Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spiritual and Philosophical Crisis of the World

The world is in chaos at this very moment as of the date April 2nd 2014. There is no law and order in the world affairs. Ukraine and Syrian crisis, Iran, Russia, Israel, Malaysia.. all in turmoil are the glaring examples. Most of the time, there are more than one problem for a crisis of a society or for the disease of a human body. But in most cases, it’s fairly easy to locate the core of the problem if you take a look at the situation very closely. What I found in the course of trying to figure out the solutions to the problems of many different kinds, almost in all of the cases, it was not because the problem was hard to solve, but instead it was because people are severely brainwashed to look other way when the solutions are right in front of their eyes. It was the problem of the skewed angle that we have been trained to look at for the solution.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the famous story of the biblical Abraham trying to sacrifice his only son Isaac to obey God’s order. This story sounds like a fable and taught and preached like a fable, as if that is not a real story but just a story of bed time for kids to teach them the importance of obeying God’s order to receive blessings in your life.

What if and only what if, there were gods who were actually fed on human flesh in return for all kinds of favors in the worldly rewards over other people. The concept of blind obedience is revolting in the sense that it defies normal human conscience. When it is promoted beyond its realm of boundary, it can be a deadly virus in human society. Of course what I mean by virus in this case is in the spiritual and philosophical sense.

Where did Ignatius Loyola learn the concept of absolute obedience for his Jesuit’s order. Where do you think it came from? If the higher order tells you black is white then that’s what it is according to Loyola. He is talking about a group of live human zombies absolutely devoid of human conscience. For instance, “murdering is loving” “cheating is good and okay as long as you can get away with it” if the higher Jesuits order says so then that is the truth that the lower order should follow and obey. You can see how diabolical this organization can become. Are we looking at this scenario progressing right in front of our eyes in this world at this very moment?

Most of the teachings in the New Testament are morally superior and honorable. But the problem is when the old and the new testaments are combined to become a one religion, you are facing with the problem like that of sodium atoms attached to the sugar molecule that will eventually kill the cancer cells.

There was a group of hominid entities, as recently disclosed by the ex-world bank lawyer Karen Hudes, went by as gods who controlled humans like cattle in the far ancient times. These entities were worshipped as gods by the humans. Sometimes they did not hesitate to feed on human flesh to check how obedient humans can be toward them. They gave those obedient humans material blessings and power over other group of people who did not obey them blindly.

These entities did not care about the entire human beings as a survivable species. They treated humans as cancer and a perfect way to destroy humans was using this doctrine of blind obedience. 

If you take a close look at all the main issues in the Old Testament, it is all about who gets the most of the wealth, power, longevity, fertility etc.. by blindly obeying god. There is nothing about sacrificing self for other human being’s success and well being.

This is what made the Christian religion or any religion that considers Old Testament as holy script deadly when the Old Testament is mixed with all the superior morality of their own specific doctrines and guidelines. They are not compatible to each other at all. This has nothing to do with the ethnic or racial issues. It's an issue about the philosophy that one believes to be the truth can be a deadly trap for the destruction of all humanity.

How is this religious doctrine of blind obedience related to the knowledge of the “Free Energy Physics”?

Within the paradigm of the world where the resources are absolutely limited, these demonic gods provide a powerful motivation for the followers to obey blindly whatever the religious organization they belong to will be demanding, whether it is Catholic, Protestant, Jesuits, Moslem, Judaism, because your blind obedience is directly related to your own survival within this belief system.

This diabolical fallacy crumbles down when the truth of the universe is, in fact, that the resources including the energy are unlimited and plentiful. In their view, this secret must be suppressed from the public knowledge because it is not conducive to the continued survival of the organized religion that absolutely controls the majority of the human minds. So, you can understand that it is much deeper and sinister than just the oil company’s greed that prevents this type of truth from coming out to become the public knowledge.

After I observed the mechanism of Trojan horse protocol for cancer treatment, I came to the conclusion that this spiritual poison attached to the benign food of superior morality is at the core of the human misery at this time of human history. That’s also the core of the Jesuits doctrine of the blind obedience which effectively turns all the followers inside the organization of the highest power into live human zombies in the destructive path of all humanity.