Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rocketless Propulsion by Dipole Gravity

The theoretical explanation of the mysteries in cosmology may be the least exciting part of the consequences of dipole gravity. Apart from the obvious engineering difficulties associated with finding materials that can withstand the enormous centrifugal force that can tear up the whole structure of the rotor, dipole gravity is a practical and efficient method of propulsion in space travel.

Once a certain level of rotational speed of the dipole rotor is reached, it will start propelling the ship with an ever increasing speed without any additional expenditure of energy according to the theory of dipole gravity. The ship travels in space like falling down a constant gravity field except that there is no fixed source of a gravity center. The ship propelled by dipole gravity will travel the space like sliding down hill as it creates its own slope of the hills which depends on the rotational frequency of the dipole gravity rotor.

In theory, there is no limit of the speed of travel in this propulsion method.

What happened to special relativity that limits the speed of travel to the speed of light?

Special relativity applies when there is no curvature in space time, meaning when there is no gravity field. In terms of the tachyonic world picture, it means in the region where the density of the tachyonic neutrinos are uniform. Motion in space in this mode is like that of running against the blowing wind, not with the wind. The atomic nuclei of the material in motion in this mode suffers dislocation and huge resistance due to the enormous collision with the tachyonic particles. This is the main cause of the increase of energy(mass) as the object travels faster and faster in space by Newton's third law of motion. Any living organisms will not be able to withstand the stress without getting destroyed. The integrity of the structure of the material is not supported in this mode of travel as the speed gets close to the speed of light.

However, in the mode of the dipole gravity propulsion, the ship is enveloped inside the tachyonic aether's clothing. The ship is naturally following the density gradient of the spacetime curvature itself. In other words, the front side of the space of the dipole gravity propulsion device is an artificially created aether vacuum while the back side of it is a compressed aether space.

Alcubierre devised a metric that resembles this configuration in spacetime.

So, in the dipole gravity propulsion scheme, the imbalance of the surrounding tachyonic aether pressure is the one responsible for the acceleration of the ship itself. So the nuclei of the material inside the aether gradient doesn't suffer the massive pressure against the tachyonic neutrinos. The ship is traveling fast, even faster than the speed of light, but there is no increased aetheric pressure associated with it and thereby the structural and biological integrity of the ship is preserved.

After all, the black hole is a blob of space where tachyonic neutrinos can not penetrate. In a sense, it is a gigantic localized aether vacuum where all the material objects close to it are bound to fall into.

It's no suprise that the extreme relativistic extension of dipole gravity becomes a one way transversabe worm hole while that of Newtonian(monopole) gravity a black hole.


Garbi4332 said...

Hmm.. fascinating concept. Granted, I'm an amateur, but I have difficulty in buying into any proposed propulsion solutions until someone comes up with a physical explanation for what magnetism actually IS. Einstein's insight gave us the ability to develop a physical metaphor for what gravity is - i.e. a distortion in space-time. This is something we can visualize pretty easily (at least in 2-dimensions) And I understand perfectly well that as it is, magnetism can be described mathematically and theoretically as a "field", but to me that's a bit of a cop-out. A "field" is not a physical thing. What are the underlying physical mechanics that generate these magnetic "fields"? I'm familiar with Maxwell and Faraday and all the rest plus theories regarding quantum mechanical explanations of magnetism - but it is all theory based in mathematics and formulas that satisfy other formulas while remaining consistent with yet other formulas (<-- that pretty well sums up the whole of physics theory over the last 100 years or so, doesn't it? *L*). While it all works quite well in numbers to describe magnetism, it does little to give true understanding of the physical process which is occuring.

Formulas and mathematics are the language of physics - that is understood. However, the language doesn't constitute the reality - it is merely a way to describe it.

The physical process of magnetism is still a fundamentally unanswered question in physics (to my knowledge). Of course, the idea of magnetic monopoles complicates the issue even more. But until we discover the underlying truth of magnetic mechanics, I believe we will remain oblivious to the truth about gravity.

Just as the concept of a magnetic monopole is purely hypothetical, so to is the idea of dipole gravity. Although, on a theoretical level, I like the idea of dipole gravity propulsion and I follow your theory completely.

What if things are actually a bit simpler than the picture painted by quantum mechanics, relativity, and all the complex mathematics. What if there is an elegant and simple reality that helps explain it all - of which all of the mathematics and theories are a part? I'm not talking about a wonderful "Theory of Everything" formula, but rather a tangible physical description of what the Universe is really made of...

I have my own theories on these things - and although they explain things like gravity and magnetism quite well (and preclude the existence of magnetic monopoles and dipole gravity), I'm not quite sure how other phenomenon like the strong and week nuclear forces play in... But then, I am just an amateur...

Back to the subject matter: When it comes to contemplating space travel, I am convinced that it is useless to even speculate about it until we have a better understanding of the physical universe and the underlying mechanics of it. Any type of "propulsion" system is worthless because of the time and distances involved. If it's possible, we must understand how to manipulate this thing we call "space-time" for human space exploration to be even remotely feasible. To that end, I applaud theories such as this one!

crissmichaels said...

Your theory on di-pole gravity and magnetism describes the physics of how a theoretical prototype of mine works. I'm trying to find out if anyone has come up with anything on the mechanics of how to make this work. I'm hoping that nobody has, since this means that I'll be the inventor of this, but it would still be cool if someone has.