Friday, April 10, 2009

Futuristic Vision

It is not hard to see the connection between the present day rocket technology and the Newton's third law of motion for any one who has a decent amount of education. But it is hard to say if the people in Newton's time had envisioned the travel to the moon using the very principle written in Principia they just witnessed from a scientist. In this respect, in parallel, what we can envision as a scientist from the theory of dipole gravity in the future will be the travel to the far reaching space without the bulky rocket propulsion.

Since the base technologies(computers, electromechanics, fiber optics, metallugy etc.) have been developed extremely fast in the recent years, I believe it won't take very long before we can achieve that goal. How fast can we reach that goal depends on when will we start toward that direction and how much resources are we willing to spend for it. Maybe in this difficult economic times, we may have to start this project as a national goal as a means to recovery from the recession as well as for the hope for the future of mankind.

The brute force application of the principle of dipole gravity would be practically impossible due to the engineering difficulty if not the sheer effectiveness problem. On the other hand, the theory of dipole gravity suggests the actual existence of the etheric particles that I would like to call the tachyonic neutrinos. The manipulation of the density of the tachyonic particles will be at the central importance in the future propulsion technology.

But we can't see it and we can't touch it, then how can we manipulate it?

The central importance to this technology can actually be found from the particle physics. According to the Standard Model of the Leptonic particles, neutrinos are not totally independent from the electronic particles. The so called standard model of the Electro-Weak theory suggests that there is a non trivial relation between the weak and the electromagnetic interactions. What it fundamentally suggests is that the neutrinos can be manipulated using the electromagnetic means.

We already have had the theory of electromagnetism for a long time but we do not have fully developed the model showing how the behavior of the electromagnetic field influence the motion of the individual tahcyonic neutrinos. Here we need the fundamental change to the concept that the neutrinos are not completely gone when the beta decay occurs. They are with us in every steps of the space we move. All the material particles and matters float in the sea of the neutrinos.

Once we get this far, it is a matter of studying the behavior of the neutrinos density in relation to the electromagnetic field we create in space. This might turn out to be extremely simple.

Now, let's focus on the topics of the practicality of spending billions of dollars for the gravitational wave detection. We have to be very practical and conservative in this respect because we may be able to satisfy our curiosity if general relativity is actually correct in predicting the existence of the gravitational wave but we may not get anything beneficial to our civilization.

So the most important question here is what will we get after the detection of the gravitational wave?

If we had the infinite amount of spending capacity, I would not object to the project for the LIGO or LISA. But as they(the advisory committee) recommended for the defunding of the GP-B project citing the plausible reason that there are many other research project in science that needs attention. Using exactly the same logic, I would like to suggest that it is time to be very objective for the funding of the LISA and LIGO. Like in any investment in business, scientific project needs to have a serious review on what we will get with the amount of money we spend on the project.

First, we will be able to satisfy our scieintific curiosity on if general relativity was correct on this specific prediction on the existence of the gravitational wave.

What next? Tax payers spent billions for the toy that scientist enjoyed. But they have nothing get back from it.

Furthermore, I don't see any more futuristic interest as a follow up from LISA and LIGO. I haven't read anything that has been suggested either. We can't use gravitational wave for the purpose of the deep space communication. It may be too early to say there is none. But at least there is no remote theoretical prospect that has been proposed for such an application. Then what else?

Compared to this gloomy prospect for LISA and LIGO, the excitement and futuristic benefit for the dipole gravity research is mind boggling.

So, I would like to propose the establishment of a govenmental scale institution named "Center for Dipole Gravity Research" and a substantial amount of funding designated for it. Even if we spend ten percent of the fund that is anticipated for the next step project LISA and LIGO, the outcome will greatly benefit the future of human kind.

If we can manage to halt the funding for LISA and LIGO altogether, and invest it in totality in the dipole gravity research and its possible propulsion system, as well as for all the following technologies, the future of our civilization will be as bright as the Sun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Insider Information

When the free exchange of the vital information is willfully blocked or suppressed, there is always a group of people who loses either their time or money or both. This is especially true in the financial stock market situation. That's the reason why there is a law prohibiting the insider trading. Insiders in the physics community, on the other hand, can block the vital information and try to perpetuate their influences over the scientific community.

I believe this activity is as criminal as the insider trading in the financial market. When this people in the field of general relativity blocked the idea of dipole gravity from publication, they had no concern or sympathy for the people who are spending enormous amount of time and energy to understand the cosmological problems like the dark matters, jets and anomalous red shift etc.

The scientific fields are all interconnected and no one fully understands how one field of science can be applied to all other fields in such way that they can be benefited. The merit of a theory or an idea is always on its own logical and mathematical consistency. The more general the theory is, the wider the related field of science that will be critically influenced. In this respect, the magnitude of the arrogance of the people in the field are staggering.

Now, some people may want to ask me why I didn't come forward early. I'm already being accused of using the Internet blog, popularizing the fundamental physics without using the proper channel of the refereed journals by some group of people. However, most of the ideas in this blog can not be originated without the paper published in the journal Physica Scripta. In fact, most of the themes in this blog can be deduced from the paper without a gigantic leap of faith. If anyone had picked this idea up early, all of these themes and ideas could have been found easily and registered as his/her own credit. The major reason for the answer to the question is that I had other scientific field of interest that had me occupied for the last ten years which I consider was/is as critical as this one, perhaps more.

In fact, the idea that the signs of the Lense-Thirring force being reversed was the hardest to catch. It was the most painful discovery as well. The centrifugal force interpretation of a part of the Lense-Thirring force was endoresed by Einstein in the early stages of the development of general relativity. So who am I to challenge this interpretation? But without that finding, the dark matter problem would have been out of touch within the scope of general relativity. In this process, I contacted Dr. McGough of MOND proponent early and proposed that the dark matter problems may be solved if we use dipole gravity. He was skeptical. When I examined the theory that I wrote myself carefully, the extended centrifugal force will become the repulsive force beyond the radius of the star in consideration. However, the spiral galaxy needs additional attractive gravity not the repulsive force to make the flat rotational velocity curve to work. Also the repulsive force at the poles of the rotating black hole would be much more natural for the jet phenomenon. Now, you reverse the switch and see how the theory will work. In fact, the first paper published in the LANL archive had the attractive force on the flat side of the hemisphere and the repulsive force at the dome. But that was written independent of the consideration of the Lense-Thirring force.

The well defined jets observed in the universe are actually the ones that has a very well coordinated spin axis without wobble. In general, the spin axis of the core of the galaxies doesn't have to be precession(wobble) free. So, instead of the well defined jets, the majority of the rotating core of the galaxies can have invisible jets that spewing the debris all over the poles without having the well defined incoming trajectories. So, it can be looked like it has no (visible) jets.

Of course, this is the perfect candidate for the dark matter.