Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Economic Principle

In the old economic principle, there are limited resources and the currency is like the flow of current in the equivalent model of the electrical circuit. When the circuit breaks by the disconnection of the wire or the severe limitation of the current flow, there happens the halting of the electrical current flow or the electrical spark which corresponds to the economic depression and the starvation of the people and ultimately the war(spark) in the human society. It must be noted that this economic model fundamentally assumes the resource is finite.

However, what if the resource is not finite, instead, infinite? This means that the electrical circuit can always be fully charged and there is no limitation of the flow of current. The amount of currency can increase indefinitely. The economy can go on the infinite cycle of booming for ever. The gold loses its fundamental meaning as a solid reserve currency because the gold or the equivalent of the gold can be created out of the thin air.

This may turn out to be as dangerous as the boom and bust cycle. But then it would be easier to control the excess than the shortage. The society needs to be involved itself into a massive spending project like going to the nearby solar like planetary system. In a way, a society with this kind of advanced technology should involve itself to this type of project that seemingly does not produce immediate economic benefit, but just to moderate the exponentially booming economy. When the old economic model changes into this new model, the world will not be controlled by the evil forces whose sole purpose is to subjugate other humans and limit their freedom. The reason for this is because it is not possible for a small group of people can manipulate the flow of currency that was possible in the old economic system. Simply, people do not need to be forced into work if they do not desire to do so because the resource is infinite.

In this new world, the motivation for life will neither be for the survival nor for the desire to control other people anymore, instead, it would be for the simple enjoyment of the tranquil life. In the down side of this, to overcome the boredom of life, which may become prevalent as well, what motivates people to live in this new world will be more on the side of finding the new technology and developing the new gadgets for the ultimate convenience of life and toward the adventure of the outer universe for the search of the new life forms.

The government will be at the smallest of the size as possible in this new economic world model. People may indulge into the activities of creating new life forms, like, for example, fish, birds or flowers so exotic and beautiful that will be enjoyable to the utmost pleasure of human life.

One can imagine a TV show of contest who created the most beautiful and exotic form of fish or bird or any life form that can imagine. Of course, almost human like cyborg will be prevalent in the society that, sometimes, it would be hard to tell who is a cyborg and who isn't. This kind of society is not very far from us in the new paradigm of the world.

Only the most twisted evil soul will indulge into the activities of creating a new virus to kill people. Besides, there will be cures available for all forms of bacterial and viral infections that this kind of evil activities will turn out to be fruitless.

Disclosure Project

There are vast number of groups of people (for an example Dr. Steven Greer) who have been trying hard to push for the disclosure of the hidden information that has been kept away from the public by the government retrieved from the alleged crashed alien crafts and also from some of the past scientists who left incredible legacy that is not available to the general public. I really do not know what is the force behind this suppression and what is the purpose of it all. I do not wish to pretend I do not aware of this movement and all the related tragedies and mishaps. In fact, I have been informed of the activities of this groups and the movement more than I wish to know by the readers of my web pages.

The world would be much better place to live than it is now if we can have access to all of these information. But what is frightening is how vastly the society is fragmented from one group to the other. There are no rational communications among the various groups of the people. There are also false information spread by this movements. But then it is the same with the established scientific community. There are vast number of trashes that have been published in the name of the establishment in the scientific journal. The pseudo science has replaced the science that has been built upon the fundamental experiment based on the solid theoretical foundation.

In fact, the advanced technology for the future of mankind is with us here. This scientific knowledge will bring us to the new world. Every one wants it, yet there is no simple means to get there. When this new age comes, science and religion will merge and bring us to the peace, where the rationality instead of the blinded bigotry will prevail the society.

The paradigm shift has happened. It is coming and it will free us from all the injustices and evils of the world. However if the world is controlled by the media that fundamentally oppose this from happening and we decide to let them, it may not happen. I believe the year 2012 is not the end of the world, instead, it is the beginning of the new world. Mr. Black may put it in his own words, "It will be the end of the world as we know what it is".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Korean Prophecy

The prophecies of the future world are intriguing when it is vague, mysterious and unintelligible, or when people realized that the prediction was verified after the event already has happened. However, there are no records of incidents that the ultimate fate of the human calamity was prevented because of any prophecy. So, most of the prophecies of the world are useless because it doesn't help prevent the disasters or certain unfortunate events from happening.

