Sunday, April 15, 2007

Welcome to Dipole Gravity forum

Hello all,

This is a discussion forum for Dipole Gravity also called Dipole Antigravity or Gravito Magnetism. It is the same physical effect which has many different names and faces. We welcome postings from physics graduate students, physics professionals, who have in depth knowledge on the subject of Gravitation, general relativity and cosmology in general. No spams, no profanity allowed. We want this forum to be very focused and professional. If you don't have proper background on the related topics, please try to be a guest member instead of being a contributor.

The general guideline for posters is to remain anonymous. Unless poster specifically wants to let others know his/her affiliation, it will be fine. But it is neither recommended nor discouraged.

The abstract of the published paper can be downloaded from the journal Physica Scripta and type eue jin jeong in the author search.

Or to purchase the full article directly from the journal web site, go to,

and follow the instructions.

Or download the archive version from

The basic contents of the papers are the same. We will make the journal version available to qualified members upon request by email.

For private communication, please send email to


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There is an interesting gravity & motion website here:

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Please find here a link to gravitomagnetism

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Gorgeous here. I liked it!
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