Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Two Cents on Health Care Issue

I'm going to digress on health issue today because it is such an important problem for the country at the moment. Let's assume that there is a magic cure of all the disease in such a way that we don't need the hospital service anymore. No one is going to be sick and no more health insurance and all of these problems of the government issued health insurance program will be solved.

Actually, there is no such thing as one for all cure for all the diseases.

However, I think I found one that is very close to the one for all cures. I accidentally tuned in to Erskine Overnight radio talk show the other day. I have to credit him for this information. One of the medical doctors he was interviewing had solutions for the problem of the chronic fatigue syndrome that many people have. The medicine that the doctor was talking about was HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!!!. Wait a minute, that is the common germ killing clear water like liquid used for external wounds only, isn't it? It bubbles up when it contacts the wounds. And its chemical composition is H2O2 which is basically a water molecule with one more oxygen in it. It is so unstable that it immediately dissociates into water and oxygen upon slight thermal stimulation or on contact with other organic germs.

The nice thing about it is that it doesn't leave residue in the body. And most of the germs in the body does not like oxygen. They multiply better in the environment where there is no oxygen. There is a special name for this kind of organism in the body which I can not recall at the moment.

And most of all, the cancer cells do not like oxygen either. In fact, the oxygen kills the cancer cells. Now this hydrogen peroxide not only kills the germs but also kills the cancer cells. What a coincidence!! Most of the antibiotics kills germs but not the cancer cells. Chemo therapy kills cancer cells but not the germs.

To learn more about hydrogen peroxide, I searched Google on "hydrogen peroxide in fruits" to see if our foods may contain any amount in it. Guess what? Most of the fruits (especially the melon) contain hydrogen peroxide and, most of all, mother's breast milk contains a lot of hydrogen peroxide.

Now, it tells why and how mother gives the baby the immunity that the baby needs most at the most immunologically vulnerable time of the infant's life.

What a great information !!!

Of course, any kind of food in excess can be a poison. Even the water can be a poison. Aspirin can also be a poison when consumed in excess. One known exception to this statement may be vitamin C. Linus Pauling is known to have taken 3-5 grams (3000-5000 milligrams)of vitamin C per day and he proposed that it can be a cure for flu, for which he was ridiculed by his peers. But he outlived his critics. In general, it would be a matter of how much that the body can tolerate by carefully monitoring the body's response.

Unfortunately, however, no doctor will prescribe hydrogen peroxide for any of your illnesses. I'm not a medical doctor and I'm not responsible for any misuse of hydrogen peroxide except to inform you that it is contained in the foods we would consider the most healthy we can imagine, that is the fruits and the mother's milk. So, in a way, hydrogen peroxide should be considered as a food supplement instead of a medicine.

Then, why is this information not prevailing among the general public?

The reason is because as Erskine proclaimed in his radio show, "BECAUSE NO ONE CAN MAKE MONEY OFF OF IT!!!". In ancient times, it would have been difficult to make hydrogen peroxide chemically, but we have such an abundant supply of it being sold so cheap in the drug store as well as at the grocery stores.

In fact, I tested it myself and the amount recommended is about one tea spoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide(commonly sold in the drug stores) in a half glass of fruit juice of your choice about two times a day for an adult. And it really makes you feel more energy. I'm a born experimenter any ways. If you are a skeptic, test it with half of a tea spoon first.

What happens is that the human body also makes hydrogen peroxide as a germ killing agent, and as the body gets weakened due to the lack of exercise and/or due to the consumption of bad foods(fatty, too much alcohol etc) this ability to create hydrogen peroxide diminishes and the body becomes weaker. And as you can see this can be the quickest downhill of the body's immune system in terms of removing the cancer cells and all other types of the germ originated diseases.

It is known that the cancer cells are continuously created and killed within the body, it is only when the body's immune system loses the balance that it becomes an exponential catastrophe. Now we can reverse this trend by taking hydrogen peroxide to boost the immune system and by eating healthy foods and doing a lot of exercises. When people are doing exercise they breathe more and they intake more oxygen that can be used to create hydrogen peroxide in the body. All these theory makes perfect sense.

After all, body is a machine that constantly needs oxygen. Google the key words and the links and you decide yourself. It is all there in plain view.

I think the fundamental problem with the current medical industry is that they are not concerned about curing the root cause of the problem in a patient, instead they spend enormous amount of resources to mitigate the symptoms, in such a way that what possibly could be treated by hydrogen peroxide is given twelve different medications to reduce the symptoms without ever giving them a chance of curing it.

We may be now staring at the core corrupt situation where human beings are treated as hostage for money making scam of the gigantic medical industrial complex.

Now, I can get back to the discussion of physics after getting this information off of my chest.

PS; I searched a little bit of more of Google and found out that vitamin C boosts the capability to create hydrogen peroxide in the body. This was the missing link.

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