Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dark Matter Problem is Solved

"The dark matter problem exists only in the context that there is only one type of gravity force (which is Newtonian gravity) in the universe" writes Greg Bothun of the University of Oregon. In my opinion, this is the most profound insight by someone who perceives clearly where the crucial problem lies with the full spectrum of the knowledge on the observational astronomy. What people have forgotten in the pursuit of the answers for the dark matter problem is where this problem has originally started. It was from the observation that the spiral galaxy's rotational velocity curve does not follow the ones that Newtonian gravity has predicted. More specifically, the velocity curve becomes flat as if there is a lot more mass than what has been observed. The distribution of the unseen mass was in such a way that the flux of the matter is constant as if the origin of the source of the matter flux was at the center.

Strictly speaking, it was not the problem of the cosmos itself. Instead, it was the problem in our lack of the understanding of the universe. When we do not understand some of the workings of the universe, we name it as a problem as if it is somebody else's.

However, I do not understand why people believe all of the matter in the universe should be visible in the first place. For a simple example, meteorites, comets, satellites are invisible. If someone decided to calculate the density of the comets and meteorites by observing the frequency of their appearance, and their general distribution, considering the vast size of the space, since those space debris seems never exhaust their presence, in the long history of time. One may be able to calculate some approximate density of those asteroids in our own galaxy. Because in essence, we tend to ignore the presence of those space debris as accidental or ephemeral that is not worthy of consideration.

However, it is possible that this space debris exists in the space as never ending transients of the space residents themselves that we can not fundamentally remove them out of the consideration. Because our calculation basically ignores the presence of any or all of this unseen debris and their possible contribution to the mass of the universe.

The frequency of their appearance and the magnitude of their mass can be averaged over the long period of time and the corresponding size of the space they occupy for given period of time. Even if they may be seen as insignificant, the vast size of the volume of the universe can make their presence significant.

In fact, this may turn out to be not too small. The bright part of the galaxy is certainly where a lot of mass is populated. But the presence of light only means that those mass are in constant motion and colliding with each other. On the other hand, when the flow of those massive particles are in orderly manner, there will be no light visible from their presence.

As some of you may have perceived already from the previous posts, the jets are the source of this dark matter flux within the context of the interpretation of dipole gravity.

Whoever has gone through reading this blog articles with the theoretical flow of the dipole gravity with general relativity in mind will have no problem understanding that dipole gravity is the fundamental solution to the dark matter problems.

Obviously, this astounding fact is not very well conveyed to the general public. The public is still in the darkness on what is going on in the field of the dark matter problems. This is why there are science writers who writes fundamental physical principles to the general public with easily understandable terms. Since no science writer has picked it up at the moment, I will try to explain it to the public as simply as possible.

On the way to make such an attempt, we need to keep in mind that the true power of a physical theory is not in its ability to fit a group of data within its own scope. The real power of a successful physical theory is in its ability to explain the physical phenomenon that it was not even expected to explain.

In fact, if general relativity was clearly interpreted with the non trivial dipole gravitational moment earlier, we may not even be struggling with the dark matter problem in the first place. Greg Bothun's insight was right. We missed the additional gravity force that was visible right in front of our nose.

It is apparent that the real beauty of general relativity is in dipole gravity than anything else. For the record, deriving Newtonian gravity from general relativity can not be a big accomplishment, because, otherwise, there is no need to consider general relativity as a viable theory in the first place. The quadrupole radiation is too weak to detect even with the most sophisticated LIGO instrument due to the dominating local and global noise problem. Even in the order of the scientific progress, it is obvious that dipole gravity must proceed before quadrupole radiation as a proper research step. The unexpected success of dipole gravity in the explanation of many of the contemporary cosmological problems will be the proof of the monumental success of general relativity itself. Of course this is the most fundamental stumbling block whoever wants to discredit dipole gravity.

The simplicity of the solution is so mind boggling with dipole gravity that most of the astronomers who have learned the solution of dipole gravity have lost their tongues. I have hard time trying to make them to talk to me. If I keep trying to make them to respond to me, I would be charged for badgering. So, I made a joke to one of the authors of the most influential book who I respect most that I may have to water boarding them to make them to talk, with a good laugh. In any case, I don't want to bother the poor souls who must be pounding their heads onto their own desk for missing such an easy solution. But listen, even if you know you would lose the battle, don't you think you have to come out and fight when a serious challenge is thrown up in front of you? I'm talking about the open, free and candid scientific discussions over and over again until we reach some kind of a consensus and make some realistic progress in science.

