Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is at Stake?

If special relativity is correct as it has been proven to be over the times, dipole gravity is one of the inevitable consequences of its many different aftermaths.

Dipole gravity can not be avoided once special relativity becomes the major frame work of the space time fabric via Lorentz transformation . Because the center of mass of a rotating hemisphere pauses a great dilemma if Newtonian mechanics is considered to be the absolute law of physics at the same time with special relativity.

We can not take both to be absolutely correct when they are contradicting each other in such a glaring fashion.

Should we choose Newtonian mechanics over special relativity and discard the predictions of dipole gravity altogether?

I don't think this possibility will ever occur in the minds of any physicists today.

The alternative may be then "Are we ready to take the bold step to embrace dipole gravity and compromise the old principle of Newtonian mechanics in accordance with the newly discovered principle of dipole gravity?". The voluntary motion of the gravitational dipole moment predicted by dipole gravity is certainly not consistent with Newtonian mechanics let alone the jets from the black hole accretions discs. It must be realized that there is a serious paradigm gap between the observed universe and the presently known tools of physics.

The reason for this question is because that is exactly what we are facing at the moment with the mounting problems of cosmology if we truly want to begin to comprehend the vast mysteries of the universe.

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