Saturday, May 8, 2010

Collision of the Bullet Clusters The Dark Matter is not Dark

In this article, I'm trying to convey how the collision of the bullet clusters can be used to explain the dark matter problem within the frame work of dipole gravity. In the publicized animated video, the blue colored circular clusters are not visible by telescope or naked eyes. They are only observed indirectly by the gravitational lensing.

If there are unseen matter population expected by the blue colored spherical areas, the visible red boundary can be explained. It is caused by the collision of the two clusters of the unseen dark matters. Due to the tremendous speed of the clusters moving relative to each other, there are strong collisions among the dark matters and the light emission occurs from this massive cosmic fireworks.

So what is the fundamental problem in understanding of the dark matter?

The fundamental question is "What is the composite nature of these dark matters? Are they made of WIMP, hydrogen gas, or some other exotic form of the matters, or just plain iron and rock composition with various sizes?"

Actually this single question may be separated by two independent questions.

1. What are they made of?
2. How and why did they get there in the first place?

The answer to the second question may answer to the first question as well.

In fact, the more serious question may be the second one instead of the first, because no matter what kind of dark matter one assumes to be populated in there, he/she will always be haunted by the second question, and that is, why and how did they get there?

Is there any reason such bullet clusters should be different from other typical galaxies in the universe? There should be none if a common sense can be utilized here. The best way to find the working mechanisms of the nature is to use everything that is already available in the scientific world rather than to create a completely new beast that we know nothing about. Because you end up having an additional task of explaining the origin of the beast you have just created that will haunt you to the end. I'm referring to the so called WIMP for an example. Note that I used the tachyonic neutrinos for candidate for the "aether" which is the carrier of the lights that doesn't seem to contradict any known physical principles.

The magic of dipole gravity comes out at this point. It explains how and why the normal iron and rock composition matter of the size from a football to a boulder can be ejected from the poles of the rotating core (which can easily be a dense neutron star or a black hole) located at the center of the clusters. The size of the ejected (dark)matter will only depend on the size of the core and the rotational frequency of itself.

The repulsive poles of the rotating core becomes the strong antigravity centers and the matters are ejected like volcanoes on both the north and south poles of the rotating core. The fundamental difference between the terrestrial volcanoes and the jets from the core of the clusters is that the jets from the clusters follow the dipole gravity force lines coming out of the poles and merge into the equatorial plane of the rotating core.

To explain why then there are no visible jets from the two colliding clusters, consider the case that, if the rotational axis of the cores are not well aligned, the jets will be a random ejection with no visibly well defined jets. Also it is possible that the core of the cluster has lost its angular momentum and slowed down to almost a stop not too far distant time ago or the clusters are in the primitive developing stage of a full blown galaxy. However, regardless, the population of the ejected matter will still define the relatively homogeneous yet radial flux type distribution.

In the mean time, the strong Newtonian gravitational pull from the center organizes the well defined spherical shape of the clusters while traveling with a tremendous speed.

The essential role of dipole gravity is to make sure that there is a legitimate physical mechanism that makes such kind of population of the matter around the core of the cluster "POSSIBLE".

So, you see that there is nothing "dark" about the dark matter. They are plain old rock like matter that we can not observe directly and did not know how they got there. The key point here is that the dark matters are in constant motion under the dipole gravity force. And, as such, those matters do not have enough time to condense and become large enough to go through the typical process of nucleo-synthesis to start the nuclear fusion and generate light to be visible.

Greg Bothun was right all along, he wrote in his web page, "There is a big difference between Theory and Observation with good arguments coming from both sides. The situation is unresolved and has been for 20 years. Whomever solves the "dark matter" problem will likely win the Nobel prize.

However, its important to realize that the "dark matter" problem exists only in the context of one known long range force (gravity). Suppose there is another long range force that we are ignorant of. If this is discovered by future physicists then they will look back at this "dark matter" cosmology much the same way we now view the early "geocentric" cosmologies. "

Friday, May 7, 2010

Solution to The Jets and The Dark Matter Problems

Although it should be obvious up to this point of the discussion regarding dipole gravity, I would like to present the succinct mathematical form of the static portion of the extended gravity potential for the rotating hemispherical (in general, longitudinal axially asymmetric) object, for the sake of our younger generation.

The first term is the Newtonian gravity and the second term is dipole gravity where the information regarding the rotational frequency and the geometrical shape of the object are included in the parameter "delta r" which is the relativistic dynamic shift of the center of mass. The direction of the shift vector of the center of mass is toward the direction where it moves away from the stationary state.

Note that the traditional interpretation of general relativity did not allow us to include this information regarding the rotational frequency. So, general relativity could not be used to explain any of the fast rotating cosmological objects. And most of the problems related to the fast rotating cosmological objects including the spiral galaxy was begging for explanation. This is one of the reasons we have MOND and other phenomenological theories to explain them.

For a rotating full sphere, we have to add another hemisphere in the opposite direction to the one above. Since the potential function is a scalar quantity, we can add as many units of dipoles as far as their coordinates are adjusted with respect to the one single coordinate system.

If you fold two dipoles in the exact opposite direction, at the identical center of mass, the dipole effect will be canceled. However, remember that the center of mass of the two hemispherical dipoles in a single sphere are separated by the distance r (in the rest state).

So, they do not cancel in the rotating sphere.

We can now see that the poles of the fast rotating spheroidal condensed objects can be strong repulsive(antigravity) gravity centers.

This effect can cause the phenomenon of the hollow poles and the rings of the Saturn, as well as the observed jets from the fast rotating neutron stars and also from the fast rotating black holes.

This effect can also cause the stationary communication satellites to oscillate back and forth from the equatorial plane of the Earth which has been observed and by now a well known fact due to the GPS misalignment problem.

The equatorial plane of the fast rotating cosmological body is a shallow potential dip of dipole gravity which causes the debris and the satellites to oscillate back and forth around this potential dip. As the debris lose kinetic energy due to the collision and other frictional effect, they will permanently settle down at the equatorial plane to form the layers of the rings.