Monday, May 12, 2008

Paradigm Shift

When the dipole term in the linearized theory of general relativity was handled in the conventional way, there was an existing paradigm that precludes any possibility of the existence of the antigravity force in the universe. In fact, this concept of the repulsive gravity force has been so far out of touch of the reality of the daily lives that this very term "antigravity" has been a subject of a science fiction or a downright ridicule whoever seriously talks about it.

Even if the name of this blog is dipole antigravity, I avoided using the term as much as possible for this reason. But by all means, dipole gravity is the long range controllable antigravity force and there is no doubt about it. It is a purely mechanical means to create antigravity force which is at the core of the theory of dipole gravity. And this has been shown to be the cause of the jets and the dark matter problems. The irony of the matter is that general relativity had it since the beginning.

It is not a new theory in a sense yet profoundly new in other.

It was hidden behind the enigma of the Lense-Thirring force. The main reason this can not be understood is not because it is difficult or based on faulty logic. It is because human mind is not always logical and its inner workings depends strongly on the prevailing paradigm. It is hard to imagine explaining the cosmological problems without invoking this force.

In the world where the hunting was the main source of food supply, the agriculture would be a difficult concept to understand for people as a way of providing food source in ancient times. The biblical record of Cain and Abel may represent this kind of the turn of event. The agriculture dominated the hunting and nomadic culture.

Farming culture represented by Cain replaced the nomadic culture represented by Abel. Whether God liked it or not is not the issue. The world has profoundly changed because of this "discovery" of the concept of farming.

Would the discovery of "antigravity" have the same effect?


This is the beginning of the new civilization. The earth bound civilization is going to be replaced by the space bound civilization. The theory of dipole gravity has such a potential for huge changes and impact on our lives.

How Lense-Thirring force can be derived from dipole gravity?

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