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Mond theory, Dark Matter Problem and the Neutron Star Jets

How many researchers in the field of general relativity realize that there is something fundamentally missing in the currently known general relativity? It must be realized that there is no known general relativistic solution for rotating gravitating mass. There is not much difference in the scope of handling the gravitational phenomenon between the Newtonian gravity and the known general relativity. There are numerous patch works to explain the partial cosmological phenomenon. One of these patch theories is the currently known explanation of the plasma induced jets phenomenon. Strangely though, no one expects it to explain the dark matter problem nor the jets from the neutron stars. If the well known gravitomagnetism, via the modified Maxwell's equation, was a correct theory of gravity it should be able to explain the dark matter problem and also the jet phenomenon from the neutron stars. But how strange is it that no one demands or expects it.

Looking back, I don't have a clue how the modified Maxwell's equation entered inside the domain of general relativity which are topologically incompatible to each other in the first place. If a rotating spherical mass creates a gravitational magnet, which side becomes the north pole and which side the south? Does it depend on the direction of the rotation? Of course not. In fact, there is very little that is common between gravity and the electromagnetism except that both laws satisfy the Gaussian flux law which is nothing more than the fact that both satisfies the 1/r^2 force law which is common between gravity and the electrostatics where the similarity ends.

For a simple example, the magnetic field has no influence of force on a stationary electric charge, but dipole gravity force has a latitudinal force toward the equator on a stationary mass. You see how absurd that the GPB(gravitational probe B) experimental team believes they are testing general relativity while in fact they are testing nothing of a valuable theory. I have hard time trying to informing them of this fact. Their valuable data is being wasted on the theory (modified Maxwell's equation) that has nothing to do with general relativity.

The MOND theory is one of those desperate attempts to understand the gravitational effect from the rotating gravitational mass. The fundamental flaw of the idea in MOND is that it tries to explain the gravitational effect generated from the rotating gravitational mass without considering the rotation itself. In fact, if you observe MOND carefully, this rotational parameter is hidden in the Fischer-Tully relation. The faster the rotation of the galactic core, it is natural to expect that it will cause more radiation at the core as it exerts more of the second order gravitational force.

The phenomenological concordance model succeeded because it sticks to its own principle from the beginning with the correct assumption that there should be missing mass in the surrounding space of the rotating galactic core.

The only fundamental problem with the CDM model was where is the proof of the dark matter with such an elaborate distribution? The experimental evidence of this dark matter started to show up in the observation of the cosmological collision between the two bullet clusters. The observational evidence showed there is impeccable and undeniable distribution of the matter around the galactic core. This was the crucial physical evidence of the existence of such an unseen matter distribution.

Now the next fundamental question is why and how such matter can exist and why in such a distribution? Without answering this question properly, the CDM model will also be in doubt.
There have been all kinds of possible explanation of what may constitute this dark matter from the source of the predictions from the super string theory to super symmetric gauge theories.

However, once the second order(dipole) gravity from general relativity is included in the complete picture, all these speculations regarding the possible composition of the dark matter becomes totally unnecessary.

To graphically explain what is happening in the fast rotating galactic core according to the second order gravity force of general relativity, it is important to realize that the rotating hemisphere is the unit structure of dipole gravity. In this paradigm, the domed side of the rotating hemisphere becomes the repulsive gravity pole and the flat side of the hemisphere becomes the attractive side of the gravitational dipole magnet. These two hemispheres can form a rotating sphere to create the quadrupole gravitational unit. When this is formed, the north and south poles of the rotating sphere becomes the point where the matters can be ejected because it is where the anti gravity poles are formed.

It is noted that the conventional theory of black hole does not include this effect, rather, it is a solution from a perfect static mass. The applicability of this kind of static gravitational system is very limited, because, without a rapid rotating mechanism of the source, a gravitational mass can rarely achieve the density of the black hole because a non rotating mass generally can not make its satellites to collide with it and form the heavier mass of itself. The gradual acceleration of the rotational speed and its dynamical consequence is not present in the static gravitational model depicted by the conventional theory.

