Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spiritual Analysis of the Biblical Story of Adam and Eve

The concept of the “Original Sin” in the biblical story of Adam and Eve is a powerful metaphor. It has never been proven to be true in any kind of forensic and/or scientific analysis, yet it rings bell to many human minds “well it could well be the truth otherwise why would I suffer so much in this life?”, because for most of the people living in this world, more or less, life is a struggle for survival.

This vague yet unverifiable story can be potentially a powerful subliminal message to control your mind as well as your body. It suggests that you are guilty of sin that you don’t even aware of just by birth and becoming a human being. Because you are guilty by birth no matter what you do, you have to listen and do the things that I tell you to do where I’m being whoever in charge of delivering you that message.

Basically it tells whoever reads it, you are not free of guilt no matter what you do and you are subject to punishment because of that.
Once you read this story and get hooked into it, you have to listen all the way to the end to learn how to be saved from it.

It is a powerful mind game to control your mind and body.
God says to Adam and Eve, “you will die if you eat that fruit” without giving a word of explanation on why and how. God’s basic premise is that “you don’t have to know” or “you don’t deserve to know” or “it’s a secret you should not know”. Secrecy is a back bone of a control. Rampant secret societies in the world basically use this principle of “it’s a secret you should not know” game on their members. It’s a way of manipulation used by some entities who wants to control other entity to take advantage of the unfortunate subject. If you want to take advantage of someone, you can’t divulge everything in your mind before hand. That’s the basic rule number one of the control principle. It looks like the biblical God was playing this game with Adam and Eve.

On the other hand, Satan tells Adam and Eve, you will not die but you will become aware of good and evil. Obviously according to Satan, God didn’t want Adam and Eve to have the conscience which is the basic mechanism of the human mind that they use everyday to tell good and evil. 

And surprisingly Adam and Eve didn’t die but became wiser by being able to tell good and evil. And that was the cause of the original sin inherited to all the human beings.

In effect, God lied to Adam and Eve but Satan was telling the truth. This also sends a strong message that whoever telling the truth is not welcome within this religious order. Is it surprising that the whistle blowers who divulges the truth are always demonized in this society? The sinister control agenda is apparent because what the whistle blowers are doing in essence is the disruption of the control structure where the majority of the group of the people are under the control of the minority of the sinister group of people.

I’m an advocate of the truth in all the spiritual, philosophical and physical scientific matters. This story of Adam and Eve sends people the strong message that if you are in the upper hand of a group of people you can tell lies as well. These days, governments are telling lies to the people all the time and it has become a norm and it’s not even surprising.

Once your subject become wise and being able to tell good and evil, the subject can no longer be treated as subject.
He/she becomes independent and free.

The God in the Old Testament had the ulterior motive to control humans by any means but it was thwarted by Satan’s intervention. In fact, Satan was another creative invention of the Old Testament writers to vilify whoever doesn’t obey their religious order and divulge the truth. But the fact is that humans are created and born to have conscience from the beginning and the story of the forbidden fruit was a pretext to subjugate humans who already have conscience. To make humans fold back and suppress any intelligence, conscience and brain that they have already inherited in their DNA. And then to make them obey blindly.

This can hardly be considered an act of a benevolent God. I tell my kids all the details of why certain things they shouldn’t do because I love them. I don’t tell them just do as I say. This kind of saga continues throughout the old testaments, cheater and killers are awarded as long as they are blindly obedient to God. The Old Testament is a very sophisticated text to enslave any humans who fall into it. It is a cleverly designed text for that purpose and for that purpose only.

This principle was adapted by Ignatius Loyola to establish his infamous Jesuits order.

This kind of practice can not be the control principle of a government or any government, let alone the world government. It won’t work. Its final destiny is the destruction of the whole humanity unless they are stopped dead on their track.





AllanV said...

I received a revelation of God at 26 years of age in 1977. God is and observer just beyond and deeper than the mind that is thought from and is very close. Everyone has their being and presence in God and God wears light as a garment. This is a very powerful experience.
Knowing God will lead to immortality but this can only be done with the acceptable tested nature of Jesus.
The natural mind is closed off by a consciousness that needs to experience and experiment with good and evil. Observe how people behave today. Everyone learns by their mistakes and needs to fulfill them to have balance because how would a person know good without evil?. The penalty of being self empowered with a rebellious nature gives each person the ability to get into the subconscious and mind of others. Everyone is able to affect others with their moods and general demeanor and the words spoken because they come from the heart and mind that are impure. Mental strength is required when interacting. God is well hidden but is close at hand and his request is that we are know Him.

Anonymous said...

First of all, while I like the physics you discuss, and it is true that magnetic monopoles exist, your analysis of the Genesis Biblical historical account of Adam and Eve, God and Satan, is one of the most piss-poor attacks against God I have ever read. God is holy and perfect and God cannot sin and cannot lie. God told Adam and Eve the truth. God was not "holding back" from them. God gave Adam and Eve all good things. Furthermore, He loved them and because God is love God gives people a free will choice. In order to have creatures that freely willingly choose to love, they must have the ability not to love, as well. God did not create robots. He already had those in the form of bacteria and plants. God allowed Adam and eve to choose. Eve was deceived by Satan, the serpent. Satan is the father of lies. He was originally created as a good being known as Lucifer but he chose to abuse his free will choice and wanted to take over in place of God. And so Lucifer was rightfully kicked out of the third heaven and he was judged and there was a cosmic catastrophe that is still seen in the form of such things as the Asteroid Belt. He became Satan and deceived Adm and Eve.

Adam died spiritually the moment he sinned against God as did Eve, though Adam was the responsible one over Eve because he was not deceived. He knowingly rebelled and ate of the very real fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Satan lied because Adam and Eve did die spiritually AND their bodies began to die and degenerate, and eventually they died physically.

God is not about mind control. That is what Satan does, he is the one behind all false religions and cults, and deceptions including that which you have chosen to believe. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and He came to Earth to die for our sins and pay for our sins in full so all one has to do to be saved from the very real eternal conscious torment in Hellfire is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and His death burial and Resurrection for salvation and you will be forever saved eternally secure.

The basic sin nature of man is proven. The Bible teaches it in Old and New Testament and says the heart of man is wicked above all things. Do you have to teach children to be good or bad? People naturally rebel and are rebels. Children fight over toys and disobey their parents and lie. You have to teach them rules and to do good. That alone is proof of the sin nature of man.