, no one expects it to explain the dark matter problem nor the jets from the neutron stars. If the well known gravitomagnetism, via the modified Maxwell's equation, was a correct theory of gravity it should be able to explain the dark matter problem and also the jet phenomenon from the neutron stars. But how strange is it that no one demands or expects it.

Looking back, I don't have a clue how the modified Maxwell's equation entered inside the domain of general relativity which are topologically incompatible to each other in the first place. If a rotating spherical mass creates a gravitational magnet, which side becomes the north pole and which side the south? Does it depend on the direction of the rotation? Of course not. In fact, there is very little that is common between gravity and the electromagnetism except that both laws satisfy the Gaussian flux law which is nothing more than the fact that both satisfies the 1/r^2 force law which is common between gravity and the electrostatics where the similarity ends.

For a simple example, the magnetic field has no influence of force on a stationary electric charge, but dipole gravity force has a latitudinal force toward the equator on a stationary mass. You see how absurd that the GPB(gravitational probe B) experimental team believes they are testing general relativity while in fact they are testing nothing of a valuable theory. I have hard time trying to informing them of this fact. Their valuable data is being wasted on the theory (modified Maxwell's equation) that has nothing to do with general relativity.

The MOND theory is one of those desperate attempts to understand the gravitational effect from the rotating gravitational mass. The fundamental flaw of the idea in MOND is that it tries to explain the gravitational effect generated from the rotating gravitational mass without considering the rotation itself. In fact, if you observe MOND carefully, this rotational parameter is hidden in the Fischer-Tully relation. The faster the rotation of the galactic core, it is natural to expect that it will cause more radiation at the core as it exerts more of the second order gravitational force.

The phenomenological concordance model succeeded because it sticks to its own principle from the beginning with the correct assumption that there should be missing mass in the surrounding space of the rotating galactic core.

The only fundamental problem with the CDM model was where is the proof of the dark matter with such an elaborate distribution? The experimental evidence of this dark matter started to show up in the observation of the cosmological collision between the two bullet clusters. The observational evidence showed there is impeccable and undeniable distribution of the matter around the galactic core. This was the crucial physical evidence of the existence of such an unseen matter distribution.

Now the next fundamental question is why and how such matter can exist and why in such a distribution? Without answering this question properly, the CDM model will also be in doubt.
There have been all kinds of possible explanation of what may constitute this dark matter from the source of the predictions from the super string theory to super symmetric gauge theories.

However, once the second order(dipole) gravity from general relativity is included in the complete picture, all these speculations regarding the possible composition of the dark matter becomes totally unnecessary.

To graphically explain what is happening in the fast rotating galactic core according to the second order gravity force of general relativity, it is important to realize that the rotating hemisphere is the unit structure of dipole gravity. In this paradigm, the domed side of the rotating hemisphere becomes the repulsive gravity pole and the flat side of the hemisphere becomes the attractive side of the gravitational dipole magnet. These two hemispheres can form a rotating sphere to create the quadrupole gravitational unit. When this is formed, the north and south poles of the rotating sphere becomes the point where the matters can be ejected because it is where the anti gravity poles are formed.

It is noted that the conventional theory of black hole does not include this effect, rather, it is a solution from a perfect static mass. The applicability of this kind of static gravitational system is very limited, because, without a rapid rotating mechanism of the source, a gravitational mass can rarely achieve the density of the black hole because a non rotating mass generally can not make its satellites to collide with it and form the heavier mass of itself. The gradual acceleration of the rotational speed and its dynamical consequence is not present in the static gravitational model depicted by the conventional theory.

When they developed it further into the theory of wormhole, using quantum gravity, it didn't include this dipole gravity effect either. The fundamental problem with this was that even if you quantize a theory that didn't have dipole gravity in the classical limit, you can not make it to appear just by quantizing it. The famous result of this is the speculation of time travel, because it looks like there is a two way traversable time lines along the axial path of the rotating cylindrical mass shell. If they had known there is a strong quadrupole mass pole structure inside the rotating spherical mass shell, this time machine idea wouldn't have come out in the first place.

Of course, the validity of the quantized general relativity is a separate issue due to its notorious unrenormalizability. If your quantized theory is not renormalizable, basically, what it means that it can not become a quantitatively verifiable theory. Which basically means it becomes a nonsensical theory.

Now, back to the effect of the mechanical universe. The reason that the poles of the rapidly rotating cosmological object becomes the anti gravity pole is because of the accumulative effect of the original equivalence principle proposed by Einstein which states that the acceleration of the mass is fundamentally the same as the effect of gravity. The general effect of this was never translated into a closed form of a mathematical expression since Lense-Thirring calculated this effect at the core of the rotating mass shell. The full calculation of it over the whole space surrounding the source was too horrendous to perform by the brute force calculation in the region beyond the close proximity from the center of the spherical shell. Of course this doesn't mean that there was no solution for the entire region around the rotating sphere, instead, it simply means that people haven't found the solution. But, after a while, after the futile attempts to calculate this force, it was generally assumed and decided that this force doesn't even exist.

Now let's see what does it mean that the poles of the rapidly rotating gravitational mass becomes an anti gravity pole. It means that the poles of some of the rapidly rotating planets of the Sun may show some kind of hollow structure at the poles when the planets are heavily covered with clouds because of the repulsive force it produces by the fast rotation. Did we see this effect from the photograph of Saturn?

And also, the equatorial plane of this kind of fast rotating planets can form a return path of the object that came off of the poles and they certainly can form rings. The equatorial plane of this system forms the lowest potential well in the dipole gravity picture which explains why rotating cosmological object creates planar shaped equatorial plane no matter if it is a galaxy or a planet.

But it is when this effect becomes so strong in the galactic scale that the true magnificence of this effect manifests itself. In the fast rotating black holes, the dipole anti gravity force at the poles will be so great that the matters at and around the poles will be ejected with such a tremendous force that they will fly away millions of miles away from the poles. And at certain point this dipole anti gravity force will be overcome by the attractive Newtonian gravity and the matters will be pulled back toward the poles. Now the ejection process of the black hole didn't stop when the matters that was ejected earlier started to be pulled back since this is a continuous mechanical process arises by the rotation of the extremely dense gravitational source.