When they developed it further into the theory of wormhole, using quantum gravity, it didn't include this dipole gravity effect either. The fundamental problem with this was that even if you quantize a theory that didn't have dipole gravity in the classical limit, you can not make it to appear just by quantizing it. The famous result of this is the speculation of time travel, because it looks like there is a two way traversable time lines along the axial path of the rotating cylindrical mass shell. If they had known there is a strong quadrupole mass pole structure inside the rotating spherical mass shell, this time machine idea wouldn't have come out in the first place.

Of course, the validity of the quantized general relativity is a separate issue due to its notorious unrenormalizability. If your quantized theory is not renormalizable, basically, what it means that it can not become a quantitatively verifiable theory. Which basically means it becomes a nonsensical theory.

Now, back to the effect of the mechanical universe. The reason that the poles of the rapidly rotating cosmological object becomes the anti gravity pole is because of the accumulative effect of the original equivalence principle proposed by Einstein which states that the acceleration of the mass is fundamentally the same as the effect of gravity. The general effect of this was never translated into a closed form of a mathematical expression since Lense-Thirring calculated this effect at the core of the rotating mass shell. The full calculation of it over the whole space surrounding the source was too horrendous to perform by the brute force calculation in the region beyond the close proximity from the center of the spherical shell. Of course this doesn't mean that there was no solution for the entire region around the rotating sphere, instead, it simply means that people haven't found the solution. But, after a while, after the futile attempts to calculate this force, it was generally assumed and decided that this force doesn't even exist.

Now let's see what does it mean that the poles of the rapidly rotating gravitational mass becomes an anti gravity pole. It means that the poles of some of the rapidly rotating planets of the Sun may show some kind of hollow structure at the poles when the planets are heavily covered with clouds because of the repulsive force it produces by the fast rotation. Did we see this effect from the photograph of Saturn?

And also, the equatorial plane of this kind of fast rotating planets can form a return path of the object that came off of the poles and they certainly can form rings. The equatorial plane of this system forms the lowest potential well in the dipole gravity picture which explains why rotating cosmological object creates planar shaped equatorial plane no matter if it is a galaxy or a planet.

But it is when this effect becomes so strong in the galactic scale that the true magnificence of this effect manifests itself. In the fast rotating black holes, the dipole anti gravity force at the poles will be so great that the matters at and around the poles will be ejected with such a tremendous force that they will fly away millions of miles away from the poles. And at certain point this dipole anti gravity force will be overcome by the attractive Newtonian gravity and the matters will be pulled back toward the poles. Now the ejection process of the black hole didn't stop when the matters that was ejected earlier started to be pulled back since this is a continuous mechanical process arises by the rotation of the extremely dense gravitational source.

The result of this continuous ejection of the matter and being pulled back by Newtonian gravity is the cosmic fire work that occurs due to the collision of this incoming and outgoing matters along the path of the poles of the gigantic rotating mass in the galactic scale. Of course, this is the cause of the jets either it is from the rotating black hole or from the rotating neutron star, the central gravity source doesn't have to be a black hole, it can simply be a rotating neutron star.

However, this is not the whole story, some of the matters ejected from the poles will not go straight line, instead they will follow the magnetic field like dipole gravity force lines toward the equatorial plane to merge with the matter that was ejected from the other side of the poles and then they will be pulled back into the center of the black hole.

The dark matter consists of these matters in transit from the poles toward the equatorial plane. The dipole gravity force law dictates them to be populated in the space the way they are as they have been observed from the collision of the bullet clusters.

This is the true picture of the universe that has been hidden from our view for so long. For this to be visible, there was another dramatic fiasco that happened in the process and it was the correction of the signs of the Lense-Thirring force and its complete dissociation from the previous centrifugal force interpretation.

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