Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exotic Propulsion Method of a Space Craft

I believe our universe is populated by the tachyonic anti neutrinos which are created when each neutrons decays into a proton and an electron. So there are same number of anti neutrinos in the universe like that of the electron and the proton. So, the tachyonic neutrino gases define our three dimensional space like the gas molecules define the volume inside a balloon. Any kind of well defined "space" requires the existence of some sort of gas that fills up that space.

The idea I'm trying to getting at in this article is what if there is a void in front of your vehicle or space ship for that matter. The void here I'm talking about the void that does not even have the neutrinos at all. So, it can only be temporary because the void will be filled up immediately like a void in three the dimensional air space is filled up very fast. The simplest method to create acceleration is to make the space to be a true void in the close vicinity of the vehicle.

As discussed before, the reason a black hole becomes the strongest gravitational center is because the core of the black hole is a literal void of the tachyonic neutrinos. There is no meaning of time inside there because the time can not be measured in the absence of the tachyonic neutrinos. You notice that the structure of space time can be discussed using quantum gravity, but it can also be discussed by tachyonic mechanics. Can a black hole be a porthole of another dimensional manifestation of the multi verse universe? Could be. But the life form as we know it can not exist in the total void. So, it is pretty clear that in the future such a quantum field theoretical method should be replaced by tachyonic mechanics. After all, it is far more physically intuitive.

With this problem in mind, let's see what will happen when the anti neutrinos and the neutrinos meet and annihilate. It is a very interesting question because we already made the conclusion that neutrinos are tachyons that do not have the real mass. Like any matter-antimatter collision, we would expect these neutrino-anti neutrino pairs will disappear with the emission of the residual energy which we do not know if exists or not. Will they even emit light when annihilate, because they do not have the real mass, we do not know.

Regardless, I think the pair annihilation will create a void in the space, a true void that does not have anything in it. This spot in the space will become the center of the tremendous gravitational pull. Thereby creating a fantastic acceleration by the craft. So, in effect, what is needed to create this kind of propulsion engine is to create a reaction chamber that creates abundant neutrinos shooting out in the direction of the vehicles desired motion.

The question of what will happen to the annihilated neutrinos still remains. While they do not have the real mass, they do still have the kinetic energy comparable to the amount of the real mass. Since the kinetic energy has a directional property(due to linear momentum), the opposite directional kinetic energy will simply negate the kinetic energy of the other antiparticle and the whole interaction will result in a simple and clean void. The negated component(either x or y or z) of the kinetic energy becomes the direction of the propulsion. Nothing is wasted and no hazard is created in the process.

The only technical problem here is to obtain the element that creates the reverse beta decay that generates abundant neutrinos (instead of the anti neutrinos that happens in the usual neutron decay) shooting out in the direction of the vehicle's propulsion.

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