Friday, April 24, 2009

Water Vapors Found in Black Hole Jet Emissions

"A US-European astronomy team has recently announced at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science meeting that it has discovered water spewing out of a black hole, at the center of a galaxy located billions of light-years away. The radio wavelength emissions that were observed in 2007 with the 100-meter German Effelsberg radio telescope and the Expanded Very Large Array showed a galaxy that emitted water from its core about 2.5 billion years after the Universe exploded into existence.

This means that the formation, which took all these billions of years to get its light from its location to us, was among the first generations of galaxies to be formed. Its water signature was detected as a wavelength marker. Each type of substance has a unique fingerprint on that scale, and water makes no difference. Scientists say that this discovery is very peculiar, and that extensive studies and new theories are needed to explain this phenomenon." quoted from softpedia.

It would be awfully redundant to mention at this point that the Blanford-Znajek process is disappointingly inadequate to explain this water vapor jet phenomenon. The ejected material would be pretty much the combination of lava and steam as in the typical volcanoes on earth. This experimental report is an another supporting evidence in favor of dipole gravity. This is also the second blow to the Blanford-Znajek theory since the astronomers have announced that neutron stars also emit jets.

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