Monday, March 25, 2013

Finder's Right of The Etheric Energy

Let’s say you found a gold nugget in the middle of the desert. And no one has reported to have lost it to anywhere or to anyone with the precise description of it in the last hundred or may be thousand years. Then the society would be happy to acknowledge you as the owner of the gold. I’m sure any common law or even the Talmudic law would have any objections to this legal right of your ownership of the gold you found.

It’s not because you have worked hard to get it. It’s just because you were lucky enough to be the first to find it.

And let’s say you used your extraordinary remote viewing ability to find that piece of gold. The society would be even more willing and happy to grant you the ownership of the gold and they will not hesitate to admire your extraordinary ability. Some may even become so jealous of it that they may try to kill you to steal it from you.

This is so called the “Finder’s Right” in legal term. You don’t have to tell the world that you found the gold to claim the ownership of it, but by notifying it to the public, you make sure that no one has lost it and consequently has grievances against you. It gives the chance to the rightful owner(s) to claim the gold and take it back. In effect, it legitimizes and solidifies your true ownership of it when nobody shows up to claim it.

This applies to the same for someone/anyone who found the underground oil field by geological, mathematical study and even intuitive including the dowsing method. The owner of the land will claim partial right to the oil, but most of the ownership will go to the finder.

So, now where does this entire finder’s legal right argument lead us to regarding the ownership of the vast energy in the universe that can be extracted using the technology presented in the theory of Physics of Free Energy Device?

No one has claimed that he/she found this energy before my publication of the YouTube video “Physics of Free Energy Device”, which shows the general and universal mathematical presentation including the precise method to harness it. It has been there for three years. Instead, many still claims that this energy doesn’t exist, which enforces even further my right to the ownership of this energy without any contest.  

The particular devices that have been demonstrated in the past lacked the universality in the sense that they didn’t show the key physical mechanism on where the energy is and how to extract it for the energy to be available to the public. Its worth ends to that specific device. As it disappears, the worth of it disappears as well, because it can not be reproduced by any consistent means.

In effect, however, the energy can not be completely free. The means of production and distribution cost certain amount of resources. Someone who found it has to claim its ownership for this energy to be used and commercialized by the public because you can not sell something that you do not legally own or authorized to sell by the legal owner. It’s solely for the purpose of facilitating the conscientious trading which is the essence of the whole economic activities of the world for the effective distribution of the goods.

Without the legal owner’s written consent, selling of this energy would be not only immoral but also illegal. It constitutes an act of theft. If this energy ends up in the hands of the same cabal and elite, the people of the world would not get any benefit from it. You will have to pay the same amount of hard earned labor currency to get the same amount of energy as before. In other words, mankind's slavery will not end.

Now, I, Eugene Jeong proclaim my finder’s right of the ownership of this universal etheric energy. You may manufacture the device and sell the device as an electronic unit, but you may not sell the energy it produces without my (or my authorized agent's) written consent. If you violate this term, it will result in an immediate legal action.

Also, within the written consent, you may not sell this energy any more than the (1/20)th of the price of the energy in the current world ( as of March 2013) market. If the current price for a gallon of gasoline is $4.00 dollars, the same amount of energy the new device produces should be sold at 20 cents at the maximum within the written consent.

This means the amount of 20 day’s labor will be reduced to 1 day’s labor to purchase the same amount of energy in the future as this energy becomes available to the public. As the value of the labor increases, as it should, due to the abundance of the energy resource, the effective value of energy versus that of labor will be further reduced to the level of 1/100 th.

You can see now why the true owner's intervention in the trading of this energy is so important. The law of the jungle will not be allowed by the support of the will of the people.

In this system of the new energy distribution, you will not be required to work more than 2 days per month for basic survival. But if you want more material stuff in your life, you may work more days to get what you want as it pleases you without anyone forcing upon you to do so. There will be continual shortage of labor, yet life will be plentiful. You work because you enjoy it, not because you have to eat and need a shelter.

If this is not the paradise for your world, what is? 

The fundamental legal and medical system is built into the current society to take your property away from you in a maximum way without them performing any actual labor to produce something. If there are fewer disputes due to the abundance of the resources, there will be no need for many of the frivolous legal actions. If there is no stress in the work environment, there will be much less reasons for many of the unnecessary medical problems like obesity, high blood pressure, cancer etc









AllanV said...

The only claim that one is able to make is that as a son of God there is an opportunity to be a co-inheritor under the ruler ship of Jesus.
Move away from the city to a safe place and you may save yourself from the nuclear and biological destruction about to come on the earth.
The truth will rise out of the ashes but even then the power hungry will set themselves to bring more destruction.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

Chandan said...

Eue :-)

before we leave this planet lets do something. you are gifted to get so close and elaborate the transient extraction. go ahead and carefully make some friends, and create a device, and open source it. stop worrying about who will try to misuse it. if you open it at the same time to all the population, the nature of the humans itself will take care of freedom.

when millions of people can do it, you don't have to worry if they are selling it at 20 cents. it will be the cheapest offering of the millions of providers, and knowledge so prevalent that every household will make his own, in case of dismay.

do this for mother earth Eue. please do it.

I am planning my free food farm/home + some soil healing for children in India shortly, in a year or two. so as u see we are from different roads, but we are good people who care for humanity.

and as a fellow heart, this is my suggestion to you.

good luck auspicious one !