The result of this continuous ejection of the matter and being pulled back by Newtonian gravity is the cosmic fire work that occurs due to the collision of this incoming and outgoing matters along the path of the poles of the gigantic rotating mass in the galactic scale. Of course, this is the cause of the jets either it is from the rotating black hole or from the rotating neutron star, the central gravity source doesn't have to be a black hole, it can simply be a rotating neutron star.

However, this is not the whole story, some of the matters ejected from the poles will not go straight line, instead they will follow the magnetic field like dipole gravity force lines toward the equatorial plane to merge with the matter that was ejected from the other side of the poles and then they will be pulled back into the center of the black hole.

The dark matter consists of these matters in transit from the poles toward the equatorial plane. The dipole gravity force law dictates them to be populated in the space the way they are as they have been observed from the collision of the bullet clusters.

This is the true picture of the universe that has been hidden from our view for so long. For this to be visible, there was another dramatic fiasco that happened in the process and it was the correction of the signs of the Lense-Thirring force and its complete dissociation from the previous centrifugal force interpretation.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Judeo Christian Religion and the Modern Scientific Revolution

I always tend to think that there is a clear correlation between Christianity and the modern scientific revolution. The main reason for this conjecture was because it happened in the society where Christianity was the fundamental foundation of the people's philosophy and religion. Basic idea is that the idealism of freedom and the yearning for the eternal life and the love for all our neighbors taught in Christianity may have contributed by some magical way to the modern scientific revolution. What if they didn't have Christianity in the European society. Could the scientific revolution still have happened in the European society? It seems to me though the breaking up of the English monarch from the Roman catholic church's authority was the major first step for the freedom of the human spirit which may have contributed to the freedom of thoughts and also to the blossom of many of the scientific discoveries that eventually contributed to the modern scientific revolution. In a way, in terms of the timing, this coincides with the protestant movement in Europe.

One thing is certain in all of these changes and that is all of these events coincides with the ending of the black plague in Europe. The human spirit has encountered the most horrific tragedy and in the middle of these disaster, the church authority could not save any of the lives of those people who suffered the disease. So, this has become the beginning of the end of the catholic church's absolute authority and also the beginning of the new scientific revolution. Basiclaly, the authority of the church and the established academics could not control the freedom of thoughts and the search for the truth that spread like wild fire among the surviving young generations.

It is a tragic example, but somehow it seems that for the leap of a scientific advancement and the freedom of human spirit to happen there was a massive human tragedy that proceeded. Could this be a coincidence or something destined?

I predict, therefore, before the leap of the new advancement of our science to happen, despite all of the new frontier's(from Tesla to Moray and other's) effort to develop the new physical ideas, there could be a massive human tragedy that will proceed before such a remarkable change to happen.

It was not in the existing religion, rather, it was in the breaking up process of the established religion by peeling off of its dead skin and growing up that the real scientific progress of the human society has happened. On the other hand, Christianity has such a wonderful fundamentals in such a way that it allows itself to continuously reform.

What puzzled me for a long time though was the example of Japan, which is not fundamentally a Christian country yet succeeded in modernizing itself in the wake of the Portuguese unexpected arrival in its shores. On the other hand, a country like Korea which was heavily influenced by the Confucian philosophy was very reluctant to the changes brought up by the western civilization. The Buddhism was introduced and spread to Japan by a monk from the Shilla kingdom very long time ago, and in a way Buddhism was a very loose religion without a strict moral code. Probably this may helped Japaneses to adopt the western style materialism easily without too much resistance, because the Confucian philosophy was not very prevalent in Japan although it had its share of its influence.

Although it started from China, Confucian philosophy was never popular in China nor in Japan as much as it was in Korea. It never made up itself to become the national ruling philosophy in China nor in Japan. This is another reason to believe that Confucius was an ancient Korean who happened to live in China other than the Chinese historical script saying that he was from Dongyi which is the name they called Korea in ancient Chinese terms.

With a reasonable yet strict moral code toward parents, ancestors and elders, it satisfied the basic moral sentiment of the Korean people especially after the failure of the Buddhists faith and practice in an attempt to defeat Mongols by building the 100,000 pieces of Buddhism songs and poems in the wooden platforms. For them, the Confucian philosophy made a perfect sense.

Although Confucius never openly admitted heaven as an entity for a religious worship, it was tacitly assumed among his disciples that heaven exists as an individual entity. However, Koreans worshipped heaven ever since they lived in the Korean peninsula. This may explain the phenomenon of the exploding Christian population in South Korea. It is not a foreign religion in a way for them, they lived with the same basic principles of faith all along. They even had the eight forbidden rules exactly like that of the ten commandment. The only thing that is missing in there is about the explicit mention of the heavenly God and also regarding the keeping of the sabbath. It almost gives you the impression that the basis of the one God religion started from the ancient north east Asia and went over to the west across the continent with the addition of the clear one personal God concept to become the Judeo and then later the Christian religion.

For a supporting evidence of the migration of the north east asian people to the west and settled in the modern day Turkey, the striking resmeblance of the language structure of the Turkish people, isolated from its neighbors, which is a Tungustic language which is shared by other north eastern Asians like Koreans, Mongols and Japanese. If you learn both Japanese and Korean, you will immediately realize that they are basically the same language that has independently been branched off at certain point of the east asian history. You can translate almost one to the other by using a simple sound conversion chart.

But then no one knows for sure since when Turkish people started using such a unique language. There is no written historical records confirming the date. It only shows the far north eastern asian influence in this part of the land that happened in the remote past of the history. Can it also be a coincidence that the mount ararat was located in the eastern Turkey? The ancestors of the Jewish people must have had a connection to the history of this part of the land or at least the remote memory of what happened there.

Could all these explain the exploding scientific technology and advancement in South Korea?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meaning of Thorough Literature Search

The reason we recommend our PhD graduate students to perform thorough literature search has many meanings. First of all, you don't want them to waste their time on something that others have already done enough research. The second is to verify if someone already has found the solution for the same problem you are supposed to work on.

