Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clash and Evolution of Civilization

I think we are at the turning point of the next level of civilization. We need a giant shift of the scientific paradigm. The old school has been defeated but keeps holding onto the illusion of control hoping that the rising new paradigm may disappear if they keep quiet and delay the concession.

In political arena, one who gets defeated usually makes a public announcement that he/she has been defeated. And everybody gets on with their lives. Now in the scientific world, people in the field can easily think that they can cheat especially when they think they are protected by the huge number of the same school of thoughts. Because they tend to think the general public is not well educated and ignorant of the complicated scientific thought process.

By willfully ignoring the challenge, they want people to think that the new paradigm is not worthwhile or unimportant which is a very cunning form of a deceit because unlike in the old ages like at the time of Galileo, one can not forcefully stop the inflow of a new paradigm without a righteous means.

But you can see there is the same kind of blatant disregards on the proper reasoning and rationalism. Time has changed but people never did change. The reason everybody is holding their breath is because the Shepherd is not taking a good care of the herd at all. A good Shepherd will not care about self but will show the way for the best of the herds.

Knowledge without courage is a useless burden to the intellectuals.

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