Monday, April 23, 2007

Gravity Probe B Raw Data

The GPB probe may have already enough raw data to prove the theory of dipole gravity(gravito magnetism). Some of their anomalous results have been put aside as being caused by some kind of electrostatic disturbance effect present within the device itself.

But with such a high precision device that may have been already tested in the laboratory numerous times, it is hard to believe it can have such a systematic error that has not been expected before hand.

And most importantly, how would they know if their device is performing properly or not without a proper theory that predicts physical anomalies that are measurable within their range of precision. After all, gravito magnetic(dipole gravity) effect is the largest right next to the Newtonian gravity.

As such, any huge unknown anomaly in the raw data must be associated with this effect, ie, the true gravito magnetism based on dipole gravity, not the one based on the modified Maxwell's equation.

Investigation of this possibility by analyzing the raw data can be an excellent PhD dissertation project.

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