Relevancy is the key point here. I was lucky to spend some fortune to hire a third party professional literature search to see if others have done similar research in the field of dipole gravity before the publication of the paper "Non Newtonian...". I wanted to make sure this paper is truly original and a result of a complete journal research. Phipps's journal article on the matter of the relativistic rigidity was very helpful. And then I also found other researchers have done many relevant research on the Lense-Thirring force in other journals.

After the appearance of the last publication of the paper contemplating the quadrupole nature of the Lense-Thirring force in the rotating spherical mass shell by Cohen et al, the literature search didn't find any more critical publication relevant to this subject. Basically, according to Cohen's point of view, since the cylindrical mass shell doesn't have the Lense-Thirring force when in rotation according to the weak field approximation of general relativity, he suggested that the centrifugal force interpretation of the Lense-Thirring force has fundamental problems. This was already enough of a bombshell statement at the time. But there was no follow up on this subject matter to be found in the later literature search.

The subject of the mysterious longitudinal component of the Lense-Thirring force dates as far back as Einstein's original publication of general relativity. When the two axial (x and y) components are identified as Mach's centrifugal force, there was absolutely no room for the physical interpretation of the longitudinal (z)component.

When I was debating as late as last year in 2008 with Dr. Pfister of University of Tubingen, he was still insisting on imposing a boundary condition to remove the longitudinal component of the Lense-Thirring force all together. But then according to his admission, he was the one rejected my paper when he was a referee of the European journal I sent the paper to in 1998.

So, not performing the full relevant literature search will cost the researcher's time and energy in the end. There is no one to blame in this business but themselves. The value of their paper would simply disappear as soon as the old paper with the relevant information is found.

My duty here basically has been to inform the researchers in the field of their missed relevant literature study. Anyone who performs research on the planetary motion beyond Newtonian gravity will need the information on dipole gravity because of its strong footing on general relativity. I can't imagine MOND proponents can keep on writing papers without referring to the possibility of the practical existence of the non Newtonian gravity force suggested by my dipole gravity paper.

If the non Newtonian force experienced by dipole gravitational moment in the two mass pole model universe is consistent with general relativity, their papers are all deficient of relevant literature study.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Two Cents on Health Care Issue

I'm going to digress on health issue today because it is such an important problem for the country at the moment. Let's assume that there is a magic cure of all the disease in such a way that we don't need the hospital service anymore. No one is going to be sick and no more health insurance and all of these problems of the government issued health insurance program will be solved.

Actually, there is no such thing as one for all cure for all the diseases.

However, I think I found one that is very close to the one for all cures. I accidentally tuned in to Erskine Overnight radio talk show the other day. I have to credit him for this information. One of the medical doctors he was interviewing had solutions for the problem of the chronic fatigue syndrome that many people have. The medicine that the doctor was talking about was HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!!!. Wait a minute, that is the common germ killing clear water like liquid used for external wounds only, isn't it? It bubbles up when it contacts the wounds. And its chemical composition is H2O2 which is basically a water molecule with one more oxygen in it. It is so unstable that it immediately dissociates into water and oxygen upon slight thermal stimulation or on contact with other organic germs.

The nice thing about it is that it doesn't leave residue in the body. And most of the germs in the body does not like oxygen. They multiply better in the environment where there is no oxygen. There is a special name for this kind of organism in the body which I can not recall at the moment.

And most of all, the cancer cells do not like oxygen either. In fact, the oxygen kills the cancer cells. Now this hydrogen peroxide not only kills the germs but also kills the cancer cells. What a coincidence!! Most of the antibiotics kills germs but not the cancer cells. Chemo therapy kills cancer cells but not the germs.

To learn more about hydrogen peroxide, I searched Google on "hydrogen peroxide in fruits" to see if our foods may contain any amount in it. Guess what? Most of the fruits (especially the melon) contain hydrogen peroxide and, most of all, mother's breast milk contains a lot of hydrogen peroxide.

Now, it tells why and how mother gives the baby the immunity that the baby needs most at the most immunologically vulnerable time of the infant's life.

What a great information !!!

Of course, any kind of food in excess can be a poison. Even the water can be a poison. Aspirin can also be a poison when consumed in excess. One known exception to this statement may be vitamin C. Linus Pauling is known to have taken 3-5 grams (3000-5000 milligrams)of vitamin C per day and he proposed that it can be a cure for flu, for which he was ridiculed by his peers. But he outlived his critics. In general, it would be a matter of how much that the body can tolerate by carefully monitoring the body's response.

Unfortunately, however, no doctor will prescribe hydrogen peroxide for any of your illnesses. I'm not a medical doctor and I'm not responsible for any misuse of hydrogen peroxide except to inform you that it is contained in the foods we would consider the most healthy we can imagine, that is the fruits and the mother's milk. So, in a way, hydrogen peroxide should be considered as a food supplement instead of a medicine.

Then, why is this information not prevailing among the general public?

The reason is because as Erskine proclaimed in his radio show, "BECAUSE NO ONE CAN MAKE MONEY OFF OF IT!!!". In ancient times, it would have been difficult to make hydrogen peroxide chemically, but we have such an abundant supply of it being sold so cheap in the drug store as well as at the grocery stores.

In fact, I tested it myself and the amount recommended is about one tea spoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide(commonly sold in the drug stores) in a half glass of fruit juice of your choice about two times a day for an adult. And it really makes you feel more energy. I'm a born experimenter any ways. If you are a skeptic, test it with half of a tea spoon first.

What happens is that the human body also makes hydrogen peroxide as a germ killing agent, and as the body gets weakened due to the lack of exercise and/or due to the consumption of bad foods(fatty, too much alcohol etc) this ability to create hydrogen peroxide diminishes and the body becomes weaker. And as you can see this can be the quickest downhill of the body's immune system in terms of removing the cancer cells and all other types of the germ originated diseases.

It is known that the cancer cells are continuously created and killed within the body, it is only when the body's immune system loses the balance that it becomes an exponential catastrophe. Now we can reverse this trend by taking hydrogen peroxide to boost the immune system and by eating healthy foods and doing a lot of exercises. When people are doing exercise they breathe more and they intake more oxygen that can be used to create hydrogen peroxide in the body. All these theory makes perfect sense.

