Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Economic Principle

In the old economic principle, there are limited resources and the currency is like the flow of current in the equivalent model of the electrical circuit. When the circuit breaks by the disconnection of the wire or the severe limitation of the current flow, there happens the halting of the electrical current flow or the electrical spark which corresponds to the economic depression and the starvation of the people and ultimately the war(spark) in the human society. It must be noted that this economic model fundamentally assumes the resource is finite.

However, what if the resource is not finite, instead, infinite? This means that the electrical circuit can always be fully charged and there is no limitation of the flow of current. The amount of currency can increase indefinitely. The economy can go on the infinite cycle of booming for ever. The gold loses its fundamental meaning as a solid reserve currency because the gold or the equivalent of the gold can be created out of the thin air.

This may turn out to be as dangerous as the boom and bust cycle. But then it would be easier to control the excess than the shortage. The society needs to be involved itself into a massive spending project like going to the nearby solar like planetary system. In a way, a society with this kind of advanced technology should involve itself to this type of project that seemingly does not produce immediate economic benefit, but just to moderate the exponentially booming economy. When the old economic model changes into this new model, the world will not be controlled by the evil forces whose sole purpose is to subjugate other humans and limit their freedom. The reason for this is because it is not possible for a small group of people can manipulate the flow of currency that was possible in the old economic system. Simply, people do not need to be forced into work if they do not desire to do so because the resource is infinite.

In this new world, the motivation for life will neither be for the survival nor for the desire to control other people anymore, instead, it would be for the simple enjoyment of the tranquil life. In the down side of this, to overcome the boredom of life, which may become prevalent as well, what motivates people to live in this new world will be more on the side of finding the new technology and developing the new gadgets for the ultimate convenience of life and toward the adventure of the outer universe for the search of the new life forms.

The government will be at the smallest of the size as possible in this new economic world model. People may indulge into the activities of creating new life forms, like, for example, fish, birds or flowers so exotic and beautiful that will be enjoyable to the utmost pleasure of human life.

One can imagine a TV show of contest who created the most beautiful and exotic form of fish or bird or any life form that can imagine. Of course, almost human like cyborg will be prevalent in the society that, sometimes, it would be hard to tell who is a cyborg and who isn't. This kind of society is not very far from us in the new paradigm of the world.

Only the most twisted evil soul will indulge into the activities of creating a new virus to kill people. Besides, there will be cures available for all forms of bacterial and viral infections that this kind of evil activities will turn out to be fruitless.

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