Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thoughts on Nomenclature, How Do You Name It?

After all, it can bee seen that a rotating sphere, donut shaped ring and a rotating football shaped object along the long side of axis etc. creates static gravitational quadrupole moment or two superposed gravito magnets and that it's a very general feature rather than exceptions. The core of the fast rotating galaxy may have the shape of the two superposed saucers due to its strong expansion around the equatorial plane of the rotation axis.

There was a thought about the name of this phenomenon. Basically it's a static gravitational phenomena because it is not radiating. However, in terms of the motion of the source in rotation, it resembles the mass current like in magnetism. In a way, it looks so much like a magnetic counter part of gravity.

However, this entity is originally from one of the terms in the linear expansion of the weakly gravitating object in general relativity, ie. the second order term next to Newtonian(mono pole) gravity. So, it is certainly the dipole gravity. There can hardly be any doubt about that.

The only problem with it is that, if you talk about gravitational dipole moment, it sounds like there are two different types of mass creating one, which is a nonsense, as we are so much used to the nomenclature of the electricity and magnetism.

In terms of the properties, I think there is a lot more similarities with magnetism than electricity since the force lines and the poles behave much like magnetism than electricity.

For example, the negative mass pole doesn't exist in isolation. It exists only with the rotational motion of the source much like the magnetic current. Like in magnetism, it always exists in pairs with the positive mass pole.

So I guess there is a duality of the characteristics on this phenomena. It's magnetic in property but it came out of the womb of the single monopole(electric like) gravity in its origin.

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