Sunday, November 8, 2009

NASA's "In Search of Gravitomagnetism"

The following is a quote from the NASA's web site on "In Search of Gravitomagnetism".
"Gravitomagnetism is produced by stars and planets when they spin. "It's similar in form to the magnetic field produced by a spinning ball of charge," explains physicist Clifford Will of Washington University (St. Louis). Replace charge with mass, and magnetism becomes gravitomagnetism.

We don't feel gravitomagnetism as we go about our everyday lives on Earth, but according to Einstein's theory of General Relativity it's real. When a planet (or a star or a black hole ... or anything massive) spins it pulls space and time around with it, an action known as "frame dragging." The fabric of spacetime twists like a vortex. Einstein tells us that all gravitational forces correspond to a bending of spacetime; the "twist" is gravitomagnetism."

It is not very hard to see that the above statements are all faulty scientific conjectures in review of the theory of dipole gravity. This NASA web site is still active even after I talked to Clifford Will by sending the copy of the paper published in the journal Physica Scripta, proving that dipole gravity is the cause of the Lense-Thirring force.

What is going on in our scientific world?

The obvious problem with the spinning charged ball analogy with gravity is in the fact that it doesn't answer the question on what determines the north and south pole of the magnetic gravity? Does that mean the north of the earth will have more attractive gravity while the south will have a little bit more of repulsive gravity?

If so, has it been proven by experiment or has any of such effect manifested in nature in some other part of the universe?

The answer of course is NO. The gravitomagnetism (Modified Maxwell's equation) is not general relativity. In fact, it has nothing to do with general relativity.

I was listening to Francis Everitt of Stanford University lecturing on Gravity Probe B and amazed to see how fuzzy idea he has on the theoretical model that his experiment is based on. One time, he mentioned "spin two of gravity" in the calculation of the effect of gravitomagnetism. Gravity does have spin two in the model of the theoretical high energy physics. But what does that have anything to do with the effect of gravitomagnetism which is a modified Maxwell's equation? He was obviously hiding his ignorance behind this fancy physicist's jargon of the "spin two".

I tried to inform him that the theory he is trying to prove is not general relativity but dipole gravity is. His data will never prove the gravitomagnetism but dipole gravity will.

He never wondered in his entire life if the theory he was trying to test is the genuine theory of general relativity or far from it. Well, he probably didn't have to wonder because the theorists who developed "gravitomagnetism" by the "unanimous" consensus "guaranteed" that it is the real genuine general relativity.

Obviously, the field of gravitational physics at the moment is in total disarray.

I wonder LIGO and LISA will ever detect gravity wave in any time soon, while dipole gravity is being wasted in the neverland.

I tried very hard to convince him that he doesn't have to try to prove he failed in his experiment using the wrong theory. Because if he use the correct theory of the second order gravity derived directly from general relativity, his experiment would be a monumental success. I believe his experiment has already proved dipole gravity and he didn't have to give the excuses of the electrostatic patch effect for the anomaly he detected.

What it needs in this field of science is that the authority of general relativity has to come forward and admit there was a serious mistake in the field by discarding dipole gravity and tell the world we should study dipole gravity in all of its applications for many of the known cosmological problems. Kip Thorne of CalTech has already been informed of this theory of dipole gravity long time ago because he was the first to be contacted when I found the anomaly of the rotating hemispherical object in 1995 and also from many inquiries he received from the readers of my blog, and obviously he has nothing to recommend to Francis Everitt of his experiment knowing that he is struggling with the data he got from close to a billion dollar project supported by the US tax payers. I think this is an outrageous travesty.

Some people are too embarrassed to admit this scientific fact and/or, too scared of the repercussions they may face by admitting it.

But we are not living in the world of Galileo, we are living in a far more advanced society than that. For the average people, we get benefited by knowing the truth and knowing that the scientific world is doing the right thing and this will eventually save people's resources from being wasted on some unnecessary physics adventures for all of their misguided curiosities.

Someone has to blow the whistle.


Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

AllanV said...

The turbulence above a wing gives lift in the medium of the air. There is a slip in the difference between the velocity above and below the wing. When matter is instantly manifested and appears with gravity the effect is something like a curved wing but with the lift toward the center of a planetary object. Much like magnetism on iron the invisible force acts on every atom as is obviously seen.
Each object has presence in its manifestation and this is able to be tuned. The solar system and even the planet has its own signature.

A spherical or circular object needs a high voltage energetic magnetic alignment that includes every atom with in and around it.
Many layered planetary gears have fixed ratios but the energy formed in layers must have slip between them impinging at the center. The geometry produces a spiral and this is incorporated in the calculation. The slip producing layers of invisible eddies creates a gradient toward the center and this is where gravity occurs and can be manipulated.
A distortion to give movement can be produced with light in a generated rotating EM effect. Invisible eddies about a circumference are expanded with some forward slip on a half portion only.
The gravity would increase or decrease depending on the direction of slip. This effect is also utilized above and below as well as on the circumference.
This generated effect on a small object does not require much power at all because it is mostly static voltage with little current.

But this intensely energetic device reaches into the appearing of matter and the biological form with its own mind is at risk. The human will makes objects and situations appear according to belief much like God and with only a portion of His power but ultimately this brings death. The human and all biology has life within an entropic material planet of oxidizing and decay and this acts from within the body and mind in a predatory animal manner. There is an overall negative flow on this planet and any device needs to be carefully thought about and made. It is required that each person who uses such devices must have immortality inherent and with this be able to endlessly regenerate a form.