Monday, November 30, 2009

Wisest Thing to Do for The Academics in Gravitational Physics

Some people in the field of gravitational physics may think that if they keep quiet and ignore this theory called dipole gravity, it will eventually go away and never bother them again. If they really think this way, it will be the most vile and despicable attitude as scientists who are paid to do the job of finding the ultimate truth and the secret of the nature and educate the younger generation of the students for the brightest future of the world of new technology. The truth of the nature is not manufactured. They are discovered. As such, it stays as a public property and record.

This is one of the good examples that shows power/money corrupts everything. However scientifically faulty idea their experiment may be based on, as far as the tax payers money can be poured in, they will keep on doing the same things even if they know very well that it will not work and there are better ways to do to get the same results. The mechanism of sound and adequate moderation is not there. The fundamental basis of the whole scientific community at the moment is stinking corrupt from the bottom to the top.

For someone who has ten to twenty years before his/her retirement, the wisest thing they should do now will be to have a PhD graduate student to investigate and work out the details of the theory of dipole gravity and let them be the pioneers of this field in the near future. You don't want them to waste their time on things that will not last. However, if you have a couple of years before retirement, why bother?

The experts in this field will never come out to admit that they missed this particular solution of general relativity. They would rather jump off the cliff than come forward to announce it in front of the public. I would be really surprised if they do and that way they might earn at least my two cents of respect. But I bet they would rather want to quietly disappear in the oblivion with a comfortable peace in their minds.

The short sightedness of this behavior is that they do not realize the long term consequence of their action that the history will not be very kind to them. These two authority figures of the modern day(as of 2009) science in the field of gravitation, Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking, will be forgotten pretty much the same way no one remembers what were the names of the opponents who ridiculed Galileo in the middle ages of Europe.

Looking back, in classical mechanics, the rotating mass hinged on a central pivot has a constant inward acceleration not outward one. This inward acceleration should cause general relativistic gravity force toward the center if the equivalence principle is correct. The rigidity of the hinge prevents it from being subjected to the centrifugal outward acceleration.

So the centrifugal force interpretation of the second order gravity force from the rotating sphere was wrong from the beginning. And this obvious mechanical aspect has never been debated. In a rotating sphere, the intuitive picture of the second order gravity in radial direction is stronger in the equator and gets weaker at the poles just as described in dipole gravity. The axial component of this force which is the source of the repulsive gravity at the poles along the rotation axis had to wait until the development of general relativity.

I'm saying this to remind people that the sign error of the Lense-Thirring force should have been detected long time ago.

A while ago, I criticized pretty harshly one of the authors of the well known theory of gravitomagnetism who wrote a theory of jets from the back holes using the Blandford-Znajek mechanism and posted the article in my blog. She the author, later out of blue, sent me email threatening to sue me for defamation. I told her I would rather defend my freedom of speech to the supreme court and this case will be pretty widely publicized. After a while, she said she wouldn't do it because she would rather not want to see this rabbit come out of the cage. I deleted the article from my blog anyway because it was the least of my intention to make any soul to suffer out of his/her own selfish form of dignity.

But I want to tell you, there is no God given dignity without siding with the truth. As long as you are knowingly avoiding the truth especially the undeniable mathematical one, you are not very far from being crooks.