Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Necessity for the Revision of the Text Books on Gravitation

It is fairly obvious at this point to see that the current text books on gravitation are seriously flawed regarding the treatment of the linearized theory in the weak field regime of general relativity after the revelation of the theory of dipole gravity. Since the publication of special relativity in 1905 and general relativity in 1916 by Einstein, not a single paper was published pointing to this remarkably anomalous mechanical system of the rotating hemisphere(longitudinally asymmetric object) and its relativistic center of mass shift.

It is also obvious that there is nothing much to debate about its reality. It's like looking at your five fingers in your own hand, if anyone had a decent amount education in physics.

Then, why the gravitational physics community is so quiet about this discovery?

It could be a shear disbelief, dumbfoundedness and despair, I suspect.

The logical consistency of the theory is crystal clear that it can not be disputed. That's the reason there is not a single attempt to dispute the validity of the theory.

It basically marks the end of the game of the pursuit in search of the ultimate mechanical secret of the universe where the last part of the emotional despair could come from among the researchers in the field because we all know there can not be more than one truth.

While this theory may mark the end of the pursuit game, it also signals the beginning of the new scientific era in human society.

I think it's time to seriously discuss the necessity of performing the test of the predictions of dipole gravity.

The benefit of the scientific advancement due to this knowledge to human society will be astronomical.

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