Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scientific Activity Halted

If you are a keen observer to the science news, you will notice that the scientific community especially in the field of astrophysics is in a total suspension mode at the moment. No more talks or discussions about MOND or dark matter problems or the black hole jets for that matter.

Anyone in the field of cosmology or astrophysics can tell easily what is the meaning of dipole gravity when it is explained to such a pedagogical degree in the dipole gravity blog. Even if they may not tell you what they think in detail, the sudden halt of the news in the field tells you more than what they may want to tell you in public. They want to have a silent exit from their failed research activity.

Although the CDM proponents have little to correct in their model, the fine tuning problems may be solved by incorporating dipole gravity. In fact, they should be able to predict the mass, the shape and the rotating speed of the galactic cores using the dipole gravity model to a great precision. I would not suggest the professionals in the field to start with dipole gravity if they are a couple of years away from their retirement. It would be meaningless for them to start a totally new field of research in such a short period of time, but if he/she is many years away from the retirement, it would be wise to jump onto the bandwagon of dipole gravity as quickly as possible.

First of all, you don't want your students to learn the subjects that no one will be interested in the future. Your students need to teach their future students the subjects that will last long(at least for hundreds of years if not for millennia) once they become professors in the field. It needs to be emphasized that this is the beginning of a whole new chain of the teaching activity that will affect our future civilization.

Wise decisions need to be made for the benefit of the future of mankind. In my suggestion, let one of the students to go through the details of the calculations in the paper and make sure everything is correct. Then, there is nothing for you to look back.

Basically, it is the general form of the second order gravity next to Newtonian predicted by general relativity. It is completely general for a rotating object large or small to the size of a molecular level. The geometrical shape of the object is critical to the inherent physics. The known general relativity didn't provide answers to the rotating stellar objects, but we now have the solution with dipole gravity.

If you don't have a confidence about it, you can build one by verifying all the details of the calculations in the paper by yourself. I'm sure the member of the editors in the journal Physica Scripta has done more than enough of the proof.

I can't wait until someone publish a paper describing how the Saturn like form of the planet can be developed using dipole gravity. The Saturn's polar holes and the rings are the perfect examples that dipole gravity can handle easily.

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