Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dipole Gravity Charts

The following is a chart showing the relations among the known physical effects related to dipole gravity.

Anomalous relativistic center of mass shift breaks the Newton's second law of motion which in turn causes the dipole gravity effect in general relativity. As expected, dipole gravity is completely non-Newtonian, suggesting the possibility of the motion without the explicit external force in the direction of the movement.

Typically known as the tidal gravity force, frame dragging force and the gravito magnetic force are degenerated forms of dipole gravity force all known by their own source of justification without the unified understanding of their origin.

The following chart shows the hierarchy of the gravity forces in general relativity including dipole gravity. In the strong field regime, each forces exhibits singularity behavior. However, we do not know yet what the quadrupole gravitational radiation will be like.

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