Friday, June 13, 2008

Copy of 1997 Journal Referee Reports

I was able to dig up some of the old documents related to the dipole gravity paper. Looking back, it is interesting to see how the journal referees view the content of the paper. It was revised before the submission to the other journal Physica Scripta which accepted the paper for publication, but I believe the basic point of the article was the same. This may have some historical values and one can also have a glimpse into the minds of the researchers in the field. The anonymity of the referee's name is a rule of the most of the journals and I don't think I have to reveal the name of the journal either.

So, according to these referee's report, the gravitational field in and around the rotating spherical mass was completely understood until 1997, but still we didn't have a clue on the jets and the dark matter problems. Instead, those problems were "solved" and "explained" using the theories that have nothing to do with general relativity.

The conventional gravitomagnetism, even in the weak field limit, fails to predict the fundamental mechanism of producing the repulsive gravity as one would expect a gravito"magnetism" should. The Coulomb potential analogy of the Newtonian gravity is fundamentally flawed and, moreover, it is against the equivalence principle of general relativity. A uniformly moving mass does not create a magnet like gravity, only the accelerating mass creates an additional gravity like force.

What is Dipole Gravity and What It isn’t?

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