Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did Einstein Miss Dipole Gravity in His Own Theory?

The brutally honest answer to this question is yes. But it was in the early 1920s and the observational astronomy hasn't yet discovered the jets nor the dark matter problem at the time. Like in many cases when a new theory is proposed, the author of the new theory will be very anxious to establish a strong footing of the new theory based on the existing principles or dogma that have been popularly known.

Violation of the well known principles will easily be considered a sign of the failure of a new theory. The only way to achieve this goal is to anchor the theory to those well known results within the established scientific field. Of course, one of this anchors in Einstein's case had to be Newtonian gravity which is very obvious and justifiably a necessary anchor to claim the validity of the new theory of gravity.

And the next one in Einstein's mind was Mach's principle. The existence of the centrifugal force like term in the second order of the weak field limit in the linearized theory of general relativity proved without a shadow of doubt that general relativity was the correct theory in Einstein's view. The claim of these two anchors could not be challenged without challenging Einstein's own authority. If anyone decided to challenge his interpretation, he/she has to have extraordinary physical as well as theoretical evidence to prove it.

So, I don't think it is entirely fair to blame the group that has been so profoundly successful in developing the theory to its present form for missing the solution of dipole gravity. This shows the remarkable example that the ultimate teacher of the secret of the universe is the nature itself not a fallible human. However, the action after the key point of dipole gravity is revealed is a separate issue. They should have done everything that is possible to disseminate the knowledge to the people in the field so that the theory of dipole gravity can be utilized for studying the various mysteries of the universe. The only reason this knowledge is being suppressed is the jealousy that is the source of all evils.

Even in the early days of general relativity, the mysterious axial term(in the direction of the Z axis) of the Lense-Thirring force, which has nothing to do with the centrifugal force, bothered both Lense and Einstein as we can see in their personal communications, because this axial force term could not be eliminated in the process of deriving the "centrifugal force". In a way, this could and should have raised enough suspicion on the validity of the centrifugal force interpretation of the second order terms.

What I believed and wondered in 1981, when I was at the graduate school of the University of Michigan learning theoretical particle physics, was that general relativity should be able to explain the jet phenomenon and if not, why not and why the electromagnetism has to be used for it. It was a legitimate question but I didn't have a clue. I didn't trust the theory saying that the plasma and the magnetic field are the causes of the jets. Black holes by definition should collapse all the electromagnetic fields in the surrounding area. I thought it was too bulky and cumbersome and personally could not eliminate the feeling of the ad hocishness of the theory which is now known as the Blanford-Znajek process, no matter how the people in the field may be excited about it.

It was only in 1995 when I noticed the abnormalities of the center of mass of the rotating hemisphere when considered with special relativity and Newtonian mechanics and the rest is history. I can only credit it to God's intervention.

Being a human being, I made a mistake of anchoring dipole gravity to the centrifugal force interpretation of the Lense-Thirring force as shown in the paper published in 1999. Otherwise, the paper even may not have had a chance to be published anyway. Basically, this interpretation hindered the connection of dipole gravity to the dark matter problem for the next 9 years. As stated in the previous posts, the signs of the Lense-Thirring force was wrong and reversed. Only this new interpretation can explain the jets and the dark matter problem consistently within the general relativistic principles.

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