Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black Holes, Worm Holes and Dipole Gravity

In general, a rotating massive stellar object does not remain a spherical form. So the solution derived from the Schwarzschild metric can not work for the rapidly rotating black holes at the core of the galaxies. In this sense, the general discussions about the event horizon in various shapes of the black holes is questionable and at most philosophical.

In general, the shapes of the rotating stellar object would be gradually changing its profile into a double conic structure as the rotational speed develops faster and faster. This also raises the question of the efficacy of the conventional approach of finding a suitable metric for general relativity is at all meaningful, because for a given metric, the form of the source is supposed to remain fixed.

While there will be lingering questions about the covariance of dipole gravity, once the point of view is changed into the fact that Newtonian gravity is not covariant by itself, yet it provided answers to the dominant questions regarding the planetary structure formation, the application of dipole gravity in the real universe will become the most exciting field of physics in the future.

In retrospect, the known general relativity didn't provide answers to the mechanics of the rotating massive stars which is directly related to the jets and the dark matter problems and their related structures. Instead, they have spent enormous amount of time on the subject of the time machine and wormhole which will turn out to be fairly impractical from the view point of dipole gravity, and the black holes. The readers should be able to see the large pictures of the areas of the subject that the known general relativity has been covering and didn't cover.

Only when people realize what they have been missing, there emerges a large picture. If you are in the woods, very often than not, the forest looks like it is all made of pines.

The subject of the black holes and others that have been popularized to the general public in the past, has been presented in the context of the serious flawed assumption that there is no dipole gravity. In fact, all of those theories will have to be reviewed within the new light of dipole gravity. Some will remain valid, while a lot of others will have to be trashed.

So, the readers should learn the seriousness of the situation what it means to incorporate dipole gravity in the present day physics and why it is such a formidable threat to the establishment in such way that they have to resist the public recognition of it by all means.

It may have worked in the ancient times, when the field was narrowly focused and few people were engaged in the practice of the specific field of science. I seriously do not think that it will work in the present time. The fields are much more diverse and they are all related. Some people in the field will resent the fact that they were not informed of the serious new development early enough so that they didn't have to waste their time on the unnecessary adventures.

As Plato elaborated in his book "Republic", the mode of the defeat of an evil is that the evil can not stand by itself because it sparks discomfort within. The collapse of an Empire starts from the lies, the injustices and the corruption within itself, not from the outside.

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