Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why is it hurting the physics community for the leading experts in the field not commenting on it?

I can see so many graduate students and the post docs want to write thesis and research papers regarding dipole gravity in application to the various cosmological problems.
But they are afraid it may not pass the referee when they submit the paper to the journal where the major editors and referees are heavily influenced by the existing dogma. Their own advisors may not even approve of the idea in the first place.

It’s a catch 22 game. That’s why I’m trying to break the silence of the major leaders in this field. Without their (whoever they think are experts in the field) clear pro or con statement, everyone will be in the mode of a suspense.

Well, they may think to themselves, “Why should I comment on it when it is so obvious? It is correct and we obviously missed it.” “Do you have to be so sadistic enough to torture us in public?”

The problem with it is that you have no concern of the graduate students and the researches in the field, and/or the general progress of the science, any more than your own tail bone. When you have portrayed yourself as an expert in the field, it is your obligation to recognize the major development in the field and let the audience know about it because they are looking upon you for the key information regarding the new development.

It is a serious ethical issue.

You are afraid of losing the false image you have projected upon yourself as an expert in the field disintegrating in a plain sight. It is an image of a rainbow you are holding onto. It is not there anymore.

We need to move on, Dr. Kip Thorne, please speak up.

What is this theory of dipole gravity? I bet you know about it better than anyone else. You can explain it with far greater clarity than I can describe it, I’m sure.

And that’s your duty; as a communicator and interpreter of the divine secret of the nature.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Dipole Gravity is Such a Big Deal?

If you examine the theory of dipole gravity in detail, the simplicity of its concept is so overwhelming that you realize quickly there are no possibilities of those theories of plasma and magnetic field induced jet phenomena and the MOND related cosmologies can possibly be correct. Contrary to the case at the early times of general relativity, we are facing with the fact that we have to denounce many of the previous academic results in which so much energy, time and brain have been spent. It is one of those hardest things to do in science.

General relativity interpreted in early days didn’t have to prove anyone wrong. It could easily be considered an improved version of the theory of gravity with all the salient features of the Newtonian gravity intact. So it was a relatively easy thing to take in.

Now with dipole gravity, the result will be virtually an academic tsunami. You can not rigorously present the theory without telling them their theories have been all wrong. I wish there could be an alternative easy way. A lot (thousands) of the past papers and articles related to the subject will have to be trashed overnight which has already happened except that the majority of the authors do not realize it has. People in the field have to start all over again with the new light of dipole gravity. We are at the moment of a deadly silence before the perfect storm.

I think there will be a break down point from the analysis of the GP-B probe data because there is no way they can explain away their anomalous data without using dipole gravity which is the true theory of gravitomagnetism.

If the conventional gravitomagnetism were correct, there should be a prediction of the opposite polarity of gravity from their theory. The physical implication of gravitomagentism inherently contains the meaning that there is a repulsive gravity. Did the conventional gravitomagentism predict any form of repulsive gravity? The answer is no. So one has to admit that we have been in a total darkness in regard to the phenomenon of the gravitomagnetism, the Lense-Thirring force and the acceleration induced gravity. And these are supposed to be the major part of general relativity.

In his book on “Black Holes & Time Warps”, Kip Thorne states that in his early days at Princeton, his advisor John A. Wheeler asked him to see if there is a magnetic counter part of gravity within general relativity. Of course, he couldn’t find any. He presented in his book the description of the jet phenomenon using the Blanford-Znajek process without any qualm. So one can imagine that the situation has reached the point where each of the theorists has to cover each other’s behind upon the revelation of dipole gravity. It is easy to see this because Kip Thorne kept the theory within himself knowingly that it is an earth shattering discovery that he was supposed to find out upon John A. Wheeler’s suggestion in his early days. He was about to keep it under the rug and brush it off as long as he possibly can. How about the average graduate students and the researchers in the field who have to suffer because of this kind of willful deceit to the scientific community as a leader in the field? Does he care?

They are more interested in protecting each other’s personal dignity than the promulgation of the truth in science. I don’t think this is a true honest and honorable attitude of a scientist. History will judge them dearly.

Send him this article by email and request him for an open explanation.