In this respect, the usefulness of the prophecies are more or less for the purpose of the satisfaction of human curiosity than for the preparation of the future. People simply would like to know at least they are not at the center of the bad prophecies and to find out if there is anything they can do to avoid it if they learned that they are in fact at the center of it.

Regardless, it seems that we are at the verge of the vast changes to come. The end of the world prophecies by the Mayan calender, Nostradamus, Hopi Indians, the bible prophecy and the Chinese I-Ching have all been well publicized, however, interestingly, the Korean prophecy has not been publicized at all, probably because, I presume, it has not been fully translated in English. However, there could be more reasons to it than that in these days when people are hungry for any prophetic knowledge of the future.

As any Koreans would have read or at least heard of it, there is a very well known Korean prophecy that started about 1000 years ago (Chung Gam Rok)and then reiterated and confirmed by many other scholars(for example: Kyuk Am Yu Rok) of the Confucian philosophy. Those Korean prophecies are very specific and elaborate in detail. It is a well known fact in Korea that those books of prophecy accurately predicted, the number of years(36 years) Japanese would occupy Korea and then their eventual retreat, which was a painful humiliation for Koreans who are very proud of themselves and have despised Japaneses as being midgets for thousand of years before their invasion. And also the division of the Korean peninsula into North and South and the eventual unification of the two Koreas. It is obvious that this kind of prophecies could not be very popular to the ancient Koreans until those events actually happened because of its stressful content.

In Koreans psyche, the idea that, especially in recent years, the difference in ideology is not such a big a deal compared to the blood, has been strengthened. They say in the old Korean folklore, "Blood is thicker than Water".

For example, in a recent incidence, the north Korean commerce ship was about to be hijacked by the Somali pirates and the South Korean Navy helicopter fired onto the pirates and saved the north Korean ship from being hijacked. I think this story is wonderful and beautiful. South Koreans certainly do not care if the North have nuclear weapons and the long range missile capability. It is the blood that matters for them. Basically the minds of the people of Korean peninsula are moving toward the unification. We don't know when it will happen, but if the books could predict the Japanese invasion and the division of the Korean peninsula, there is no reason to doubt the ultimate unification of the two Koreas.

There are much more materials in the book of the Korean prophecy that also tells about what will happen in the world in the "end" days. They also talk about the pandemics and the famine that will kill many people in the world. But the most glaring subject of all in the books of Korean prophecy is this specific mention about the King who will come to Korea and judge all the evils of the world. He will enlighten the world and bring the peace. The world after those pandemics and the famine will be bright according to the Korean prophecy.

I think what scares the people who are looking into the future of the world is this specificity of the Korean prophecy, because a prophecy is, in general, more entertaining when it is vague. The Korean prophecy tells specifically the "chosen" one will come to Korea. The Chinese prophecy also says he (the one) will come in the East. China is also located in the East, so, there is no reason that the Chinese prophet would not specifically mention it will be China if it is going to be so.

The more details you study into this books of Korean prophecy, the more you will be surprised by learning how specific those prophecies are about the technologically wonderful world of the future and the family origin and whose descendants he/she(the one) will be. There are many branches of groups of families in Korea with the same family name, so, normally Korean people would tend to specify who is the originator of their specific family branch called "bon juk" to find out if they are blood related.

Speaking of "Bon Juk", if a young couple wants to get married and they found out that they have the same family name and also the same "bon juk" (the first originator of the family) then they can not marry. This common law has been in use in Korea for centuries and it caused many miseries because a young loving couple could not get married just because they happened to have the same family name and the same "Bon Juk". I believe this law has been repealed but it is still in use in the circles of the so called "Yang Ban" class(high ruling class) families. This law is far more stricter than the Jewish or the common world (bible) standard that extends only up to among the immediate siblings. It is out of question in Korea for cousins to get married to each other, no matter how the common law may have been repealed. It is simply not possible. A person can not even get married to his/her grand father's sister's grand daughter/son no matter how much they may be in love with each other. If they do, it would be considered a sin almost as close to a incest in Korean morality.

