Thursday, May 23, 2013

Modern Science is a Cult

From the theory of conservation of energy principle in physics to the theory of evolution of Darwin, there are numerous faults and mistakes provable by scientific facts and mathematics in modern science. It seems like the modern science is a nasty skin flare up filled with puss ready to break up or is it?.

It's like trying to convert a Muslim into a Christian or vice versa when I show people how the energy conservation principle in the theory of electricity and magnetism is/was/has been wrong. If mathematical and scientific proof can not convince people what they have been believing is/was/has been wrong, there is nothing that can. It's the literal end of the scientific development.

At certain point, you realize that there is no need to fight against the people with wrong beliefs to change their cult religion or science, you just create a new one which is correct in every aspect of it.

We refuse to believe any knowledge that is not correct and prejudiced.

The most obvious consequence of the wrong scientific belief system is that it leaves us in the darkness and blocks us from going into the higher level of existence in the universe. The only way to maintain the faulty belief structure in such a society is to forcefully suppress the new evidence and information. This is the same condition as intellectual slavery. You are forced to follow the wrong doctrine with the threat that you will become an outcast if you don't. Like in the old Catholic custom, you are "excommunicated" by being a heretic.

Of course, Jesus was a blasphemous heretic within the traditional Jewish teachings when he started his mission.


Anonymous said...

The modern inventions of dark matter and energy and the ever-growing complexities of string theory mirror the space-permeating aether and the complex Ptolemaic models of our ignorant past. The mathematical discontinuity between astrophysics and microphysics is purely a product of a lack of perspective; that baryogenesis did not occur, that gravity is a dipole, and that the phase of gravity changes based on the charge/spin of a mass (antigravity-antimatter). This neatly explains the repelling force of dark energy, the "missing" mass observed by calculations of galactic rotation.

It's unfortunate that scientific research has become exceedingly expensive. Only the most powerful (and consequently, most conservative) of society's institutions can afford to fund research that could reveal the true interactions of antimatter/matter. CERN may discover it, should they ever produce enough antihyrdogen to observe a gravitational effect, but it's likely they wouldn't reveal their findings publicly, if it were true. The metaphorical sword of Damocles hangs, ever present.

Anonymous said...

This should answer all of your questions about everything.
Earl in Roanoke.