After all, body is a machine that constantly needs oxygen. Google the key words and the links and you decide yourself. It is all there in plain view.

I think the fundamental problem with the current medical industry is that they are not concerned about curing the root cause of the problem in a patient, instead they spend enormous amount of resources to mitigate the symptoms, in such a way that what possibly could be treated by hydrogen peroxide is given twelve different medications to reduce the symptoms without ever giving them a chance of curing it.

We may be now staring at the core corrupt situation where human beings are treated as hostage for money making scam of the gigantic medical industrial complex.

Now, I can get back to the discussion of physics after getting this information off of my chest.

PS; I searched a little bit of more of Google and found out that vitamin C boosts the capability to create hydrogen peroxide in the body. This was the missing link.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michio Kaku's Absurdity

I normally do not watch or read some physics populist's comments on his/her own view of the universe. But I happened to listen to Dr. Michio Kaku's video commenting in analogy of human society as ants compared to his, so called, level 3 civilization building a high way next to the mound of these "human" ants. This remark somehow irritated my conscience as being a human being. Humans have soul but ants don't. How could he sell off the whole human beings as ants? So, I sent him the following email message because I believe he owes us some explanation.
Dear Dr. Kaku,

I had a chance to listening to the video of your comparison of the ants to the humans in regard to some advanced civilization. I think it is a disgusting parable.

Humans are not ants in relation to some advanced space beings.

Humans have soul and probably the intelligence comparable to the advanced beings. We just have short history of science.

You are putting down humans in the level of the ants. You sound like having a great fun or feeling of superiority by making such a statement. You haven't made any solid contributions to the advancement of the human science. You need to grow up or shut up.

You need to learn the real physics I presented in my blog which is exactly the physics of the level 3 civilization you are talking about. And it is here now. Not millions of years away. I hate people hiding their ignorance behind the hyper dimensional multi verse nonsense which they know nothing about.

Dr. Eugene Jeong

In physics, if you want to propose a theory, you also have to provide an experimental method that can falsify your "theory". Otherwise, it can not even be categorized as "theory" per se. I think it is possible that the universe may be multi-dimensional. But for such a proposal to become a theory, you have to be able to propose an experiment that can disprove it. The problem is that this populists make such a conjecture as if it is the sure thing which is very far from the truth.

The time travel idea is the same. Where is the experimental method to falsify such a claim? None.

On the other hand, the local energy conservation law has been violated by numerous experiments. You can find inexhaustible number of examples for this in the Internet just by Googling "weird science", which are not really weird in any practical sense. But the principle of causality has never been shown to be violated in nature. The time machine idea is disproved every day in our daily lives.

If you selectively pick the scientific evidence that exists out there, the future of our science will be bleak.

We should be able to solve our energy problem before we even dream about going back and forth to/from the future.

I have no idea how the scientific world has come to the point where the time travel idea is regarded as a legitimate main stream scientific theory yet the idea of extracting energy from the space is considered a ridiculous non-sense. The situation should have been the other way around.

Second thought, the popular "Back to the Future" sci-fi movie might have sparked such trend of conjectures. Gee, think about the effect of the popular movies onto the mind sets of the main stream physicists.

I wonder why there is no movie on Thomas Henry Moray's or Nikola Tesla's experiments for their life long quest for the energy problem in the popular sci-fi style movie setting.

But then, in the entertainment business, you can not and should not inspire people's especially, the young ones mind with the serious quest for the secret of the universe ???? !!!!!!. The impact of this kind of movie in the minds of the young generation would be unimaginable. We could have been out of the energy crisis in the 1950s !!!!

What subsequently happened, because of this time travel non-sense, is that these populists basically helped creating this John Titor hoax. If he is a real time traveler, he should be able to bring back some electronic gadgets we can foresee sometime in the 10 years future. Obviously he can't and he will never be able to do that, not anytime in the remote future.

Imagine a life situation where a tree becomes smaller and smaller and eventually becomes a seed and then goes back to the parent's tree inside a fruit. This is what it means to go back in time. There are tremenous volumes of known physical principles that needs to be overcome for this to happen.

I don't want to discourage the future scientists on the possibility of time travel, but there are order of things you should accomplish. You learn arithmetic before you learn calculus. You have to graduate high school first before dreaming about getting a PhD. These are the order of things in life as well as for the human society.

Talking about time travel without solving the fundamental cosmic energy and the reactionless propulsion problem is like a kid giving a presentation on calculus even before learning arithmetic, which means, at most, such a discussion at this moment of human civilization is vastly premature and can deter the real progress of the practical science as it probably has already.

It is time for the main stream scientists to stop petting each other's back and straighten up the physics that has been going astray for a long time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Future of Our Science

When people start talking about the truth, you will see that there are many levels of truth in our lives. One side of the story of the event never covers the whole truth. Sometimes, the publicized "story" is so cunningly concocted with the lies that it is hard to see where is the line between the truth and the lie. This is partly because there are too many angles to view an object in human society. But the major problem is because the strongly publicized view is normally the one that comes from the major media which is owned by the major corporate moguls or the establishments. The public, unless they try hard, will never know the real truth of the whole event. Never a single angle point of view reflects the whole truth in any personal, social or political equations.

On the other hand, this is not the case with the mathematical truth. No matter from what angle you view the object, the mathematical truth is crystal clear and can not be challenged. I noticed recently that the term "theory" immediately raise the suspicion in people's mind on the validity of the presentation. Especially in legal matters, "theory" often means a view of the event that has many logical holes with dubious validity. Most of the theory in court is considered a conjecture regarding the view on how the event has happened. For example, the private researchers view of the JFK assassination has been called conspiracy "theory". On the other hand, the government's explanation has never been satisfactory to most of the serious investigators. So where is the real truth?

In this regard, I often used the term "theory of dipole gravity" for the lack of a proper term for it. I noticed that the term doesn't serve very well for the purpose of conveying the meaning and the implication of it. There are so many theories in physics that doesn't manifest in physical reality that people react immediately "ok, it is a theory so what?". To put it more precisely, dipole gravity is not a theory, it is a mathematical solution of general relativity that has been sought for so long without result that people have given up looking for it long time ago.

