Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LIGO, LISA and Dipole Gravity

There can be many reasons that the researchers in the field can not come forward to comment on the theory of dipole gravity. For the most part, I think there are serious liability issues. Namely, who is responsible for the waste of the billions of tax payers money on LIGO and LISA project when the test proves negative on the detection of the gravitational waves?

Even though the noise issue is a serious one at the moment, it is hard to believe that the experts in the field did not anticipate such a large magnitude of vibration compared to the possible signal. Because this analysis should have been the first step to perform before even start considering an experiment of such a gargantuan scale. You can't tell the general public, after spending billions dollars of the hard earned tax payer's money "by the way, the noise level is much greater than expected, so we can not tell if there really was gravitational wave detected or not, but there is an easy way to test general relativity, it is called "dipole gravity" proposed by Dr. Eue J Jeong". How irresponsible would that be? How stupid would that sound to the general public?

Somebody may have to go to jail. But then they will try everything to avoid such a harsh reality. One of the things they have to do would be to avoid any discussions about the theory of dipole gravity. It would be a death nail for their(misguided) project, reputation, academic prestige once it becomes a public knowledge that the more easy and direct way to test general relativity has been available and presented in the well known journal since 1999. But in fact, in the age of the World Wide Web and the wide spread of the information through Internet, people in the field already have found out the significance of dipole gravity and its far reaching consequences.

The other day, Hawking presented his recent view on cosmology in CSPAN and no one seemed to be impressed by his rendition after many revisions of his "calculations".

It must be noted that there is not a single prediction out of quantum gravity that has been verified in the laboratory. There are published papers indicating that the quantum particles do not seem to show the gravitational interaction individually which are very significant findings but never made it to the attention of the large number of the public.

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