Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tachyonic, Magnetic Monopole Neutrinos

Actually Tachyonic Neutrinos idea is not new. Prof. Ricami of Italy and many others have already proposed this idea long time ago. Let's add one more feature into the properties of the neutrinos and that is "Neutrinos are tachyonic magnetic monopoles". In fact I think I have already discussed this topic in my previous posts. The reason I brought up this issue again is because of this lingering questions on if the tachyonic magnetic monopole neutrinos can have both signs of charges (N and S)or only one. In theory, there is nothing to prevent them to have both polarities.

But I felt that it is awkward to assume that the universe is filled with two different kinds of tachyonic magnetic monopoles. If they do, they can be clumped up in pairs and this doesn't look pretty because the paired monopoles will negate the quantum mechanical interaction of the tachyonic monopoles with the electrons. The extremely fast passing magnetic monopoles close to an electron can make the electrons to jitter thereby causing the quantum mechanical effect. Due to the homogeneity of the tachyonic monopoles stream in every direction, the total momentum of the electron is conserved while the probability to find the electron at the same position would decrease exponentially in time. Dr. Ford at the U of M used to teach this statistical stochastic aspect of quantum mechanics in the class and he was very proud of it.

Even if there is nothing to prevent the both polarity magnetic monopoles to exist, I think our universe has chosen to have only one kind. Basically it is the same as the fact that we have a hydrogen atom which has a positively charged proton with a negatively charged electron circling around it. Somehow our universe does not have the preference to have the negatively charged proton and a positively charged electron configuration which would be the anti matter hydrogen.

If CPT (charge-parity-time) invariance holds, that means that there can be a universe populated with anti matters filled with the oppositely charged tachyonic magnetic monopoles, where the times goes backward compared to our universe. But these two universes cannot get close together. Because it would mean a gigantic explosion which is the generally accepted notion of what would happen in such cases. But if we think it over, the carrier of the light(electromagnetic waves) which is the tachyonic magnetic monopoles themselves will be paired off and they will lose the ability to carry away any light energy. So these two universes may not necessarily annihilate simply because there is no medium available to carry those energies away, although what it means by pairing off of the oppositely charged neutrinos is still a big question.

Esthetically, it would be plausible to assume that, in the beginning, two universes were created at the same time, one is our universe and the other is the one made up of the antimatter with the oppositely charged magnetic monopole neutrinos in the background where time goes opposite direction relative our universe, split into two from one single primordial entity.

But, at most, this idea will remain an interesting conjecture until we develop the technology that can bring us to the edge of the universe and be able to see and observe what's actually out there.