If dipole gravity ever turn out to be wrong, that can only happen if and only if general relativity is wrong. In a way, dipole gravity tremendously strengthened the power of general relativity. In the past, the lack of the answers to the large scale cosmological phenomenon from the known general relativity has been considered a possible serious flaw of general relativity. Not any more !!!!

So what happened is that when I showed them the dipole gravity solution, it immediately gave them the suspicion of it. They didn't even dreamed that there was even an open question for the solution. It was given up and they even made sure in the text book in writing that no one will ever seek for the solution unless you are a mad truth seeker like me. An addition of a subtle and humorous phrase like "at least we do not think there is a way you can make the center of mass of an object to be shifted in real physical manner other than the linear translation of the coordinate system". But then this phrase would have been so ridiculous because the shift of the coordinate system has nothing to do with the real physical movement of the object at all.

So, dipole gravity is the mathematical truth demonstrating the real power of general relativity. That's why there is no one who challenges against it from the main stream physics community. I feel sorry for the Einstein detractors but life has to go on.

We have a long way to go in science.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Economic Principle

In the old economic principle, there are limited resources and the currency is like the flow of current in the equivalent model of the electrical circuit. When the circuit breaks by the disconnection of the wire or the severe limitation of the current flow, there happens the halting of the electrical current flow or the electrical spark which corresponds to the economic depression and the starvation of the people and ultimately the war(spark) in the human society. It must be noted that this economic model fundamentally assumes the resource is finite.

However, what if the resource is not finite, instead, infinite? This means that the electrical circuit can always be fully charged and there is no limitation of the flow of current. The amount of currency can increase indefinitely. The economy can go on the infinite cycle of booming for ever. The gold loses its fundamental meaning as a solid reserve currency because the gold or the equivalent of the gold can be created out of the thin air.

This may turn out to be as dangerous as the boom and bust cycle. But then it would be easier to control the excess than the shortage. The society needs to be involved itself into a massive spending project like going to the nearby solar like planetary system. In a way, a society with this kind of advanced technology should involve itself to this type of project that seemingly does not produce immediate economic benefit, but just to moderate the exponentially booming economy. When the old economic model changes into this new model, the world will not be controlled by the evil forces whose sole purpose is to subjugate other humans and limit their freedom. The reason for this is because it is not possible for a small group of people can manipulate the flow of currency that was possible in the old economic system. Simply, people do not need to be forced into work if they do not desire to do so because the resource is infinite.

In this new world, the motivation for life will neither be for the survival nor for the desire to control other people anymore, instead, it would be for the simple enjoyment of the tranquil life. In the down side of this, to overcome the boredom of life, which may become prevalent as well, what motivates people to live in this new world will be more on the side of finding the new technology and developing the new gadgets for the ultimate convenience of life and toward the adventure of the outer universe for the search of the new life forms.

The government will be at the smallest of the size as possible in this new economic world model. People may indulge into the activities of creating new life forms, like, for example, fish, birds or flowers so exotic and beautiful that will be enjoyable to the utmost pleasure of human life.

One can imagine a TV show of contest who created the most beautiful and exotic form of fish or bird or any life form that can imagine. Of course, almost human like cyborg will be prevalent in the society that, sometimes, it would be hard to tell who is a cyborg and who isn't. This kind of society is not very far from us in the new paradigm of the world.

Only the most twisted evil soul will indulge into the activities of creating a new virus to kill people. Besides, there will be cures available for all forms of bacterial and viral infections that this kind of evil activities will turn out to be fruitless.

Disclosure Project

There are vast number of groups of people (for an example Dr. Steven Greer) who have been trying hard to push for the disclosure of the hidden information that has been kept away from the public by the government retrieved from the alleged crashed alien crafts and also from some of the past scientists who left incredible legacy that is not available to the general public. I really do not know what is the force behind this suppression and what is the purpose of it all. I do not wish to pretend I do not aware of this movement and all the related tragedies and mishaps. In fact, I have been informed of the activities of this groups and the movement more than I wish to know by the readers of my web pages.

The world would be much better place to live than it is now if we can have access to all of these information. But what is frightening is how vastly the society is fragmented from one group to the other. There are no rational communications among the various groups of the people. There are also false information spread by this movements. But then it is the same with the established scientific community. There are vast number of trashes that have been published in the name of the establishment in the scientific journal. The pseudo science has replaced the science that has been built upon the fundamental experiment based on the solid theoretical foundation.

In fact, the advanced technology for the future of mankind is with us here. This scientific knowledge will bring us to the new world. Every one wants it, yet there is no simple means to get there. When this new age comes, science and religion will merge and bring us to the peace, where the rationality instead of the blinded bigotry will prevail the society.

The paradigm shift has happened. It is coming and it will free us from all the injustices and evils of the world. However if the world is controlled by the media that fundamentally oppose this from happening and we decide to let them, it may not happen. I believe the year 2012 is not the end of the world, instead, it is the beginning of the new world. Mr. Black may put it in his own words, "It will be the end of the world as we know what it is".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Korean Prophecy

The prophecies of the future world are intriguing when it is vague, mysterious and unintelligible, or when people realized that the prediction was verified after the event already has happened. However, there are no records of incidents that the ultimate fate of the human calamity was prevented because of any prophecy. So, most of the prophecies of the world are useless because it doesn't help prevent the disasters or certain unfortunate events from happening.

In this respect, the usefulness of the prophecies are more or less for the purpose of the satisfaction of human curiosity than for the preparation of the future. People simply would like to know at least they are not at the center of the bad prophecies and to find out if there is anything they can do to avoid it if they learned that they are in fact at the center of it.

Regardless, it seems that we are at the verge of the vast changes to come. The end of the world prophecies by the Mayan calender, Nostradamus, Hopi Indians, the bible prophecy and the Chinese I-Ching have all been well publicized, however, interestingly, the Korean prophecy has not been publicized at all, probably because, I presume, it has not been fully translated in English. However, there could be more reasons to it than that in these days when people are hungry for any prophetic knowledge of the future.