Back to the specificity of the Korean prophecies, only some Koreans may have noticed from my blog, the family name of this one man is Chung(Jeong). The reason this person should be a man and not a woman is because the prophecy says he would be called "Chung Do Ryung". "Do Ryung" in Korean word means an "adorable young man of noble descent". And the originator of this family branch(Bon Juk) of Chung Do Ryung is Po Eun, Jeong(Chung) Mong Joo, as repeatedly mentioned in the book of Kyuk Am Yu Rok.

Despite this specificity, it must be noted that the religious group(Unification Church) of Sun Myung Moon has been using this Korean prophecy to promote the "legitimacy" of his religious leadership because "Chung Do Ryung" is supposed to be the messiah of the second coming. I don't know how he could prove his "legitimacy" with his family name "Moon" when the book repeatedly said it is Jeong(Chung). It is supposedly said that he(Sun Myung Moon) used the phrase in some part of the book saying that the birth place of the one would be in the north of the 38Th line, the region of which belongs to the area of the present day North Korea where he was supposedly born. However, it should be noted that there are many other conflicting places he was supposed to be born written in the book which are not repeated nor emphasized.

But then, a false religion would start with the misinterpretation of the ancient text of prophecy. It is amazing that he totally ignores the repeated mention of the origin of the family in the book that he(the one) will be a descendant of the Chung(Jeong) family especially from the line of Jeong Mong Joo, the most famous scholar in ancient Koryo dynasty.

There is no point here trying to prove my legitimacy of some kind to start a new religion by distorting the content of the ancient Korean prophecy book. A scientific discovery is not something that happens only in the minds of the people through a faith or some kind of hypnotic trance. It is the real powerful technical and scientific process that we are going to encounter in the near future in the tangible material world.

Here, the compelling question to any one who learns the theory of dipole gravity would be why and how a Korean man should come up with this mathematical solution that is the ultimate secret of the universe that can and will revolutionize the world. For the last 90 years, thousands of the brightest geniuses of the world entered, graduated and practiced in this field of science and tried to find the solution of this mysterious magnetic gravity that would liberate humans from the perpetual grabbing force of the nature. For this kind of remarkable event to happen, some one or some books should have foretold in the past that this event will happen in the future in a form of a prophecy. Only then it will qualify you as being legitimate. People may think somewhat of this line in their minds..

My legitimacy, if there is any such thing, would be that I was supposed to find this solution and that was prophesied to be that way 1000 years ago according to the Korean prophecy. I would like to recommend the full translated version of Kyuk Am Yu Rok for anyone who wants to study this Korean prophecy, the English translation of which may not exist at the moment. It would require hundreds of pages of blog space to record the entire content of the book. On the other hand, I would avoid the translation performed by the Moonies since they have the vested interest to bias the content for their misguided religious purposes.

And also see what Nostradamus wrote in his quatrain 75.

So long expected shall never come
Into Europe, In Asia shall appear,
One Issued of the line of great Hermes
And shall be over all the Kings of the Orient.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is known to be the God of science.

If Nostradamus was biased by the necessity of boosting the pride of his own people, he would not have written such a quatrain, nor Kyuk Am would have written the shameful defeat of the Korean people and the occupation by the Japanese for 36 years if he was biased to promote the Korean agenda. Both records were written in their truthful visions of the future.

By the way, who would like to be a King who reminds me of a living statue surrounded by the people constantly telling you that you can not go to certain places or do certain things due to the various reasons which you didn't have to worry about before. Your 99 percent of the personal freedom will be gone by being a King. The fundamental meaning of being a King is that you are a divine server to the people. In ancient China, according to the legend, the first emperor known as the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi was the teacher of the crop cultivation. He served people by saving them from hunger when the people were entirely relying on the berries and fruits picked off from the shrubs and trees. The knowledge of the farming was the ultimate technology that saved the people from starvation in the remote ancient Chinese society. Therefore, the true King should not be a dictator nor a destroyer, he/she should be the teacher and the savior(server) of the mankind.