Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recruiting the Leaders of the Future Science

Thomas Khun writes in his book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", the old paradigm doesn't just disappear over night, it simply fades away as the new paradigm emerges to prevail the new science.

What I have been deliberately avoiding in the past was actually forming a school of thought to extensively explore and develop the new paradigm of dipole gravity for the science of the future human civilization. It involves forming extensive human relations and potentially a rigid circle of a scientific community that will eventually work against the emergence of a new paradigm for the better understanding of the universe, like the ones you see today, which I fear the most.

But somehow I came to the conclusion that you can not avoid it and you should not be afraid of forming it either. If Jesus had foreseen the Roman Catholic Church of today before hand, would he have stopped preaching his message? I don't think he would. He might have thought it is probably a necessary evil due to the nature of working with humans. You know in your deep soul how humans will eventually corrupt the idealism to the bottom of it for their own greed and for the false prestige, yet you can not stop, that is the nature of the life.

In your heart, you know you have the truth and you have got to spread it for the benefit of the humankind. What comes next is in my cup to worry. I only have to hope that this agenda was openly put out on the table at the beginning of my intention to form a school of thought for the new paradigm so that the future generation will heed every possibility that this will not happen again in the future. They have to be completely open minded and only resort to the reason and not to the belief system they have mindlessly inherited without critical and/or rational thinking.

They should not be surprised by the emergence of a new paradigm that fits better for the explanation of the unknown universe. We are ever evolving intelligent beings created to understand and explore the core intention of the creator himself.

Imagine a society that your possession doesn't mean anything, instead what you joyfully do and create matters the most.

Our(my and yours) school of thought will not only include the scientific exploration, but also it will include exploring the social, political, economic structure of the future civilization. The core reason for this is because this paradigm of dipole gravity is not compatible with the existing social, economic and political structure of the modern world. And of course that is also the core cause of the cycle of the poverty we are having in regard to the economic as well as the spiritual maturity we deserve to have.

It demands the total overhaul of the way humans will have to live in the future generation.

Please contact me with detailed descriptions of your backgrounds, thoughts and ideas. Our activity will involve publication of the papers in the journal and many other discussions for the future civilization.

The basis of the new paradigm sprang out of the following observations,

1. General relativity has physically meaningful anti gravity solution manifested by the anomalous shift of the center of mass, elaborated in the first published paper " Anomalous Center of Mass Shift: Gravitational Dipole Moment"
2. The weak field limit solution of the linearized general relativity known as the Lense-Thirring force is a result of the partially cancelled dipole gravity solution, due to the oppositely positioned two hemispheres inside a rotating spherical mass.
2. The Jets from the black hole accretion disc and the dark matter problem are the two manifestations of the same physical principle originated from dipole gravity.
3. The known gravitomagnetism is not general relativity. Consequently, all the theoretical publications related to the jet phenomenon based on the conventional gravitomagnetism are on the wrong theoretical footing. And so is the MOND theories of the dark matter problem.
4. Special relativity is inherently incompatible with Newtonian dynamics due to the reactionless shift of the center of mass from the rotating axially asymmetric objects. And this phenomenon breaks the Newton's fundamental laws of momentum and energy conservation principle.
5. The nature and the scientific laws prefer simplicity.

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