Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book "Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm" Published

It is long overdue to publish this book partially because I'm a slow mover on main issues. On the other hand, I may have tried to be very judicious not to miss anything that I have to include in the book. I included the detailed process of the conceptual development of the theory of dipole gravity. It could be a boring story to some but if you think of it, the way some revolutionary idea springs up in the mind of a person can be very interesting as well. Who would not be interested in knowing how Einstein has conceived the idea of general relativity or special relativity for that matter. There has to be some vital sequential thought process and development inside his mind. And also how one idea kicks off the next one to spur the birth of the bigger ideas.
Because of the Non Newtonian property of dipole gravity, I found out that gravitational free energy can be extracted from space using the concept of the gravitational dipole moment. I published the paper in the LLNL in 1997 and advertised the new findings. And, next, some readers of my gravitational free energy papers sent me information regarding the electromagnetic free energy devices. It was in 1997. I was hooked into the Thomas Henry Moray device as soon as I read the detailed story of it. The whole story of Thomas Henry Moray could not be dismissed due to the number and the quality of the witnesses who have seen Moray device operating in front of their eyes.

The next thing that happened was the discovery of the capacitor anomaly. I remember vaguely at the physics class at the university that the stored energy calculation in the capacitor presented in the physics text book was looked like made up in a hurried and heuristic manner not knowing exactly why. I didn't know at the time that the capacitor energy calculation in the conventional text book was missing the huge chunk of repulsive electrostatic potential energy. The original developers of the theory of electricity and magnetism have totally missed the repulsive electrostatic potential energy in their calculations.
It was a huge fallacy that has been being shoved down the throat of the hundreds of thousands of physics college students at least for the last one hundred and fifty years. No one has challenged on this fallacy over what they have been taught including the ones who have become famous teachers and lecturers. I couldn't believe what I have found in my spare time in 1998 at Dayton Ohio while I was working at the Air Force Institute of Technology at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

One year before this event took place, I happened to work at the laboratory where they measured the neutrinos mass from the tritium decay experiment. There I ended up publishing the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" as I was deeply mystified by the fact that no one can tell where all those neutrinos that have been generated from the beta decay are. The number of the neutrinos can be literally equal to the number of the electrons in the universe yet no one seemed to be bothered by such a lack of knowledge on where they are.
The conclusion of the paper "Neutrinos must be Tachyons" means that all the galaxies, stars, matters and the material objects in the universe are basically floating in the sea of the tachyonic background neutrinos. I'm sure this is what Thomas Henry Moray has envisioned in his mind when he published the book "Sea of Energy".

If the space is filled up with the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos, that same particles must be responsible for the phenomenon of gravity as well. Since the magnetic monopoles can be manipulated by electromagnets, we can certainly manipulate gravity using the electromagnetic means.
And so I ended up finding the solution for the Coral Castle mystery that is the electromagnetic antigravity as well. The details of these phenomenon are all included and described in detail in the book.
Effectively, we are at the beginning of the new age of civilization. We will be able to travel to Mars and Moon in a matter of hours with this new technology. Humans will no longer suffer from environmental pollution due to fossil fuel.
The universe is made economically and simply if you think of it deeply.

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Can a disc craft mercury vortex electro gravitic field drive be designed using electricity from a gas turbine generator or generators for in atmosphere flight and a nuclear or Hans Coler’s free energy Konverter or other zero point electricity source for space flight?

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