Thursday, June 3, 2010

There is No Energy Crisis in The World

The gulf oil leak crisis may be a good opportunity that the humanity must consider the permanent alternative energy solution seriously. In my published video "Physics of Free Energy Device" in the Youtube, I have shown why there is unlimited energy in the space for us to tap and use freely. The fundamental principle of how to extract this energy is also presented in the video. The problems of the conventionally known alternative energy sources of solar, wind, ethanol, geothermal energy etc are in the fact that they are all limited in one way or another due to their own peculiar mode of the limited energy source.

The tachyonic energy source is unlimited, easy to tap and environmentally clean. I call it the "tachyonic energy" because the particles that carry this energy are tachyons. People have been using the concept of "zero point energy" for a long time. The concept of zero point energy came from the idea of the quantized harmonic oscillator. There is a vibration of the quantum particles in the amount of energy corresponding to the half of the integer of the frequency, E= 1/2 hf. The physical meaning of this is that there is no absolute rest state for the quantum particles. The quantum particles must have the 1/2 hf of energy even at the absolute temperature of -273.15 degree Celsius. Somethings or some particles in the space are making these particles restless.

However, quantum mechanics is fundamentally a probabilistic theory, and as such it does not describe the exact physical mechanism and/or the mode of the presence of such background particles. It is like assuming I know there is energy in the space but I don't know exactly where that is. This doesn't help us to utilize such energy.
While mysterious, this can be explained by using the alternative and more intuitive physical principle, and that is, the vacuum of the space is not exactly a vacuum. The space is full of tachyonic particles called neutrinos. The physical presence of neutrinos has been known in physics for a long time but humanity is still struggling to understand what this particle neutrinos are. In my LLNL archive paper "Neutrinos Must be Tachyons", I explained why that must be the case, in full field theoretical presentation. The physics community still has no consensus on exactly what is the mass of the neutrinos. And without the consensus on their important property, there can be no progress of science on how to use them for our benefit. That is out of the question.

But then why anybody should wait until they make up their mind when the evidence is so overwhelming. You just go ahead to investigate what might be its physical ramifications. The followings are the conclusions that I have come across while investigating the properties of the neutrinos.

The tachyonic neutrinos are the fundamental cause of the quantum mechanical uncertainty, at the same time being the carriers of the light.

Then how can we use the energy of these particles? The secret was hidden in the capacitor anomaly I presented in the video. What the theory of capacitor anomaly says is that there is always more energy than the energy required to charge a capacitor. And the excess energy is hidden in the form of the repulsive electrostatic potential energy which is elusive because it requires a special device and electronic circuit to make its energy to materialize into a useful form.

In fact, numerous inventors in the past have already accomplished this miraculous feat and the records are abundant throughout the web.

One of the philosophical as well as the physical question is how this tachyonic particle's energy can be extracted as such particles are not interacting with the material physical particles at all. On the contrary, according to the Standard Electroweak Theory of the leptons, developed by Abdus Salam, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg and also E.C.G. Sudarshan, which unified the electromagnetic force with the weak force, the weakly interacting neutrinos are not totally free from the electromagnetic interactions.

The weak and the electromagnetic interactions are coupled to each other which has been proved to be correct within the Standard Model of the Leptons. They are not independent forces. In other words, neutrinos can get caught or delayed in its motion in one way or another by the electrons in the space. In the process of being caught or most likely being delayed, the tachyonic neutrinos can lose its kinetic energy. The important clue here is that the electron can be used as the energy extracting agent because of its property of interacting with the tachyonic neutrinos and also its extremely high mobility.

The fundamental physical reason that the neutrinos can interact with electrons at all may be in the fact that the neutrinos are magnetic monopoles. It is also noted that the tachyonic magnetic monopole neutrinos can be a perfect medium that can transmit the electromagnetic waves through the space. So, the weak interaction seems to be a secondary result coming from the magnetic property of the neutrinos.

There are many theoretical reasons that this can be the case which will have to be proven in the future. For example, one of the reasons for the possibility in favor of the magnetic monopole tachyonic neutrinos is in the incompleteness of the symmetry in the theory of electromagnetism. The missing magnetic monopoles in the theory of electromagnetism has been a fundamental mystery from the aesthetic physical point of view.

What happens in the process of charging the capacitor is that the clumped electrons allow the tachyonic neutrinos to spend more time before finally released to the space thereby the capacitor accumulates more energy than was required to charge the capacitor initially. So, there is a temporary excess tension built up inside the capacitor which is basically the same energy coming from the repulsive electrostatic force among the same charges regardless of if they are electrons or positive ions.

When the capacitor is suddenly discharged through the space separated by two conductors but not through a resistive wire, this temporary tachyonic energy is "FROZEN" in the form of the kinetic energy of the electrons, at the same time the neutrinos lose their kinetic energy and go back to the space, where precisely the space energy extraction is materialized in reality.

The tachyonic particles have the opposite physical property of the material particles. They travel faster when they lose energy. The slowest neutrinos travel very close to the speed of light and their energy will be very large.

It is natural to conjecture that the preferable state of the tachyonic neutrinos may be by becoming the particles of infinite speed, on the other hand, the preferable state of the material particles is being at rest, after losing all of its kinetic energy, because the last part of this statement has already been known to be the truth.


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