Monday, March 3, 2008

The King's Invisible Cloth

We have seen how the world of physics has changed suddenly in the early 20th century with the development of quantum mechanics and general relativity. In this process, we saw how Einstein played the major role even in the development of the quantum theory although he remained skeptical of the quantum mechanics. His willing acceptance of the radical concept by De Brogli prompted Schrodinger's equation which accelerated the development of quantum mechanics.

However, we are living in a world of much different than the early 20th century in a way much less flattering.

I think scientific research is like a job of a lonely artist. Even if people do not understand what you are doing, you have no choice but to keep on doing what you have been doing. The difference between the art and the science is that an ideal model of beauty represents the goal of an artist, while the ideal model of a grand logical consistency becomes the goal of a scientific research.

But it seems that we are living in a society where the fundamental science is in a total disregard of the rational approach. I think this may only mean that we are up against the brick wall for the next breakthrough in science. The field of cosmology has gone awry for a long time that the King's invisible cloth has become literally very beautiful. For an example, beyond the concept of dipole gravity that has been discussed extensively in this blog, I don't see why people can not overcome the barrier of the speed of the light limit. It was meant to be applied only for material particles. The meaning of the limit of the speed of light vanishes as soon as we are talking about the outside of the light cone particles.

There are more than a dozen of reasons that the neutrinos must be tachyons. On the other hand, there is only a couple of reasons that the neutrinos can not be tachyons.

Namely, "nothing can travel faster than the speed of light". And "quantum theory works without the tachyonic particles". In fact, the necessity of the renormalization in quantum theory should have been considered its fundamental logical deficiency.

However, it is obvious that the first reason is not even a valid one. It is merely an unsubstantiated unscientific dogma. All the experimental data so far have proven in favor of the fact that neutrinos must be tachyons.

In fact, what special relativity has shown us is that because of the difference in Galileo transformation (first order differential equation in time) and the inertial transformation of the Maxwell's(second order differential equation in time), in the process of unifying the transformation via Lorentz's scheme, the unexpected discovery has been made. That is the possible presence of the entirely different world of the faster than the speed of light travel by the tachyonic particles.

The speed of light barrier has merely played the role of a parametric boundary between the two entirely different physical worlds.

The economy created by this concept is enormous. It is mechanically transparent that these tachyonic particles are the original cause of the gravity as well as the quantum mechanics. The quantum mechanical uncertainly is due to this random nature of the background tachyonic particles hitting on quantum objects like electrons via the electroweak interaction which must be longer ranged and stronger than the elastic collision cross section, which may explain the enormous scale difference between the Plank constant and the gravitational constant. Since we have the same number density and the average speed of travel by the background tachyonic particles, what determines the strength of the Planck constant and the gravitational constant is the respective interaction cross sections. The unification of gravity and quantum theory is achieved by this mechanical concept not by a trick of a Lagrangian.

In a simple tachyonic mechanics exercise, one can calculate the result of a head on (billiard ball like) collision between an electron and a tachyonic particle. In this process, the tachyonic neutrinos lose energy but gains speed after the collision. And consequently the quantum electrons gain energy and speed. However, due to the random isotropic distribution of the background particles and their collisions, the average position and the speed of the quantum object remain unchanged yet the actual position and the speed will never be known. The probabilistic nature of the quantum theory comes out naturally from this picture.

The bounced off tachyons from the heavy matter creates Gaussian density distribution of a relative void of tachyonic neutrinos. The tachyonic vacuum is equivalent to a gravity center like a balloon in the air filled room tends to move toward the low pressured region. So the universe is filled with this low energy but much faster than the speed of light particle known as neutrinos which determines how the matter particles should behave in the universe. These low energy tachyonic neutrinos will have a very low(almost zero) inelastic cross section with the material particles.

So, not only they are not visible, but also they are not detectable.

The hadronic particles will have much higher elastic cross section with the tachyonic particles which contributes to their heavier mass.

Until we see clearly the King's invisible cloth is not there, there will be no progress of science in our life time.

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