As any Koreans would have read or at least heard of it, there is a very well known Korean prophecy that started about 1000 years ago (Chung Gam Rok)and then reiterated and confirmed by many other scholars(for example: Kyuk Am Yu Rok) of the Confucian philosophy. Those Korean prophecies are very specific and elaborate in detail. It is a well known fact in Korea that those books of prophecy accurately predicted, the number of years(36 years) Japanese would occupy Korea and then their eventual retreat, which was a painful humiliation for Koreans who are very proud of themselves and have despised Japaneses as being midgets for thousand of years before their invasion. And also the division of the Korean peninsula into North and South and the eventual unification of the two Koreas. It is obvious that this kind of prophecies could not be very popular to the ancient Koreans until those events actually happened because of its stressful content.

In Koreans psyche, the idea that, especially in recent years, the difference in ideology is not such a big a deal compared to the blood, has been strengthened. They say in the old Korean folklore, "Blood is thicker than Water".

For example, in a recent incidence, the north Korean commerce ship was about to be hijacked by the Somali pirates and the South Korean Navy helicopter fired onto the pirates and saved the north Korean ship from being hijacked. I think this story is wonderful and beautiful. South Koreans certainly do not care if the North have nuclear weapons and the long range missile capability. It is the blood that matters for them. Basically the minds of the people of Korean peninsula are moving toward the unification. We don't know when it will happen, but if the books could predict the Japanese invasion and the division of the Korean peninsula, there is no reason to doubt the ultimate unification of the two Koreas.

There are much more materials in the book of the Korean prophecy that also tells about what will happen in the world in the "end" days. They also talk about the pandemics and the famine that will kill many people in the world. But the most glaring subject of all in the books of Korean prophecy is this specific mention about the King who will come to Korea and judge all the evils of the world. He will enlighten the world and bring the peace. The world after those pandemics and the famine will be bright according to the Korean prophecy.

I think what scares the people who are looking into the future of the world is this specificity of the Korean prophecy, because a prophecy is, in general, more entertaining when it is vague. The Korean prophecy tells specifically the "chosen" one will come to Korea. The Chinese prophecy also says he (the one) will come in the East. China is also located in the East, so, there is no reason that the Chinese prophet would not specifically mention it will be China if it is going to be so.

The more details you study into this books of Korean prophecy, the more you will be surprised by learning how specific those prophecies are about the technologically wonderful world of the future and the family origin and whose descendants he/she(the one) will be. There are many branches of groups of families in Korea with the same family name, so, normally Korean people would tend to specify who is the originator of their specific family branch called "bon juk" to find out if they are blood related.

Speaking of "Bon Juk", if a young couple wants to get married and they found out that they have the same family name and also the same "bon juk" (the first originator of the family) then they can not marry. This common law has been in use in Korea for centuries and it caused many miseries because a young loving couple could not get married just because they happened to have the same family name and the same "Bon Juk". I believe this law has been repealed but it is still in use in the circles of the so called "Yang Ban" class(high ruling class) families. This law is far more stricter than the Jewish or the common world (bible) standard that extends only up to among the immediate siblings. It is out of question in Korea for cousins to get married to each other, no matter how the common law may have been repealed. It is simply not possible. A person can not even get married to his/her grand father's sister's grand daughter/son no matter how much they may be in love with each other. If they do, it would be considered a sin almost as close to a incest in Korean morality.

Back to the specificity of the Korean prophecies, only some Koreans may have noticed from my blog, the family name of this one man is Chung(Jeong). The reason this person should be a man and not a woman is because the prophecy says he would be called "Chung Do Ryung". "Do Ryung" in Korean word means an "adorable young man of noble descent". And the originator of this family branch(Bon Juk) of Chung Do Ryung is Po Eun, Jeong(Chung) Mong Joo, as repeatedly mentioned in the book of Kyuk Am Yu Rok.

Despite this specificity, it must be noted that the religious group(Unification Church) of Sun Myung Moon has been using this Korean prophecy to promote the "legitimacy" of his religious leadership because "Chung Do Ryung" is supposed to be the messiah of the second coming. I don't know how he could prove his "legitimacy" with his family name "Moon" when the book repeatedly said it is Jeong(Chung). It is supposedly said that he(Sun Myung Moon) used the phrase in some part of the book saying that the birth place of the one would be in the north of the 38Th line, the region of which belongs to the area of the present day North Korea where he was supposedly born. However, it should be noted that there are many other conflicting places he was supposed to be born written in the book which are not repeated nor emphasized.

But then, a false religion would start with the misinterpretation of the ancient text of prophecy. It is amazing that he totally ignores the repeated mention of the origin of the family in the book that he(the one) will be a descendant of the Chung(Jeong) family especially from the line of Jeong Mong Joo, the most famous scholar in ancient Koryo dynasty.

There is no point here trying to prove my legitimacy of some kind to start a new religion by distorting the content of the ancient Korean prophecy book. A scientific discovery is not something that happens only in the minds of the people through a faith or some kind of hypnotic trance. It is the real powerful technical and scientific process that we are going to encounter in the near future in the tangible material world.

Here, the compelling question to any one who learns the theory of dipole gravity would be why and how a Korean man should come up with this mathematical solution that is the ultimate secret of the universe that can and will revolutionize the world. For the last 90 years, thousands of the brightest geniuses of the world entered, graduated and practiced in this field of science and tried to find the solution of this mysterious magnetic gravity that would liberate humans from the perpetual grabbing force of the nature. For this kind of remarkable event to happen, some one or some books should have foretold in the past that this event will happen in the future in a form of a prophecy. Only then it will qualify you as being legitimate. People may think somewhat of this line in their minds..

My legitimacy, if there is any such thing, would be that I was supposed to find this solution and that was prophesied to be that way 1000 years ago according to the Korean prophecy. I would like to recommend the full translated version of Kyuk Am Yu Rok for anyone who wants to study this Korean prophecy, the English translation of which may not exist at the moment. It would require hundreds of pages of blog space to record the entire content of the book. On the other hand, I would avoid the translation performed by the Moonies since they have the vested interest to bias the content for their misguided religious purposes.

And also see what Nostradamus wrote in his quatrain 75.

