Monday, February 25, 2008

Additional Long Range Gravity Force

One of the well known astrophysicists has stated that the theory of dipole gravity is confusing when it comes to the explanation of the relativistic jets. The theory itself is not difficult but what makes it confusing may be that the same terminology and similar concept has to be used to explain the mechanisms of the theory. One can not build a new house without demolishing the ragged old one at the same place. Largely this is in the minds of the people in the field than the actual physical construction. So, here is a more concise description of what it is.

The fundamental difference between the theory of dipole gravity and other astrophysical theories of the relativistic jets(plasma and magnetic field caused), MOND and the dark matter hypothesis is that, dipole gravity is a theory derived from the first principle. In fact, the jets and dark matter problem were not in immediate consideration when the theory of dipole gravity was conceived. Of course, the reason behind the perception of the need for such a theory has been constantly in the back ground because of the inadequacies of the physical mechanisms behind those theories.

It all started from the fundamental physical anomaly observed from the simple mechanical system of the rotating hemisphere when special relativity was incorporated into the calculation of the center of mass. Consider this, why and how the center of mass of a hemisphere changes when it is in rotational motion even when there is no external force(in the direction of the shift) applied to it. And why this is not the case for the rotating sphere?

Newtonian mechanics states that an object should be at rest unless an external force is applied in the direction of the motion. Being at rest by definition means that the effective center of mass is in the same position relative to the entire distribution of the matter in the universe.

If the mass increase effect of special relativity is the real physical phenomenon and not some kind of an illusion, one can not avoid this anomaly of the center of mass shift from a rotating hemispherical system. It is a very real physical effect and it fundamentally challenges the conventionally known mechanics. It can mean many things. The rotating hemisphere(longitudinal axially asymmetric object) somehow may experience an external force which causes the shift of the center of mass. But the fundamental mystery of this system is that the shift of the center of mass moves along with the object itself. So it is possible that the system may be in a perpetual mode of acceleration.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long to find out that the same mechanical system has been totally neglected in general relativity as well. The hitherto abandoned dipole term in the linearized theory of general relativity starts to have the real meaning because such a shift can not be transformed away. It is a real physical effect that depends on the energy in the system.

If we have a dipole gravitational moment in the two mass pole model universe, it will certainly be in a perpetual mode of acceleration until it reaches to one of the poles. The paper basically describes the effect of this force, but the real point of the paper was that it has justified the reality of the dipole gravitational moment which is the source of the additional long range gravity force which we have been missing in the entire history of mankind.

Now it is natural that we have to apply this fundamental force derived from the first principle to the hitherto unsolved(satisfactorily) cosmological problems. First of all, according to the dipole gravity potential from a rotating spherical object, the jets from the rotating black holes or neutron stars are totally natural and not surprising at all.

During the process of the application of dipole gravity to the dark matter problem, it has become clear that the sign of the Lense-Thirring force can not be consistent with the accretion phenomenon because the radial component of the Lense-Thirring force is repulsive(outgoing). The accretion and the jets can not be separated, and when the signs of Lense-Thirring force are corrected, everything(jets, accretions and flat rotation curves) starts to make perfect sense. The point source nature of the jets basically creates the 1/r dependent dark matter density distribution which is required to explain the flat rotational velocity curves.

So, the real physical nature of the dark matter is that it is a group of a constantly moving debris(pretty much like comets and asteroids) in the spiral galaxy following the dipole gravity force lines(from the poles to the equatorial center) that resembles the two superposed gravitomagnets around the rotating ultra compact stellar object. Since the dipole gravity force line is divergent at the poles and around the galactic sphere until they come together at the central accretion plane, the ejected matters can not be visible while they are in transit until they reach the rotational plane where the massive collisions among the debris occurs and generates visible radiation. Therefore, the luminosity close to the galactic nuclei may represent the strength of the jets and the density of the matters being recycled and this could be used as a valid parameter for the prediction of the flat rotation curves as they did in MOND.

In fact, the sources of the asteroids that bombarded the planets which left so many scars on their surfaces in the solar system can be explained if we assume that this kind of dark matters are pervasive in our galaxy as well.

Self Evident Dipole Gravity

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