Friday, July 3, 2009

Future of Our Science

When people start talking about the truth, you will see that there are many levels of truth in our lives. One side of the story of the event never covers the whole truth. Sometimes, the publicized "story" is so cunningly concocted with the lies that it is hard to see where is the line between the truth and the lie. This is partly because there are too many angles to view an object in human society. But the major problem is because the strongly publicized view is normally the one that comes from the major media which is owned by the major corporate moguls or the establishments. The public, unless they try hard, will never know the real truth of the whole event. Never a single angle point of view reflects the whole truth in any personal, social or political equations.

On the other hand, this is not the case with the mathematical truth. No matter from what angle you view the object, the mathematical truth is crystal clear and can not be challenged. I noticed recently that the term "theory" immediately raise the suspicion in people's mind on the validity of the presentation. Especially in legal matters, "theory" often means a view of the event that has many logical holes with dubious validity. Most of the theory in court is considered a conjecture regarding the view on how the event has happened. For example, the private researchers view of the JFK assassination has been called conspiracy "theory". On the other hand, the government's explanation has never been satisfactory to most of the serious investigators. So where is the real truth?

In this regard, I often used the term "theory of dipole gravity" for the lack of a proper term for it. I noticed that the term doesn't serve very well for the purpose of conveying the meaning and the implication of it. There are so many theories in physics that doesn't manifest in physical reality that people react immediately "ok, it is a theory so what?". To put it more precisely, dipole gravity is not a theory, it is a mathematical solution of general relativity that has been sought for so long without result that people have given up looking for it long time ago.

If dipole gravity ever turn out to be wrong, that can only happen if and only if general relativity is wrong. In a way, dipole gravity tremendously strengthened the power of general relativity. In the past, the lack of the answers to the large scale cosmological phenomenon from the known general relativity has been considered a possible serious flaw of general relativity. Not any more !!!!

So what happened is that when I showed them the dipole gravity solution, it immediately gave them the suspicion of it. They didn't even dreamed that there was even an open question for the solution. It was given up and they even made sure in the text book in writing that no one will ever seek for the solution unless you are a mad truth seeker like me. An addition of a subtle and humorous phrase like "at least we do not think there is a way you can make the center of mass of an object to be shifted in real physical manner other than the linear translation of the coordinate system". But then this phrase would have been so ridiculous because the shift of the coordinate system has nothing to do with the real physical movement of the object at all.

So, dipole gravity is the mathematical truth demonstrating the real power of general relativity. That's why there is no one who challenges against it from the main stream physics community. I feel sorry for the Einstein detractors but life has to go on.

We have a long way to go in science.

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