Friday, March 1, 2013

Neutrinos May be the Building Blocks of Soul

I don’t think I’m the first who has pondered the possibility of neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. But all those who may have pondered about it was either persuaded or discouraged not to publish their idea except few scientists in the world. One group was Chodos et all from the US and the other was Ricami from Italy. I have published the article in LLNL archive titled "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" in 1997 from my investigation of the subject for a while in depth. Dr Manfred Fink of UT Austin who was performing beta decay experiment to measure the mass of the neutrinos, after reading my article, suggested me that the title of the paper was too strong.

But I didn’t change the title of the paper because that was my strong belief at the time as it is now.

The recent experimental measurement of the speed of the neutrinos that says it’s close to the speed of light has no merit. Because the speed of neutrinos can vary from the speed of light to infinity according to the theory. The heavy neutrinos may travel close to the speed of light but the lighter ones can travel 100-1000 times faster than the speed of light. The problem is that the lighter neutrinos are very hard to detect because they do not interact with matter particles and very rarely even if they do.

The strong argument for this possibility is that the concept of the imaginary mass of the neutrinos does not violate Lorentz invariance principle. Imaginary mass of the neutrinos follows directly that neutrinos are tachyons. It's just that we are not used to the concept of the imaginary mass. But the math shows otherwise. Not only it is possible but also it is very likely.

Also, neutrinos are magnetic monopoles in its character. Our universe may be filled with mainly one type of neutrinos either north or south pole. The magnetic flux is the line the neutrino flux travels inside and out of the permanent or solenoid magnets.

What if there is a handful of small amount of opposite polarity neutrinos in our universe. They may join together with the majority polarity neutrinos to travel the space or to form some kind of an organism. We can imagine multiply joined structures of neutrinos also. They may lose their ability to travel faster than the speed of light by including some electrons and protons in the structure but may attain the consciousness of self. If these conglomerates of neutrinos are joined with a few of electrons and/or protons, they may form a complex chain of living organism.

The inexplicable orbs in the space surrounding paranormal activity may be explained by this pictorial description. I must clarify at this point that I’m not the first to suggest that neutrinos are related to the soul, spiritual phenomenon. The unusually cold temperature that has been detected by researchers in this field may be explained also by this observation. The air molecule surrounding this neutrionic orb may be slowed down substantially by the magnetic field interaction that can potentially make the local temperature to drop.

The whole point of this essay is that there may be a whole and completely unexplored realm of reality that has defied modern scientific investigation up until now. And that involves the illusive particle called neutrinos that may make up the entire nature of the spiritual and the soul phenomenon.

And considering that the magnetic recording devices we have been and still using in our modern computer gadgets, the complex neutrino-ion mixture may have entire recording and memory capability that could be passed down to many life experiences through the reincarnation cycle.

Why does soul exist forever? Neutrinos are one of the few immutable particles in the universe. A biological structure of soul made up of neutrinos can not be destroyed.

Imagine snow flakes. Neutrinos which are inherently superluminal, can form very diverse structures like snow flakes which may contain all the peculiar characteristics of individual human soul when frozen into a subluminal state.

Here we may be getting into the realm of "Neutrino Soul Biology" for the future of the human understanding of the unseen spiritual universe.

If there is any highly advanced group of extraterrestrial entities who has mastered the secret of the Neutrino Soul Biology, they can control the entire population of a planet inhabited by certain form of humanoids without even physically handling each and all of them.

Are the present earth humans victims of this type of manipulation?

But then how can you find out if it were true?

How about the unknown yet consistent blockage of the new knowledge from the public that may free earthlings from such a slavery forever?


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