Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tachyonic Kinematics

A little bit of investigation of the kinetic interaction of the tachyonic particles with the ordinary matter particles shows the interesting behavior of the tachyons. The fundamental principle in the kinematics of physics is the energy-momentum conservation. In this equations, it can be shown that as the tachyons lose energy, they travel faster in complete opposite of the behavior of the ordinary particles. As the ordinary matter particles tend to stay in the state of rest as they lose all of their kinetic energy, the tachyons prefer to stay in the highest speed as possible. One can conjecture that it could be the infinite speed, however, this is not realistic, so we may contend that it will become as close to infinity.

If there is such a thing as the instant communication between the two separate spatial locations in the universe, this must be it.

If the advanced civilizations have mastered this technology, the efforts of the SETI would be fruitless because the electromagnetic radio wave would be the most inefficient method of communication in the universe.

The ripple through the fabric of the universe happens because of the tendency of the these tachyonic neutrinos to be stabilized in terms of their density and population. One may wonder how the advanced civilizations in the universe are able to detect the abnormal generation of the neutrinos at the far corners of the universe. This suggests that the fabric of the universe can be disturbed by the unusual massive generation of the beta decay where the abundant neutrinos are produced. In terms of the mundane word, this means the chain reaction of the fissionable atomic material which would be totally unnatural in terms of the spontaneous flow of the cosmic event, which could easily arouse the curiosity and attention by the extra terrestrial civilization if they exist.

It seems to me the number of the tachyons also determines the volume of the universe itself just like the number of the air molecules inside a balloon determines the size of the balloon itself. If the black holes can absorb some of these tachyonic neutrinos, they will certainly contribute to the shrinkage of the universe. In the four dimensional universe, the three dimensional space is contained but it certainly would be perceived as infinite by the three dimensional entities.