Saturday, April 18, 2009

How and Why?

Once you get to know what dipole gravity really is, you will experience the realization that the seemingly benign mathematical "trick" and a sensible logic becomes bigger and bigger until it overwhelms your entire knowledge of general relativity and the cosmology and come to the realization that how tiny all other adventures in general relativity have been.

See how many years the people in the field have been fallen into believing that the modified Maxwell's equation is the genuine part of general relativity which is also conventionally known as gravitomagnetism while it is far from the true general relativity. How many texts are written around this subject for so long as if it is the real thing? You will experience the tremendous sense of despair and helplessness because of the very realization that you are witnessing the deepest missing link of the mystery that has been eluding our science for so long. And also by the brutal awakening that how simple it was, when someone showed it exactly how it was

See how long it has been believed that general relativity has no answer for the large scale universe. .See also how long people in the field have suffered because of the lack of answer for the jets and the dark matter problems directly from general relativity.

In ancient Korea, when the scholars experienced this kind of upheaval in the high office of the academia or in the government, they simply went to the high mountain, shaved their hair and became Buddhist monks. The world in their minds has become meaningless because they suddenly have come to the realization that what they have built in their entire life has become a pile of manure.

It seems like I have given them the hardest blow that they have ever experienced in their entire life of academic career. But whatever that can fall will eventually fall because it is not built on the rock.

I understand the unresponsiveness. Because there is nothing to rebuttal.

I think many of the scholars in academia would have taken that path if this happened in ancient Korea. The whole life has lost its meaning in their minds.

I think it is time to wake up from the coma. What you are witnessing is the reality.

For those who believe in the time machine, here is an example of what its claim surmounts to. I made an apple juice out of a batch of apples. And now the juice is inside a several gallon sized bottles. Going backward time means that this juice suddenly comes out of the bottles by themselves and collects all the pieces of the apple bits and the liquid and form back to a complete batch of the apples that I originally started.

If you think this is possible, then it is ok to believe in the time machine. The entropy of a system is known to increase in any known physical experiment and this principle has never been violated in the universe. To claim that there can exist a physical time machine, you have to prove how the principle of the entropy increase is violated in a theory that is remotely plausible. There is no known physical event that requires the entropy principle has to be violated. There may be still unknown theory beyond general relativity that makes the entropy principle to be violated but, at least, general relativity dipole gravity from has already proved that the two way traversable wormhole is impossible.

On the other hand, one can argue that the theory of dipole gravity violates the energy conservation principle, but general relativity has never been proven to conserve energy in a local system. One can also argue that the theory of dipole gravity violates the Newtonian mechanics. If you insist the totality of Newtonian mechanics, then you can not explain the dark matter problem. General relativity is clearly shown to violate Newtonian mechanics from the example of dipole gravity and the simplicity of explaining the cosmological problem using the very principle.

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