Friday, April 27, 2007

Is Space Travel Possible Using This Gravito Magnetic Propulsion System?

At the present level of understanding of gravito magnetism and the available technology, the answer is no.

We do not know exactly why this phenomenon is possible in the first place. It will eventually lead us to the more fundamental understanding of the nature and then we will be able to engineer it.

In all practicality, turning a wheel at the speed of 1,000,000 rpm is barely possible at the moment in the form of the ultra centrifuge. And the gravito magnetic force generated from it is minuscule. However, if one can assume that the proper technology will be available in the future, there is no theoretical limit of speed that people can travel. And also, this mechanism of propulsion does not require continuous supply of energy in principle because of the conservation of the angular momentum of the gravito magnetic dipole rotor.

It is not hard to imagine the process of a star becoming a black hole because of the final crunch of the density and its radius, even without Schwarzschild metric. It's a seamless logical conclusion except that the metric provided the fundamental ground for the mathematical details in its process. Black hole is a logical extension of Newtonian gravity plus the equivalence principle and special relativity.

Now we can perform exactly the same logical extension for the gravito magnetism. This perfectly imaginable mechanical process produces the means to travel the universe with little expenditure of energy. Could the wormhole be the logical macroscopic extension of the gravito magnetism?

In the remote future, when the true cause of the gravity phenomenon is understood in depth in relation to the electricity and magnetism, we will be able to engineer it in a much more efficient way than the brute force turning of the massive wheel.

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Anonymous said...

its simple to say like that. but if one see in a different point of view that existence of magnetism or gravity or any other force can be traced out from the level of quarks, or its sub multiples . supposing there be a quark and it can be noted that it is unstable. but there must be some condition for stability of quarks, like lower temperatures, etc. if one is able to trace out that condition , one can generate huge amount of energy multiple, with less energy expenditure.