So long expected shall never come
Into Europe, In Asia shall appear,
One Issued of the line of great Hermes
And shall be over all the Kings of the Orient.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is known to be the God of science.

If Nostradamus was biased by the necessity of boosting the pride of his own people, he would not have written such a quatrain, nor Kyuk Am would have written the shameful defeat of the Korean people and the occupation by the Japanese for 36 years if he was biased to promote the Korean agenda. Both records were written in their truthful visions of the future.

By the way, who would like to be a King who reminds me of a living statue surrounded by the people constantly telling you that you can not go to certain places or do certain things due to the various reasons which you didn't have to worry about before. Your 99 percent of the personal freedom will be gone by being a King. The fundamental meaning of being a King is that you are a divine server to the people. In ancient China, according to the legend, the first emperor known as the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi was the teacher of the crop cultivation. He served people by saving them from hunger when the people were entirely relying on the berries and fruits picked off from the shrubs and trees. The knowledge of the farming was the ultimate technology that saved the people from starvation in the remote ancient Chinese society. Therefore, the true King should not be a dictator nor a destroyer, he/she should be the teacher and the savior(server) of the mankind.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review of Thomas Kuhn's Theory of Scientific Revolution

Thomas Kuhn, in his book 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions' he describes the reactions of scientists to new discoveries and hard it is for them to make changes in their basic beliefs.

Kuhn noticed that scientists would go to any lengths to deny the validity of new theories or the need to change their minds. He describes the symptoms associated with fundamental change:

1. Persistent denial
2. Refusal to consider evidence
3. Reluctance to criticize old ideas
4. Slander of new-thinking colleagues
5. Anger at having to give up cherished dogmas

Kuhn begins by formulating some assumptions that lay the foundation for subsequent discussion and by briefly outlining the key contentions of the book.

A. A scientific community cannot practice its trade without some set of received beliefs (p. 4).

1. These beliefs form the foundation of the "educational initiation that prepares and licenses the student for professional practice".
2. The nature of the "rigorous and rigid" preparation helps ensure that the received beliefs exert a "deep hold" on the student's mind.

B. Normal science "is predicated on the assumption that the scientific community knows what the world is like" —scientists take great pains to defend that assumption.

C. To this end, "normal science often suppresses fundamental novelties because they are necessarily subversive of its basic commitments".

D. Research is "a strenuous and devoted attempt to force nature into the conceptual boxes supplied by professional education".

E. A shift in professional commitments to shared assumptions takes place when an anomaly "subverts the existing tradition of scientific practice". These shifts are what Kuhn describes as scientific revolutions—"the tradition-shattering complements to the tradition-bound activity of normal science".

1. New assumptions (paradigms/theories) require the reconstruction of prior assumptions and the reevaluation of prior facts. This is difficult and time consuming. It is also strongly resisted by the established community.

2. When a shift takes place, "a scientist's world is qualitatively transformed [and] quantitatively enriched by fundamental novelties of either fact or theory".

Looking back, Kuhn's insight is astoundingly accurate and penetrating. Some people should feel like they are looking into the mirror of themselves. They can disprove neither the theory nor the physical evidence yet trying to hold onto the old paradigm that no longer helps enhance our understanding of the universe.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simplicity of the Mechanics of the Universe

I believe the general mechanics of the universe is wonderfully simple. God created the universe in a most efficient way possible. While the symmetry of the nature can be traced to the ultimate level, the way the symmetry is broken in the details of the mechanics of the universe is profoundly mysterious and fruitful when it is found.

In fact, it must be noted that the most of the secret of the universe is hidden in the manner the various symmetries of the universe are broken. What we have believed to be an ultimate truth turns out to be a partial picture of the entire universe because of the way the specific symmetry is broken. For an example, while the speed of light is the ultimate speed that can be reached by the material body in Newtonian physics as was faithfully adopted by Einstein, there was no mention of the possible existence of the tachyonic particles.

Within the conventional paradigm, all the physics described by Newtonian mechanics is correct. However, as soon as we cross over to relativity, which originally conformed to the notion of Newtonian mechanics as an approximation for the case of the slow motion of the particles compared to the speed of light, it must be noted that the quadratic nature of the mass and momentum relation enters into the equation. While not many people in the field have suspected in the early days, there were researchers like E.C.G. Sudarshan and others who proposed the notion that there may be particles traveling faster than the speed of light. This notion, while plausible, did not attract much attention.

The fascinating aspect of this conjecture is that the quadratic nature of the Einstein's mass momentum relations did not absolutely excluded the possibility of the existence of the faster than the speed of light particles. Now the question is which known particle can be a candidate for this particle. In this respect, the field of experimental particle physics has been struggling to measure the mass of the neutrinos for decades and in most of the well known experiments, the results were leaning toward the negative mass squared value of the neutrinos which means that the neutrinos can be tachyons. Even the visual(light) detection of the 1987 Supernova was preceded by the detection of the burst of the high energy neutrinos at least by a day.

In the manner of the book keeping of the particles known in the universe, the neutron decays always with an emission of a neutrino, as a form of a mysteriously missing momentum, and into an electron and a proton as a by product of the beta decay. If the neutrinos have real mass, they can not travel faster than the speed of light and they should gravitate toward heavy massive sources of gravity. But we do not have evidences for this. As a matter of fact, we have no book keeping for these massive number of neutrinos in the universe. If they can be counted, the number of the neutrinos in the universes will be the same as the number of the electrons in the universe.

Conventional wisdom tells us that we do not know where they are and what they do and we simply do not care.

I mentioned above about the book keeping of the particles in the universe. If a financial accountant has done the auditing of the present day particle physics for the inventory, he/she would be frowning upon the apparent deficiency of the knowledge of the whereabouts of the neutrinos. The energy and the momentum they carry away from the beta decay simply have disappeared from the scene and no one seems to be bothered by the very fact. If our three dimensional space is a closed surface of the four dimensional space, the neutrinos, if they are tachyons, can not escape the spatial universe and they should be with us every moment of our lives.