But I want them to realize that it was not easy. Since I first look up the book Gravitation on the part of the dipole gravitational moment in the weak field limit in 1982, this curious problem never left my subconscious mind until I found the answer in 1995. The argument of removing the shift of the center of mass by moving the center of the coordinate system sounded too frivolous, too fast tongue in cheek. It can't be that simple, I thought, not knowing exactly why. The prevailing impression of my inner thought at the time was that "if general relativity, as a leading theory of gravity, is to explain any of the additional gravitational mysteries of the universe, this dipole term should be the answer, because of its strength next to Newtonian gravity", "if this term really doesn't have any physical meaning, it could possibly mean the failure of general relativity itself", I thought. Anyone who learned the series expansion of a mathematical function knows that the magnitude of the value of the function decreases as the order increases. So, this general relativistic second order term can have a tremendous importance. On the other hand, how mindlessly this term has been thrown away? These thought processes were behind the fundamental basis of the deep puzzle.

My friend, a physics professor of Yon Sei University, asked me one day, how I made the connection between the anomalous center of mass shift from the rotating hemisphere and the general relativistic gravitational dipole moment. I had this puzzle in my memory for the last 13 years, I told him. I believe in the mechanism of the human subconscious mind. It works day and night until you find the solution. But you have to have a deep sense of a puzzle and curiosity and the desire to solve it with your entire being and soul.

It only looks easy when somebody serves you with the finally finished product on the silver plate. The process of fierce fighting against the unseen forces of the anonymous referees that try to block this solution from the public view was not fun at all. And if it were so easy as some of you would probably scorn inside of your mind, why this solution had to wait for the last 90 years since the birth of general relativity?

What those pronounced experts in the field had done? Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne, what did you do? You both missed the most important solution for the ultimate puzzle of the universe while discussing the time travel and black hole idea that we may never be able to experimentally prove. We as a collective human society probably have wasted a good chunk of 50 years on this frivolous nonsense. The physical time travel idea is not in fruition. It will take another 500 years for us to achieve such a feat, if ever, and I would be glad to be wrong. The books, Gravitation and that of others are basically a good number of eggs without the york. Now imagine how many literatures related to this subject would have to be permanently trashed and/or rewritten? And on what excuse? We simply have missed this one big long range force in the universe which is the dipole antigravity force.

Let's see what is involved with dipole gravity in all of the known cosmic mysteries.

1. Cosmic Jets(especially from the neutron stars)
2. Flat Rotational Velocity Curves(Dark Matter Problem)
3. Saturn Mystery(small scale effect)
4. GPB data anomaly(abnormal data is not from electrostatic patch effect)
5. Gravitomagnetism(in its folly)
6. Source of the asteroids(where they are from)
7. Rocketless Space Travel(if we can rotate the object ultra relativistically fast)
8. Mechanical nature of the ether(empty space is not completely empty)
9. Exotic matter hypothesis(only if there is a matter that creates antigravity)
10. Anomalous Red Shift

And, how fundamentally the course of our industrial civilization would have to be changed?

Now, don't tell me it was such a easy solution.

Now I feel like I'm the most righteous King fighting against all the evils of the world in the history of the mankind.

"Do not believe in what you have heard; do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations; do not believe anything because it is rumored and spoken of by many; do not believe merely because the written statements of some old sage are produced; do not believe in conjectures; do not believe in that as a truth to which you have become attached by habit; do not believe merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."

by Gautama Buddha some 2600 years ago


Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Positive thinking

Martin Rapp said...


as shown, the dark matter problem
ist the problem of brain, the normally use of the brain: to learn something and nether change
the mind. This is the way of living today: blind against all the things, which are not learned before.

In our brain are located so called
"Ventrikel" (in German, maybe in english "ventricel"), "empty rooms". Before years I've read about an young man, which lost 75%
oh his brain and was still as intelligent as before, around IQ 115. How could it be, what is brain then? I have decided since that time just for myself, that the brain is also an electromagnetic machine in a special formed room to
transform the thoughts etc into
the human being - the thoughts, all thoughts are in space foreever.And for this is need the ventrikel.
For such cases the brain is the generator to fish the thoughts out of space, through all the universe.
Every real thinking person is in this way a transformator of the truth, because it is necessary to change the chaos in well-arranged ways.
Only the egoism , especially in higher scientist circles, makes the
'benefit of one and all' impossible
- but the way into the truth too, and this last one is the real miracle.

With best greetings

Martin Rapp