In fact, they are the masters of the universe and we(all the material objects) are just transients, as the matters come and go and form many different shapes and colors. Neutrinos dictate matters to gravitate and carry all the electromagnetic waves for our daily communications, including the visible lights for us to see and observe. We can not imagine the universe without the neutrinos. They are like air molecules we breath everyday but we rarely contemplate their benefit in our daily lives.

We now travel in our air space using the aerodynamical principles. In the future, we will be traveling the unviverse using the tachyonic principles of the neutrinos.

The space is filled with tachyonic neutrinos and the future of our civilization, if there is any such thing as the future of our civilization, depends on how we develop this technology and use it for the benefit of our future generation.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black Holes, Worm Holes and Dipole Gravity

In general, a rotating massive stellar object does not remain a spherical form. So the solution derived from the Schwarzschild metric can not work for the rapidly rotating black holes at the core of the galaxies. In this sense, the general discussions about the event horizon in various shapes of the black holes is questionable and at most philosophical.

In general, the shapes of the rotating stellar object would be gradually changing its profile into a double conic structure as the rotational speed develops faster and faster. This also raises the question of the efficacy of the conventional approach of finding a suitable metric for general relativity is at all meaningful, because for a given metric, the form of the source is supposed to remain fixed.

While there will be lingering questions about the covariance of dipole gravity, once the point of view is changed into the fact that Newtonian gravity is not covariant by itself, yet it provided answers to the dominant questions regarding the planetary structure formation, the application of dipole gravity in the real universe will become the most exciting field of physics in the future.

In retrospect, the known general relativity didn't provide answers to the mechanics of the rotating massive stars which is directly related to the jets and the dark matter problems and their related structures. Instead, they have spent enormous amount of time on the subject of the time machine and wormhole which will turn out to be fairly impractical from the view point of dipole gravity, and the black holes. The readers should be able to see the large pictures of the areas of the subject that the known general relativity has been covering and didn't cover.

Only when people realize what they have been missing, there emerges a large picture. If you are in the woods, very often than not, the forest looks like it is all made of pines.

The subject of the black holes and others that have been popularized to the general public in the past, has been presented in the context of the serious flawed assumption that there is no dipole gravity. In fact, all of those theories will have to be reviewed within the new light of dipole gravity. Some will remain valid, while a lot of others will have to be trashed.

So, the readers should learn the seriousness of the situation what it means to incorporate dipole gravity in the present day physics and why it is such a formidable threat to the establishment in such way that they have to resist the public recognition of it by all means.

It may have worked in the ancient times, when the field was narrowly focused and few people were engaged in the practice of the specific field of science. I seriously do not think that it will work in the present time. The fields are much more diverse and they are all related. Some people in the field will resent the fact that they were not informed of the serious new development early enough so that they didn't have to waste their time on the unnecessary adventures.

As Plato elaborated in his book "Republic", the mode of the defeat of an evil is that the evil can not stand by itself because it sparks discomfort within. The collapse of an Empire starts from the lies, the injustices and the corruption within itself, not from the outside.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Water Vapors Found in Black Hole Jet Emissions

"A US-European astronomy team has recently announced at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science meeting that it has discovered water spewing out of a black hole, at the center of a galaxy located billions of light-years away. The radio wavelength emissions that were observed in 2007 with the 100-meter German Effelsberg radio telescope and the Expanded Very Large Array showed a galaxy that emitted water from its core about 2.5 billion years after the Universe exploded into existence.

This means that the formation, which took all these billions of years to get its light from its location to us, was among the first generations of galaxies to be formed. Its water signature was detected as a wavelength marker. Each type of substance has a unique fingerprint on that scale, and water makes no difference. Scientists say that this discovery is very peculiar, and that extensive studies and new theories are needed to explain this phenomenon." quoted from

It would be awfully redundant to mention at this point that the Blanford-Znajek process is disappointingly inadequate to explain this water vapor jet phenomenon. The ejected material would be pretty much the combination of lava and steam as in the typical volcanoes on earth. This experimental report is an another supporting evidence in favor of dipole gravity. This is also the second blow to the Blanford-Znajek theory since the astronomers have announced that neutron stars also emit jets.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scientific Activity Halted

If you are a keen observer to the science news, you will notice that the scientific community especially in the field of astrophysics is in a total suspension mode at the moment. No more talks or discussions about MOND or dark matter problems or the black hole jets for that matter.

Anyone in the field of cosmology or astrophysics can tell easily what is the meaning of dipole gravity when it is explained to such a pedagogical degree in the dipole gravity blog. Even if they may not tell you what they think in detail, the sudden halt of the news in the field tells you more than what they may want to tell you in public. They want to have a silent exit from their failed research activity.

Although the CDM proponents have little to correct in their model, the fine tuning problems may be solved by incorporating dipole gravity. In fact, they should be able to predict the mass, the shape and the rotating speed of the galactic cores using the dipole gravity model to a great precision. I would not suggest the professionals in the field to start with dipole gravity if they are a couple of years away from their retirement. It would be meaningless for them to start a totally new field of research in such a short period of time, but if he/she is many years away from the retirement, it would be wise to jump onto the bandwagon of dipole gravity as quickly as possible.

First of all, you don't want your students to learn the subjects that no one will be interested in the future. Your students need to teach their future students the subjects that will last long(at least for hundreds of years if not for millennia) once they become professors in the field. It needs to be emphasized that this is the beginning of a whole new chain of the teaching activity that will affect our future civilization.

Wise decisions need to be made for the benefit of the future of mankind. In my suggestion, let one of the students to go through the details of the calculations in the paper and make sure everything is correct. Then, there is nothing for you to look back.

Basically, it is the general form of the second order gravity next to Newtonian predicted by general relativity. It is completely general for a rotating object large or small to the size of a molecular level. The geometrical shape of the object is critical to the inherent physics. The known general relativity didn't provide answers to the rotating stellar objects, but we now have the solution with dipole gravity.

If you don't have a confidence about it, you can build one by verifying all the details of the calculations in the paper by yourself. I'm sure the member of the editors in the journal Physica Scripta has done more than enough of the proof.

I can't wait until someone publish a paper describing how the Saturn like form of the planet can be developed using dipole gravity. The Saturn's polar holes and the rings are the perfect examples that dipole gravity can handle easily.